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Amazon prime provides an excellent range of movies, tv shows, documentaries, and other video content for streaming. However, some of this content comes with regional restrictions.

Whenever you try to access regionally locked content, Amazon shows you this error “this video is currently unavailable to watch in your location” or “this video is unavailable on this device”.

Finding out that you cannot stream your favorite content is surely upsetting, but there’s an easy workaround. 

This guide will explain why some content is blocked in certain locations. It will also delve into how to access geo-restricted Amazon prime content on Firestick devices, Roku, PC, Tablet, mobile phones, or any other streaming device.

So that you don’t have to let some pesky regional restrictions mess up your quality entertainment time. Without wasting any time, read on to find out how to watch your favorite shows from any location in the world. 

Top Reasons Why This Title Isn’t Available in Your Location? 

1. Licensing Issues

Before you figure out why can’t you watch UK amazon prime tv outside the UK or certain shows in certain countries, let’s understand how licensing works. 

Prime Video is the biggest competitor to streaming giants like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max. All of these services offer original and licensed shows by international production houses. Now, these production companies sometimes license the same show to different streaming services and restrict it by location.

For instance, Friends – a popular American sitcom – left Netflix in 2020 for HBO Max. Now, HBO Max shows it to US streamers. 

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime video also blocks certain shows accessible in your region, depending on the licensing agreement. If that’s the case, you may not be able to access that particular show. 

2. Other Issues

Other possible reasons why this video is unavailable in your region could be: 

  • CDN error Amazon Prime
  • Antivirus/Firewall blocking
  • Slow Internet
  • A bug in your system 
  • A bug in the server location of the Wifi you are using

How To Fix “This Video is Currently Unavailable” On Prime Video

1. Change Your Location

A simple way to overcome these problems is to change your location. Now, there are two ways to change your geographical location while streaming online

A. Change Your Country In The Amazon App

You can change your location by going into the settings of your Amazon account and changing it from there. However, we don’t suggest this method if you are a newbie.

This is because it may change your entire Amazon set-up and experience as Amazon customizes user experience on the basis of the country. 

B. Change Your Location With A VPN

A VPN changes your IP address with just one click of a button. Depending on which VPN service you opt for, it can be fast, secure, and easy to use.

We recommend this method because it doesn’t change your entire Amazon profile setup. You can easily switch back to your current location by turning your VPN off. 

Solving “this video is currently unavailable to watch in your location” on Amazon Firestick

For this tutorial, we will be using ExpressVPN. It’s superfast, safe, and easy to use. And the best thing is, you can install it directly on your Firestick to access Prime Video contents anywhere in the world. Follow the instructions below to do that:

  1. Go to the official ExpressVPN website and subscribe to a suitable payment plan. 
  2. Next, register your account. 
  3. After that, turn on your Firestick and go to the search bar located on top of your display. 
  4. Type in ExpressVPN with your Firestick remote
  5. Select the ExpressVPN app from the search results and tap on “Get’ to start downloading the VPN
  6. Once the download is complete, tap on launch to open the app. 
  7. Now, navigate to the Sign-in option on the app and enter your account credentials which you must have received after step 1. 
  8. Activate your ExpressVPN app by copying and pasting the activation code from your ExpressVPN dashboard into the dedicated field on the ExpressVPN website.
  9. Expand the dropdown menu and select a suitable server location on the app’s dashboard. 
  10. Tap the power button in the dashboard to connect to your server. 

2. Disable Hardware Acceleration

The hardware acceleration feature on the Prime Video mobile app lets you play HD and 4K UHD videos with ease. However, if your device doesn’t support such high-resolution videos, you may run into a ‘this video isn’t available” error message on Amazon.

Here’s how to disable hardware acceleration on the smartphone app

  • Launch the app and proceed to the “My materials” section
  • Tap on the gear icon on the top right corner and go to settings
  • Now select the “stream & Download” option
  • Navigate down and disable the “use hardware acceleration” feature by toggling it to the left. 
  • Confirm your selection and continue. 

3. Update Your Browser 

Sometimes you run into this problem because of an old internet browser. Make sure you are running the latest version of the browser. You can also stream Prime Video in another browser to check whether this issue is related to the browser or not. For example, if you are using an old version of Google Chrome, follow the instructions below to update your app. 

  • Launch Chrome and click on the three dots you see in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Go to “Settings”. 
  • Scroll down and go to “About Chrome”. 
  • Refresh it to check whether you are using the latest version or not.
  • In case you are using an old version, you will see a new version is available. Update and restart your browser.  

4. Disable Firewall/Antivirus (For The Time Being) 

Amazon’s Prime Video has the highest number of titles available in the United States. Due to this, a lot of users from all over the world tend to use US servers to stream content that is otherwise unavailable in their regions.

This can trigger false alarms for any firewall and antivirus programs. Resultantly, they block certain Amazon servers.

So, you can solve this issue by disabling your antivirus or firewall for the time being. 

Note: Disabling Firewall/Antivirus can compromise your security. Therefore, proceed at your own risk. 

5. Clear Browsing Data

If you stream Prime Video on a secondary browser and have already updated to a newer version, the problem may be because of the browsing data and cookies. You have to clear the cache of your browser. Here’s how you can do that: 

  • Open your browser
  • Go to Settings
  • Look for “browser data settings” or “browsing data.”
  • Clear cookies, download history, browsing history, cached images and files, passwords, and any other information. 
  • Restart your browser

Note: These steps may differ depending on your browser, but the main idea remains the same. 

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s all about how to fix the “this video is currently not available” issue on your Amazon Prime Video. We discussed some possible causes of this problem and explained 5 different ways to fix this issue.

Hopefully, one of these fixes will work like a charm for you. Do you think we missed a solution? Which method worked for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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