UKTVNow on Firestick: APK Install Guide (Step-by-Step) for HD TV Shows on Fire TV & Stick

This video + written tutorial shows you how to install UKTVNow on Firestick.  We use a little app called DroidAdmin to quickly download & install UKTVNow Firestick version.

UKTVNow Install Tutorial + YouTube Video Below

The UKTVNow install process consists of a few major steps, which each have a few “sub-steps”.  The major steps are..

  1. Install DroidAdmin
  2. Enter code in DroidAdmin
  3. Install UKTVNow on your Firestick
  4. Launch & Use UKTVNow on Firestick

+ What is UKTVNow?

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Click on one of the UKTVNow install steps (above) to go to that step.

..Or watch my UKTVNow on Firestick YouTube video (below):

How to Install UKTVNow on Firestick(

Here’s the quick-and-easy process to install UKTVNow for Firestick, so you can watch TV Shows & Movies!

Step 1:  Install DroidAdmin

DroidAdmin is an app we download from the Amazon Firestick app store.  This app allows us to enter a code – then download apps.  Here’s how to install DroidAdmin so we can use it to install UKTVNow on Fire TV / Fire stick:

  1. From the Firestick home screen, select the Search icon using the Firestick remote.
  2. Then, using the on-screen keyboard, enter “droidadmin” into the “search” area
  3. Now use the “Down” button on the Firestick / Fire TV remote to highlight the word “droidadmin”.
  4. Then press the Center button on the Fire stick remote to select DroidAdmin
  5. After your Firestick displays the search results, select DroidAdmin using the Center button on the Firestick remote (it’s under “Apps & Games”)
  6. Then press the Center button when you see the word “Get”, to download & install DroidAdmin on Firestick
  7. After DroidAdmin is finished installing, press the Center button once more to launch DroidAdmin

Now that DroidAdmin is installed and launched, we proceed to Step 2, below, to enter a code into Droid Admin.

Step 2:  Enter code into DroidAdmin

In this section, we use DroidAdmin to “load” a list of apps.  We do this by entering a “code” into Droid Admin.  Here’s how:

  1. From the DroidAdmin screen, select the “input field” by pressing the Center button on the Firestick remote
  2. Now enter the code 91298970
  3. Then use the remote to navigate to the “Continue” button on your screen (it can be difficult to see when the “Continue” button is selected – but you’ll get it!)
  4. Now press the Center button on the Firestick remote to “get” the list of apps we use to install UKTVNow on Firestick.
  5. When the list of apps appears on your screen, proceed to the next section.

At this point, you should see a list of installable apps on your screen.  Some of these apps should include Terrarium TV, Kodi 17.6 Krypton, and FreeFlix HQ.  In the next section, we’ll use the list of apps to install UKTVNow on Firestick.

Step 3:  Install UKTVNow on Firestick

In this section, we install UKTVNow on Firestick by simply selecting it from the list of apps displayed in DroidAdmin (after we entered the code).

  1. In the list of apps displayed in Droid Admin, scroll down and make sure “UKTVNow” is the app that’s “highlighted”.
  2. Then press the Center button on the Firestick remote to begin the UKTVNow download.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the green bar to fill completely.  When the UKTVNow download is complete, the icon at the end of the green bar will change to a “play” icon.
  4. Select the play icon by pressing the Center button on the Firestick remote.
  5. Then you’ll see a window appear asking if you want to install this app.  Use the remote to select “Install” at the bottom of your TV screen.
  6. Wait for UKTVNow to install.
  7. Use the Firestick remote to navigate to the “Open” button on your screen.  Select the Open button by pressing the Center button on the Firestick remote.

UKTVNow is now installed!  Proceed to the section below to see how to launch and how to use UKTVNow.

Step 4:  Launch & Use UKTVNow

If you haven’t launched UKTVNow after install, then launch UKTVNow Firestick by going to the Firestick Home screen – Settings – Applications – Manage Installed Applications – UKTVNow – Launch application.

Now that UKTVNow is installed and launched on your Amazon Firestick, just use it to watch TV Shows.  Here’s how to use UKTVNow on Firestick.

  1. Use the Up / Down / Left / Right buttons on the Firestick / Fire TV remote to select a channel in UKTVNow.
  2. Then press the Center button on the remote to “load” a channel.
  3. After the channel is loaded, select the button that says “Fullscreen” or “Watch Fullscreen“.  That’s it!

There are some additional features in UKTVNow, such as:

  • UKTVNow on Firestick lets you save Favorites
  • The UKTVNow APK for Firestick also has a “Movies” section
  • + Others (check them out yourself!)

What is UKTVNow for Firestick?

UKTVNow Firestick is an Android APK (made just for Firestick!) that allows you to watch TV Shows & Movies on Firestick.  Install UKTVNow.. now!  Stream on!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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