A new bill passed this month which attempts to give UK Kodi users 10 years prison time.  The name of the bill is the Digital Economy Act (2017).

“Spoiler” Links

The ambiguously targeted bill claims that people who stream content illegally in Europe face up to “10 Years” of prison time.

In this article, we expose the facts behind this bill and how to protect yourself against this ruling, and the “prying eyes” behind it.




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Kodi Users of the Future: UK Kodi Users 10 Years Prison Time LATER

Don’t end up like these guys. They streamed too many movies using Kodi without a VPN. Keep reading to see how to set up your Kodi VPN and stay out of harm’s way.

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The Facts

  • This new bill states that there is now a focus to target the makers of Kodi TV Addons and send them to prison
  • Kodi itself has no illegal functionality.  The plugins you add onto Kodi, however, can turn it from an innocent media center into an illegal movie center.
  • People who use Kodi to stream movies & TV shows are not the intended target of this bill, but they should learn how to protect their Kodi streams anyway.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Kodi Streams

  1. Sign up for the Kodi VPN service we recommend
  2. Get a VPN-enabled router for around $25 from Amazon (ASUS RT-N12 for $27 or GLi AR150 for $25).
  3. Watch my YouTube tutorial videos to guide you through How to set up the ASUS RTN12 router to use your Kodi VPN  or How to set up the GLi AR150 router with a Kodi VPN .
  4. After your Kodi VPN is set up on your VPN-enabled router, connect your devices to your new VPN-Secured WiFi network.  This WiFi network is created by your VPN-enabled router.  This second WiFi network is available to all of the WiFi devices in your home or office, including your Amazon FireStick, Android TV Box, PC, Mac, and even your iPhone and iPad.
  5. Once your WiFi device is connected to your new WiFi network, any and all data send and received by that device is now automatically encrypted.  Therefore, the government or any third parties have zero chance of seeing what you’re streaming with any online TV platform, such as Kodi or Show Box.

Here’s my tutorial video on how to set up Kodi VPN on the ASUS RT-N12 router:

and here’s how to set up Kodi VPN on the GLi AR150 wireless router:


Kodi TV App Direct Download

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What’s Team Kodi’s Argument?

Many things can be used for good or bad – Kodi is one of those things.  When it comes to legality, Kodi is no different from the Internet itself: it can be used for good or bad.  But we didn’t outlaw the Internet because a few people used it for illegal activities.

So, Team Kodi’s argument is that the Kodi platform should not be targeted legally because the platform itself contains no illegal functionality.

Team Kodi: "Kodi is harmless in its own functionality"

Kodi itself is an innocuous software platform.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

The Government’s Argument

From the government’s eyes (and from media creators’ eyes), piracy is not a victimless crime.  The artists and creators of the movies and TV shows deserve to receive the full amount of the revenue generated by their work.

Therefore, the government sees any and all Kodi use as “digital theft” – no different than stealing a painting from an artist.

Does the Government Want to Give Kodi Users 10 Years Prison Time?  Not necessarily – they prefer to go after the “providers” and not the “downloaders”.UK Government Threatens Kodi Users with Prison Time

The Problem

Kodi is a somewhat decentralized platform with various layers of functionality.

Even if every single maker of every TVAddon goes to prison, there will still be thousands of Kodi sources and TV Addons left.

So What’s the Solution?

For Kodi users:

Just sign up for VPN service and set it up with my Kodi VPN tutorial video.  It takes about 15 minutes with my tutorial videos (above).

And for media companies:

Just like when MP3s first came out, the companies that joined in were the ones that succeeded.

Media companies should pay attention to recent history and get in on the Kodi action.  This is how they can do it:

Hey Movie Companies: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join Em

Media companies need to start licensing their content to Kodi (as Team Kodi has suggested).  This way, Kodi users can still get the great content they want without piracy or a ridiculous $28 price tag (for some Blu-Rays, for example).

This happened with the Netflix revolution – and it’s going to happen with Kodi.

Wrap Up

Even though the government threatens Kodi users and makers of TV Addons with a heafty 10 year prison sentence, we still have our rights as citizens to use the software we want to use.

So, as Team Kodi suggests, continue using Kodi “however you’d like to use it”.

But make sure you get VPN service first and set it up properly.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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