How to Watch Typhoon TV on Firestick in 3 Easy Steps

Typhoon TV is an app that provides users with access top-quality streams of the best TV shows and movies. It allows users to create favorite lists, as well as keep tabs on release dates for new episodes and shows. It owes a lot of its popularity for its links to reliably great video content – and they are indeed the best possible quality. Fantastic right? What’s even more awesome news is that it’s free and has zero ads. 

Typhoon TV is compatible with Android based devices such as smartphones, Firestick, Fire TV, etc., which is great news for most of our readers.

So what’s the downside of Typhoon TV on Firestick? Unfortunately, you can’t get it in the official Firestick app store. It’s banned for treading on fuzzy legal ground, since it provides links to movies and other copyrighted content for free. However, there are ways to download the app on your device, Firestick included. We’re here to show you hot to get Typhoon TV on Firestick, and how to use it safely.

typhoon tv apk on firestick

Features Of Typhoon TV on Firestick

  1. Ad-Free

Unlike other free streaming platforms that make money by spamming their users with ads, Typhoon TV for Firestick is a fully ad-free experience. You can finally enjoy a reliable streaming service that lets you watch movies without ads popping up mid-stream.

  1. Great Video Quality

Typhoon TV provides its users with the top-notch video quality they desire. All their movies and TV Shows are in High Definition and 4K resolution. This goes a long way to enhance your streaming experience. So say goodbye to poor quality movies!

  1. No Language Barrier

The Typhoon TV on Firestick app takes into consideration the diversity of language in the world. It provides subtitles to most of its movies so that there are no (or fewer) barriers to language. You can watch movies from around the world with subtitles on Typhoon TV, without having to separately download such subtitle file. Currently, there are subtitles available in over 200 languages. 

  1. Built-In Media Player

Typhoon TV on Firestick comes with a built-in media player that further simplifies and optimizes the viewing experience. It gives you easy access to the most popular and trusted media players in the streaming world, like VLC, MX Player, and so on.

  1. Library Updates

Typhoon TV for Firestick undergoes frequent updates to both its system and its streaming library. This keeps the features up-to-date as well as providing the latest movies and shows. Also, users can put in a request for movies and shows to be added to the app. The developers try their best to provide links to all of the movie and TV show requests that come in through the app.

  1. Download Option

Typhoon TV for Firestick comes with a feature that allows you to download movies and TV Shows for offline use. This means you watch them without experiencing buffering or delay. If you have unreliable internet, this a great way to save movies for a one of those days where your Firestick WiFi is not working.

  1. Zero Cost

Typhoon TV for Firestick is an amazing app that is completely and absolutely free to use. You can download the app, stream and download tons of movies, TV shows, and so on, without ever having to pay for them. If this isn’t the best feature out of all the other great features, then we don’t know what is.

Nonetheless, we’ve only listed a few of the exciting features that come with the Typhoon TV for Firestick app. There are other great features, like its easy-to-use interface, that we just don’t have the space or time to get into. We recommend you just try it out for yourself!

So now that you know all about the exciting Typhoon TV, how do you find the app and download it on your Firestick?

how to install typhoon tv on firestick

How To Download Typhoon TV on Firestick

Despite Typhoon TV being banned from official app stores, we’ll show you how to download it on your Firestick in just 3 steps.

  1. Use a VPN
  2. Install Downloader App On Firestick
  3. Download Typhoon TV

Use a Virtual Private Network

In order to access and use Typhoon TV, we highly recommend that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The reason the app is banned from official app stores is because much of the content available to stream on Typhoon TV for Firestick is unlicensed (and therefore, illegal).

We know none of you would ever stream pirated content, but just in case it happens on accident, you will need a way to cover your IP Address as well as deceive IP Trackers. A VPN allows you to browse anonymously and use apps that are banned or not available in your geographical location (it’s a great way to watch Hulu from outside the US). If you don’t already have a VPN to use, get our recommended VPN: IPVanish.

IPVanish is a Virtual Private Network that allows users to choose what country they want to locally browse from and provides access to restricted apps or content. With IPVanish, your information passes through encrypted tunnels, protecting your details. If you use our IPVanish site link, you’ll get a massive discount on this great service, and will support our content at the same time. Keep us safe, save money, and help us to keep putting out helpful Firestick articles at the same time!

Using a VPN to stream Typhoon TV on Firestick is also recommended because it prevents buffering and lags in your stream.

VPN for mobile phone

How To Get IPVanish

  1. Using any device, go to the IPVanish website and create an account
  2. Now on your Firestick, go to the Home screen
  3. Click on the Search tab
  4. Type in IPVanish 
  5. Select it from the search results
  6. Click on the IPVanish app icon 
  7. Click on the Get button or the Download button
  8. Open the app and enter your credentials (username and password)
  9. Once logged in, select the country you want the website to think you’re browsing from, and use the best default for both city and server
  10. Click Connect

p.s. You can change the country of choice for the VPN anytime you wish to. The US is frequently the best choice because there are many popular streaming platforms, shows, and movies that are restricted to the US.

Note: IPVanish is a paid VPN because it protects your data while also providing you with quality internet services. Contrary to some beliefs, free VPNs aren’t free, as there is always a hidden cost attached to it. And in this case, it’s your data and privacy being sold to advertising companies and other third parties, which is why we recommend IPVanish for streaming Typhoon TV on Firestick.

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Install Downloader App on Firestick

The Downloader app on Firestick is more or less a must-have if you are going to get the absolute most out of your Firestick experience. The Downloader app allows you to install free apps and content you would otherwise have had to buy on the Amazon app store. And sometimes, apps may not be available on the app store at all, like Typhoon TV on Firestick.

If you already have the Downloader app on your Firestick, you can scroll down to the next step. But if you don’t, follow the instructions below

How To Install Downloader App on Firestick

  1. Go to Settings on your Firestick Home screen
  2. Click on My Fire TV
  3. Select Developer Options
  4. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
  5. Click on Turn On
  6. Press the Home Button on your remote to go back to your Firestick home screen
  7. On the search menu, type in Downloader
  8. Select Downloader from the list of apps and click on Get / Download

Now you have the Downloader app, the final step is to download and install Typhoon TV on Firestick.

Download Typhoon TV on Firestick

Make sure to connect to your VPN before attempting to download the app.

  1. Open your Downloader app
  2. Select Allow for the app permissions, if prompted
  3. Go to the Downloader Settings and enable the JavaScript option
  4. Go back to the Downloader Home screen
  5. In the search bar type the URL path and search
  6. Wait for it to download
  7. Install and click Done
  8. Delete the APK file, when prompted to save storage space
  9. Go to your Firestick Home screen
  10. Open the Apps and Channels section
  11. Scroll till you see the Typhoon TV on Firestick app icon
  12. Open Typhoon TV on Firestick and give it permission to access to your device
  13. Choose the default video player that you prefer
  14. Read the disclaimer and click Accept to continue
Typhoon TV on Firestick

Typhoon TV on Firestick Problems And Solutions

Like all other apps, Typhoon TV on Firestick may occasionally experience certain problems. However, these can usually be fixed without very much trouble.

Some of the most common problems may be the result of either an outdated version of Typhoon TV, low storage space on your Firestick, or link errors. To overcome these, try the following:

Clear The Typhoon TV App Cache

  • Go to Settings on your Firestick Home screen
  • Open Applications
  • Select Manage Installed Applications
  • Scroll till you locate the Typhoon TV app
  • Click on Typhoon TV
  • Click on Clear Cache

If your storage is still low, you can clear the cache for other apps to make space. This can also fix small glitches with Typhoon TV on Firestick.

clear app cache firestick

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

The Amazon Firestick has a low storage capacity of about 5GB. Your apps and their data take up a lot of storage space and can create problems that disrupt the proper functioning of the Amazon Firestick. One such problem is constant stopping and buffering while you’re using Typhoon TV on Firestick. This is capable of affecting your ability to get a smooth stream with the Typhoon TV on Firestick app.

To uninstall unwanted apps:

  • Press and hold the Home button on your Firestick remote for 5 seconds
  • Select Apps
  • Scroll through the Apps till you find the app you want to uninstall or remove
  • On your Firestick remote, press the menu button
  • Click on Uninstall
  • Select OK

This is a great way to create space on your Firestick.

Try a Different Streaming Link

Typhoon TV on Firestick provides users with multiple links to one stream. If you have issues with a link, try another, as not all links are the same. They may not all have the same quality performance due to a variety of factors like traffic, the capacity of the server, the geographical location of the server where the link is hosted, and a whole lot more.


Typhoon TV is an excellent must-have for movie lovers. It’s got tons of content, delivered at high quality, with a fantastic feature set. Check out Typhoon TV on Firestick, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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