The TVMC app was removed from the Google Play Store long ago. So we’re left with these alternatives to install this great streaming app:

Update for Monday October 02, 2023:  The TV MC app is still installable and usable!  So just follow the options below to install this great streaming TV app!

  • Option 1:  Install TVMC using ES File Explorer (Easy Install).  This method uses the “Install Kodi on Fire Stick” method in combination with the TV MC apk file (link directly below) to get TVMC on Fire Stick.  More details for this method, and tveach method in this short list, are found below this section.

    TVMC apk file download

    Click the TVMC icon above to download TVMC apk file!

  • Option 2:  Use our Sideloader guide to Sideload the APK file,on Firestick. The APK file can be downloaded using the links on this page (above and below).Apps2Fire sideloader for installing Kodi on Firestick
  • Option 3:  Use and install SPMC from Google Play Store and install TVaddons with the Config Wizard instead of the actual TVMC app for Android devices (APK file means “Android Package Installer”, btw).

    SPMC for TVAddons like Kodi uses!

    Install SPMC instead of TV MC, then Install TVAddons

  • Option 4:  Install Kodi and install TVaddons with the Config Wizard, instead of the actual TV MC app from the Google Play store.

Here’s the TVMC apk direct download link:

What’s the Difference Between TVMC and Kodi + TV Addons?

Not much.  “TV Media Center” was a pre-packaged version of Kodi with some TVAddons – and it’s no longer supported.  Kodi didn’t even make TVMC!

So, you can still get the TVMC apk file, which is Kodi (aka XBMC) + old TV Addons that mostly (or completely) don’t work anymore!




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To get the same thing that TV MC used to be, just install Kodi 17.3 and install TVAddons latest version!

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TVAddons Offline & New Sources to install in Kodi 17 Krypton

New TVAddons Install!

How to Install TVMC

Option 1 (Easiest):

Follow our Kodi / TVMC Easy Install guide.  Since Television Media Center is Kodi + TV Addons, we can achieve the end results by just installing Kodi then installing TV Addons.  Use the links found in this guide to install each (install Kodi first, then TV Addons).

Option 2:

Download this TVMC apk file here, then install it with a sideloader like AGKFire.  The APK file is an Android Package Installer, which installs the app onto any Android device, such as Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV Boxes, and Android Smartphones.

Option 3:

Install SPMC via the Google Play store, then install TVaddons.  SPMC is short for Semper Fi Media Center, and is a “branch” off of Kodi.  This means that SPMC is based on the same Core Files as Kodi, but uses slightly different programming to achieve the same functionality of Kodi.

Option 4:

Install Kodi via the Google Play store, then install TVaddons to start streaming FAST.

Why was TVMC removed from Google Play Store?

What made TVMC no longer available in the Google Play store? At this point it’s uncertain. But it’s likely the same reason Amazon removed Kodi from the Amazon app store: the app is easy to use for acquiring TV streams illegally. This is a problem since there is much LEGAL content to be had by legitimate users who have no interest in pirated video streams.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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