Amazon has revolutionized the world of Home TV entertainment with the Amazon Firestick. Not only does it give you access to some of the conventional streaming services you’re familiar with, but, when you use it with TVCola free streaming apps, it also expands your ability to experience free streaming entertainment like never before. 

When it comes to movie streaming, Amazon Prime show and Netflix comes to mind. However, there are a plethora of other streaming Firestick apps that are free to use! You not only get access to top-notch TV shows and movies but you also don’t have to pay for them (and who doesn’t love that?).

Best TVCola Free Streaming Apps

TVCola is a great new APK site, similar to APKTime, except that it lists the top Firestick apps as ranked by user votes so you know which TVCola free streaming apps people are really getting the best streaming quality and content from. It also has user forums where you can hear what people like, or what people hate about the top TVCola free streaming apps. In this post, we’re going to explore the top streaming apps, as voted by users on the site, so you can know which ones to install to enjoy maximum entertainment. Sit back and let’s get started. 

install tvcola free streaming app

#1 Cimabox [aka CimaBox2 / PopcornHD Box]

Cimabox is an online video streaming application that allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows around the world on mobile devices. With hundreds of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and others across the globe, you get access to best-quality videos with no hassle and for as long as you want. With Cimabox, you don’t need to pay a single penny for the content you watch. 




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Its download feature also enables users to download content and enjoy it later when there’s no internet connection.

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Here are some of the other perks of Cimabox2:

CimaBox2 Languages

Practicing a new language, or just want to know that you’ve got some options? Cimmabox is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Kannada and others.

CimaBox Subtitles

Feeling cosmopolitan? Want to watch movies from around the world, or maybe you just want to keep the volume down? You can enable subtitles to watch movies from around the world. 

Download CimaBox on Android

Cimabox comes for Android. That means you can download on devices that run on Android, like Android smartphones, Fire TV, Android Smart TV, Android TV Box, and even Firestick. By the way, if you don’t already know, Amazon Firestick runs on Android OS.

Download CimaBox APK from TVCola free streaming

CimaBox Firestick APK

#2 Kodi

You can’t talk about the best TV Cola free streaming apps without mentioning Kodi. It’s one of our favorites for a reason!

Kodi is an open-source application for various platforms. It can be downloaded on Amazon Firestick at no additional cost. It features an elegant user interface that makes navigation seamless. 

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

With Kodi, you have access to a wide variety of content for personal entertainment that you can stream within seconds. From music for a party to viewing various TV shows to full-fledged HD movies on your Firestick, Kodi has thousands of hours worth of content from almost every genre just to give you an optimal experience. 

Kodi has a unique feature that supports photo and screen sharing from your slideshow. To be able to record your favorite TV shows, you will have to download a PVR add-on for the app. The real power of Kodi, though, is in the addons. We’ve got your rundown on Best Kodi Addons as well as how to use Kodi XXX addons to watch Porn on Firestick.

Download Kodi from TVCola free streaming

Bonus TVCola Free Streaming Hack

TVCola free streaming apps for Firestick is a fantastic way to get free streaming content from around the internet. But not many people know that there are some great hacks that allow you to get extra free content without ever having to jailbreak your Firestick. You can get free, blocked content on Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube that is currently being kept from you!

Paid subscription streaming sites will block certain content depending on where you are. Downloading a VPN like IPVanish will allow you to trick streaming services into thinking that you’re streaming from different regions, thus unlocking region-blocked content! If you’re paying for a service, we think you should get everything that the service offers.

In fact, there are tons of great benefits of using a VPN that most people don’t know about. If this sounds like it would improve your streaming life (and it’s definitely improved ours), use our link to get our reader discount on the best, most reliable VPN available.

#3 Titanium TV

If you’ve used Terrarium TV before, Titanium TV bears a striking resemblance to it. If Terrarium TV hadn’t shut down, we probably wouldn’t have known about Titanium TV – they’re that similar!

Titanium TV features a large catalog of TV shows and high-quality movies, which you can stream within seconds – whether you’re looking for the latest releases or videos from the last few years.

The app doesn’t have its own content, but it sources the streaming links from multiple servers. You also have access to your Real-Debrid account and this may help with higher-quality streams and increased chances of playback. 

Titanium TV app is easy to install, lightweight and it works perfectly well with Firestick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube.

Download Titanium TV from TVCola free streaming

How to install Titanium TV Firestick

#4 HDTV Ultimate

HDTV Ultimate is a live TV streaming application for Android-based devices. You can get access to popular cable TV channels around the world, including the US, UK, European countries, Asian countries, and more. 

It is pretty straightforward to use and you enjoy a huge amount of free content that is just a couple of clicks away. The app also offers the option to choose from multiple streaming servers. 

Aside from the TV shows, HDTV Ultimate also has a sports section with some excellent sports channels. The movie category offers a limited collection of on-demand movies. It is an excellent streaming app because of its simplicity, ease of use, and functionality.

Download HDTV Ultimate from TVCola free streaming

#5 ZiniTevi

ZiniTevi is one of the best Firestick apps to stream movies, TV series on your smartphone. It is fully compatible with iOS (without jailbreak) and ZiniTevi Apk for Android devices. ZiniTevi supports video stream with a wide array of devices including Smart TV, Chromecast, Airplay, Roku, MiBox, PlayStation, Xbox, and even Firestick and lots more. 

The app contains a plethora of movies and TV shows in 720p and 1080p quality for free. With its easy navigation, you can easily get access to the latest releases of movies, theatre shows, and TV stations. While you can stream the video online, ZiniTevi also has offline download capabilities. 

Some of its other benefits include:

  • Does not require root access (for Android) or jailbreaking (for iOS)
  • Add to favorites lists and save to history list, which can be synced to the cloud
  • Add subtitles to the video

Download ZiniTevi from TVCola free streaming

#6 BeeTV

BeeTV is an online TV series and movie streaming service that allows users to stream some of the best films and television on the whole wide web. 

BeeTV is a free streaming app that is gaining immense popularity on the TVCola free streaming site due to its huge library of content and low buffering time. The app does not host any content; rather, it crawls content from a plenitude of partner media websites based on the search parameters entered by the user. 

Because it doesn’t host any content, BeeTV is lightweight. It offers thousands of titles including movies and episodes. You can also download videos and watch them when you’re offline. Even better is the fact that BeeTV is free!

Download BeeTV from TVCola free streaming

BeeTV for Firestick

#7 Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD APK is a new app for watching on-demand content on Firestick and other Android devices. Cinema HD APK is one of the few apps that people turned to after the shutdown of Terrarium TV. 

Cinema HD APK was formerly called HDMovies before it was rebranded. The app has a big movie and TV show library, meaning you will never run out of streaming options. If you’re looking to binge-watch your favorites series, Cinema HD APK is the perfect app and has earned its spot in the TVCola free streaming apps lineup. Its simple and minimal, yet functional interface makes it very easy to navigate. 

You can watch and download all the latest high-quality TV shows and movies on your device. It is free to use, no registration is required, no credit card needed. Just install the app and enjoy unlimited access. 

Download Cinema HD APK from TVCola free streaming

Cinema HD Firestick Fire TV

#8 CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV is another one of the clones that spawned out after the shutdown of Terrarium TV. The good news is that looks just like Terrarium and functions just like it. 

It is a popular app to watch movies online. CyberFlix TV has a huge movie and TV show collection that you can watch on your Android device. What’s more, it provides you with an ad-free streaming experience. CyberFlix TV also supports subtitles.

It uses scraper technology to fetch the streams from several sources similar to what was on Terrarium. By logging in with your Real-Debrid account, you can get access to premium, Full HD streams with almost no buffering. 

Download Cyberflix TV from TVCola free streaming

#9 Peacock TV 

This is one of the newest entrants to the Firestick streaming platform. It is NBC Universal-owned and its biggest selling point is that is it’s free (well, sort of). As of July 2020, there are already 10 million subscribers. 

Peacock TV is heavily focused on older shows or programs that have aired on NBC and NBC cable networks. With over 13,000 hours of content and 20,000 hours for Peacock premium, you have a wide array of movies and TV shows to enjoy. 

The standard package is completely free – you don’t even need to enter your credit card information. However, there are ads in the content – limited to less than 5 minutes per hour. If you don’t want any ads, you’ll have to pay $5 per month. Not a bad deal!

Download Peacock TV from TVCola free streaming

#10 Live NetTV

Live NetTV allows you to watch many of your favorite satellite channels on your Firestick for free. It provides 800+ live channels in 9 categories including Sports, Entertainment, News, Cooking, Documentary, Kids, Cooking, and Religion. Moreover, new channels and links are added daily. 

This app is a great option to stream cable TV without having to pay a cent. The app also recently added an on-demand (VOD) section with limited content for free movies and TV shows for a more robust entertainment experience:

Here are the highlights of its cool features:

  • No subscription, sign-up, or monthly charge required.
  • Over 800 live TV channels. 
  • Supports high-quality live TV streams.
  • Supports several external video players.
  • User-friendly application.

Download Live NetTV from TVCola free streaming

Live NetTV Firestick
The LiveNetTV app for Amazon Firestick & Android

TVCola Free Streaming Firestick Conclusion

So, there you have it; our top 10 TVCola free streaming apps. As always sites that host a lot of free content, there are almost always some copyrighted, unlicensed shows that accidentally sneak in. We highly recommend you protect yourself and keep your browsing activity private with a safe, fast VPN!

If you’re looking for maximum entertainment in terms of movies, live TV, sports, and more, you should consider downloading a couple of these applications on your Firestick. You’re guaranteed to enjoy every bit of it!