myseriously went OFFLINE the morning of June 13th, 2017 (Tuesday).  Why?  We’re not sure yet.

But sources speculate that could be experiencing one of the following (or a combination)..

  • Undergoing maintenance.  Kodi Forum users and Reddit users report talk of “reworking” TVAddons servers for several days now.  Since is based out of Antigua, many standard legislative processes don’t apply to them.
  • Being re-vamped.  One user reports that the “begin-here” folder of Fusion Installer had a note just before going offline that said “Big changes are happening in the next couple days, so stay tuned”.
  • or even Shut down permanently (but most likely not) in the wake of recent Phoenix TV Addon being shut down, as well as other Kodi addons (see below).
  • Being re-shuffled into different repositories, like how Exodus now appears in the Cazwall Repo.

We do know Kodi fans rely heavily upon to provide many of the Kodi plugins that Kodi users find essential, such as Exodus (we’ve received mixed reports on our Facebook page about Exodus being Offline for some and Online for others).  Install Exodus with the “Cazwall” repo (click here to go to the Cazwall repository).

How to Install Exodus from Cazwall Repo (Newest Exodus Source):

Use our Install Exodus with Cazwall Repo tutorial.  With the Simply Caz repository, you can also install Elysium (the new Zen), Evolve, and many other TVAddons.




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  • Exodus Install Tip:  Exodus can now be installed with the Cazwall repository (link).

    Exodus Cazwall Repo

    Use Cazwall Repository to install Exodus (thanks Kirt from Facebook!)

How to Install Indigo Wizard from Mirror Link

  • Indigo Wizard / Fusion Installer Tip: Indigo Wizard can’t be installed from the normal Fusion Installer source, since is offline.  But here’s a mirror (“alternate“) download link for Indigo Wizard – and a second alternate.  Good luck!

So here are the best alternatives, the best Kodi addons still working, and the ones that are offline now or going offline soon.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

Kodi Addons Still Working & Online:

The Kodi add-ons below are still online and streaming.  (Tested successfully Friday June 09, 2023.)

Many TV Addons still work just fine.  But the big players took a series hit today (Exodus was part of the going offline, for example).

So here are the TV addons I tested successfully this morning that still stream movies & TV shows:

ProTip:  All of the “working” addons below are pre-installed in Kodi 17 Titanium Build.  Use my tutorial video (scroll down) to install Titanium Build in Kodi 17 on Firestick or any device.

  • Bob (via Titanium Build) – Online and streaming in HD, ladies and lentil-men!
  • Specto Fork – Still Online!  Specto Fork streamed an HD movie for me about 10 minutes ago.
  • Zen – The Zen addon worked for me this morning (yes, it’s Online), although it’s supposed to be shutting down or already offline.Either way, Zen for Kodi should still be available in the “noobsandnerds” repository.  NoobsAndNerds will be taking care of Zen.  Word on the street is Zen is being reincarnated as “Elysium”.  More updates coming soon..
Kodi Shut Down? No, just

This is a picture of my Firestick running Kodi 17 Titanium Build, which still streams movies just fine.

Kodi addons that are Temporarily Offline or Permanently Shut Down:

The following Kodi add-ons are offline.

  • – As of this morning, the website is Offline. offline for Kodi TV Addons is now offline.

  • Exodus – The beloved Exodus Kodi addon is Online for some and Offline for Others.  Exodus works fine in Kodi after re-installing Exodus with the Cazwall Repo.  For users who haven’t yet reinstalled Kodi from SuperRepo or Simply Caz Repo, expect iffy performance from Exodus.

    Install Kodi Apps: Exodus

    Exodus is offline for some and online for others

  • Phoenix – Shut down & confirmed as offline via testing earlier this morning by some Kodi users.  Although other users report they can play streams fine with Phoenix.

    RIP, Phoenix addon..

    Rest in Peace, Phoenix addon..

  • Indigo Wizard (and Fusion Installer) – Unavailable from the normal Source since is offline, but available from Mirror Links (below).
    How to Install Kodi 17 Pulse Build (Screenshot of splashscreen) hosts the File Source for Indigo tool, so that’s offline too.

    *** NOTE:  The Indigo Wizard can still be downloaded from an alternate location (since Fusion installer is not working).  Click here to download Indigo Wizard.  This is the latest version of Indigo Tool:

  • 1Channel – Shut down (Offline)

    1Channel also shut down

  • SALTS – I tried streaming with SALTS this morning, but it was Offline for me.  Some users report that SALTS still works fine for their Kodi installation.

    SATLS is shut down :(

    The SALTS Kodi addon seems to be shut down already

  • DOJO Streams – Shut down (Offline)
  • F.t.f.a.Shut down
  • iStreamOffline
  • BamfOffline
  • DeliveranceOffline

TVAddons not working?  That’s because the file server is offline.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Could not connect to repository?  Once again – you’re seeing this because the TVAddons server is offline.

No stream available error?  Yes – this error is also caused by TVAddons going offline.

Kodi addons shutting down soon:

  • Velocity – The well-known Velocity addon will soon be shutting down
  • SRTVHUB – Users of this Kodi plugin will be disappointed when it shuts down soon
  • CerburusShutting down soon
  • Reaper – Also closing soon
  • One128 – This addon will go offline soon
  • ZEN – Zen will be going offline soon, but still works for now.
  • Ccloud – Going offline soon.

Kodi TVAddons staying online:

  • Evolve
  • BOB
  • White Devil
  • Cold KeysAt the Flix
  • Stream Army (the “Silent hunter” list resides in this addon, btw)
  • iStream
  • Project Cypher
  • Maverick
  • Black HatChristian TV
  • Beau’s Place
  • Wolfpack
  • Arawak TV
  • Urbankingz
  • Made in Canada
  • Noobsandnerds
  • Pandora’s Box

Which Kodi Builds Still Work Well?

I’m using Kodi 17 Titanium Build and still works great!  It has such a wide variety of Kodi addons that the shutdown seems to have not effected this build significantly.

Here’s my YouTube tutorial video on how to install Kodi 17 Titanium build (which has the best – still working – TV Addons pre-installed!):

Questions About the Shut Down of

After went offline recently, we ask ourselves some new questions.  Here are the best answers we here at KFireTV can provide at this time:

Q:  Will go back online?

  • Probably.  Until does come back online (if it ever does)

Q:  Is the Source doomed?

Q:  Can we keep the spirit of TVAddons alive by creating our own addons anonymously?

  • Yes!  It’s easy to make your own Kodi addon that pulls from YouTube movies uploaded by anybody.

Make Your Own Kodi YouTube Add-On

This is one fast, easy way to make your own TV addon.  Then you can anonymously upload it to a file storage service and tell others where the .zip file is located.  This way, other Kodi users can download and use your TVaddon!

Make Your Own Kodi Video Add-On

Advanced users can try to make their own actual Video addon.  But with the recent news about Kodi addons shutting down and being prosecuted, this is unlikely.  Although if you do create, publish, and upload your Video addon anoymously – there’s theoretically no way for them to know you made it.

  • What alternatives do I have to

Literally every other TV or Video addon made for Kodi could work as your alternative.  So try Bob, Specto Fork, or any other TV addon not in the “shut down” list at the top of this page.

But my suggestion is to install Kodi 17 Titanium Build, which runs great on Firestick and still have some good ONLINE Kodi addons.

  • Which Kodi add-ons have shut down so far, and which ones are still online?

See the top of this page.

Stay tuned for more Kodi addon shut-down news to come as it surfaces..