In the midst of being offline (and the Fusion Installer), here are some ways we can still install TV Addons in Kodi – and even the newest version of Exodus.

UPDATED Sunday September 24, 2023: the Fusion Installer is offline ( offline

Is offline?  Then use the alternate sources below!

Fortunately, the tools contained in the Fusion Installer are also available at multiple other locations online.




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This page shows you those download locations and points you to the right (up-to-dated) tutorials to install each one.

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We have at least 6 different TVAddons install methods below, including Cazwall Repo (for the new Exodus) and the Repository.


TV Addons Install Method #0 (added today):  Install TV Addons from Smash Repo

Use our easy tutorial (with screenshots) on how to install TV Addons using Smash Repo.  Yes, we show you how to install the new Exodus and other TV Addons with Smash Repo!

Kodi Smash Repo for Exodus and TV Addons

Install Exodus and other TV Addons from Smash Repo

TVAddons Install Method #1:  Indigo Wizard – New Source for Fusion Installer / Indigo Tool

Using our Indigo Wizard Mirror Links, you can still install the Indigo tool in Kodi.

Indigo Wizard new source

Try the Mirror Links above as new sources for the Indigo Wizard

TV Addons Install Method #2:  Cazwall Repo – New Source for Exodus

Cazwall Repository (aka Simply Caz Repo) contains a large number of the best, current TV Addons for Kodi.  It’s the best way to install the new Exodus TVAddon.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Cazwall Repo

Cazwall Repo: another one of the best Kodi 17 repositories

TVAddons Install Method #3:  NoobsAndNerds Repo – Various TV Addons

The Noobsandnerds Repo is one of the best collections around.  Check it out for the best TVAddons, Live TV plugins and more.

How to Install NoobsAndNerds Repo in Kodi 17 Firestick

NoobsAndNerds Repo

TV Addons Install Method #4:  Stream Addons Repository (for IPTV & Live TV Channels)

For people who prefer Live TV channels & IPTV over Movies, try out the Stream Addons Repo.

The address to install Stream Addons Repo is

To install Stream Addons Repository, follow our Cazwall Repository install guide – but replace the address we give you in the Cazwall guide with the address above.

Stream Addons / Stream Army Repo

Install Stream Addons / Stream Army Repository

The StreamAddons Repository contains:

  • Stream Addons
  • Stream Army Repo
  • The Brettus Repo
  • SimTech Repo
  • Rockcrusher


TVAddons Install Method #5:  SuperRepo – TONS of TV Addons for Kodi

SuperRepo is one of the older and more established Kodi 17 Repositories.  Install SuperRepo in Kodi for the best TVAddons available.

Kodi 17 SuperRepo

SuperRepo for Kodi 17

TV Addons Install Method #6:  Install a Kodi Build for Pre-Configured Kodi

Kodi Builds are the easiest way to install a nice selection of TVAddons on your Firestick or other Kodi device.  Install one of these Kodi builds using my tutorials and instantly get a huge selection of TV Addons:

Kodi 17.1 Build

Kodi 17.1 NO LIMITS Magic Build

Best Kodi Builds


Stay tuned for more Kodi 17 & Kodi 18 updates.