Regarding the currently-ongoing TVAddons court case, team Kodi made a bold statement by saying “We hope you lose in court”.

Kodi said the following to TVAddons (via Twitter) regarding TVAddons’ court case(s):

Kodi's tweet to TVAddons

“We dearly hope you loose in court”

Read below to see why Kodi hopes that TVAddons loses their court case.




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Why Did Team Kodi Say “We Hope You Lose In Court”?

Team Kodi is tired of being “lumped in” with the makers of illegitimate TV Addons.

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Furthermore, the Kodi software platform itself is completely benign and legal to use.  Kodi’s intended purpose is to provide an unlimited array of entertainment options.

Team Kodi Thrown Under the Bus?

So, the makers of Kodi are disappointed to be “thrown into harm’s way” as TVAddon makers produce dubious Kodi plugins.

For experienced Kodi users, it’s no news that team Kodi doesn’t want to be associated with illegitimate Kodi plugins.  However this is a significant statement made by the makers of Kodi.  It shows that they’re willing to state their opinions publicly regarding legal matters.

TVAddons court case: Kodi's rebuttal to a tweet

Kodi stands their ground in this tweet

User opinions about Kodi plugins are mixed, as some Kodi users stick to strictly legitimate Kodi plugins (such as plugins that force you to log in to your cable TV account).  On the other hand, it’s a fair assumption that “most” Kodi users are streaming via plugins.

TVAddons Offline & New Sources to install in Kodi 17 Krypton

Read details below about the TVAddons court case

Is Streaming Illegal?

The current legality of streaming unregulated content is debatable (depending on your location, what you’re streaming, and whether or not you’re hiding your IP),

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Installing BoB Unleashed (example of Plugin in TVAddons court case)

Sample (screenshot) of installing a Kodi plugin: BoB Unleashed

For example, the UK somewhat recently made it completely illegal to download OR stream any copyrighted content.  In contrast, in the United States – it’s still only illegal to download copyrighted material.

Public Domain Movies

Some exceptions are media that’s in the public domain.  For example, the movie Night of the Living Dead is in the public domain.  Therefore, it’s legal to stream it and/or download it.  Google “public domain movies” to see some more.

Legal State of Streaming: Final Verdict

The legal state for “streaming” copyrighted content is not necessarily written in stone for the USA.  So it’s best to stay safe and use a VPN anyway – whether you’re in the U.S. or the United Kingdom.

TVAddons court case

TVAddons Court case: laws differ from USA to UK

That being said, Kodi shares some conceptual similarities with the Internet itself.

Kodi vs. The Internet

  • Kodi is a multi-functional tool that enables hundreds of different features, much like the Internet
  • You can do good with Kodi – or evil – just like you can on the Internet
  • The Internet is free to use – much like Kodi (except for the cost of an Internet Service Provider subscription, which can be circumvented by going to a coffee shop anyway!)
  • Much like the Internet itself, if we don’t protect Kodi (by donating) – then this amazing tool will go away.

    Kodi vs Internet

    Kodi’s legal situation resembles that of the Internet: a tool for good or evil

So, if authorities are pursuing Kodi addon makers – then why aren’t they also pursing facilitators of the Internet (since the Internet itself is used for a multitude of illegal activities)?

Copyright Infringement Claims

The answer lies in the fact that copyright holders know they’re losing money when piracy is widespread.

TVAddons court case involving team Kodi's tweet

Team Kodi tweets their view on piracy

Therefore, copyright holders are pursuing the makers of TV Addons to limit piracy attempts using these wide-open Kodi plugins.

Why Shut Down TVAddons?

But why are authorities pursuing the makers of Kodi plugins that host content of both legitimate nature and illegitimate nature?

Because one illegitimate movie is enough for legal authorities to shut-down a digital media platform.  Some TVAddons shut down this year include Phoenix, Navi-X, and Exodus.  Notes that some / all of these were voluntary shutdowns / reincarnations into new plugins.

TVAddons goes offline

We reported the previous TVAddons shut-down. We hope this time isn’t worse..

Therefore, it’s up to the makers of TVAddons to defend themselves in court.  And it’s still team Kodi’s apparent duty to keep themselves separate from the makers of illegitimate TVAddons.

TVAddons Court Case Update Conclusion

The road continues as the battle wages on between authorities and TVAddon makers..

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