In this article, we will talk about how TV shows affect teenagers, how they can help them overcome some life difficulties, and recommend some series to watch.

High school is a defining time for teenagers. They will soon start their independent lives, go to college and try to define now who they are and who they want to be.

This is the time between childhood and adulthood, full of different moments and experiences, both painful, touching, amazing, and happy. And television shows reflect these moments.

One of the advantages of them is that they can be of any genre: comedies, thrillers, dramas, etc. Everyone will find something intriguing here.




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TV Shows: Useful Entertainment For High School Students

Why is it useful for a high school student to watch TV shows? How can they help? Watching series, you find close characters you root for, and familiar situations with which you feel a connection.

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They can also give an idea for a school writing task. You can take your favorite series as a topic for your next essay.

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You can take both a separate TV show, a group of them, or an entire genre. It all depends on the task and your desire. But this is not the only reason to watch TV series.

They are a source of experience. They simulate situations that can happen in reality. Also, experiencing similar situations is therapeutic and helps to get over them.

They can also be useful for consolidating the material learned at school. If a certain topic is demonstrated on the screen after a teacher explained it in the classroom, the teenager learns the lesson better.

What Problems Of Today’s Youth TV Shows Highlight?

Of course, in most shows, characters and situations are presented in an exaggerated form and are not always 100% natural. But some troubles highlighted in the series are realistic:

  • love;
  • relations with parents;
  • friendship;
  • drugs;
  • problems in the group;
  • bullying, etc.

TV shows help draw attention to these issues and give teenagers the opportunity to find a way out of their situations.

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What To Watch?

Here are our top TV broadcasts about high school students. There are not only series about teenagers, you can also find many exciting talk shows. The reasons why teenagers prefer to watch talk shows over movies are pretty much the same as with other TV programs. They are finding something to relate to and spending the weekend with a captivating story.

Pretty Little Liars

A mystical drama about a group of friends who together investigate the murder of a friend. Sometime after her death, they start receiving messages from the mysterious A. Through the series, they try to find out his identity.

One Tree Hill

This is a drama that focuses on the confrontation of two heroes: Lucas and Nate, who later learn that they will be half brothers. There are a lot of love triangles that are so fascinating to watch. The series also touches on the themes of growing up, choosing a life path and future university, and adolescent difficulties related to it.

Gossip Girl

Shows the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The mysterious Gossip Girl reveals the secrets of these rich teenagers, and they have lots of them. There is drama, friendship, betrayal, and entertainment for rich teenagers.


Based on the “Archie” comics. The events take place in the small town of Riverdale. A group of students apart from classes constantly finds themselves involved in various mysterious events. This is a story in dark tones, which is why fans love it.

Friday Night Lights

This is an adaptation of the 2004 book and film. The series tells about the lives of teenagers from the Texas high school football team. Although the main theme here is a sport, viewers also found fascinating stories of friendship, romance, and family ties.


TV shows are a great opportunity for education and therapy for teenagers. If it does not turn into an addiction, of course.

They can learn a lot of fascinating things for themselves, deepen their knowledge of school subjects, and find answers to questions about relationships or individual situations.