How to Install and Activate Tubi TV on Firestick in 5 Simple Steps [Updated for 2023]

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop Tubi TV activate guide? This tutorial explains how you can get Tubi TV working on your Amazon Firestick and Android devices. We’ve also walked you through the installation process for the Kodi add-on in the second part of the article. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started! 

Install Tubi TV on Firestick, Fire TV & Android for Free & Legal Movies

Tubi TV is a popular on-demand streaming service offering tons of movies and TV shows for hours of entertainment. It is free to download and absolutely free to use. As it is a licensed streaming service, you can even download the app through the official channels on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store. The Tubi TV activate process does not require a jailbreak!

Instead of asking for a monthly subscription fee, credit card details, or a user log in, Tubi TV gives its content free of charge. In exchange, you are asked to sit through the occasional commercial break. The service does not generate any original content. Instead, it relies on content from movie and TV entertainment companies like Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount studios. 

Tubi TV Activate – Amazon Firestick Installation Guide

Use the following steps to install and Tubi TV Activate this amazing app on your Amazon Firestick streaming device. 

Step 1: On the home screen of your device, hover over the Search lens icon

Step 2: Write “Tubi TV” in the search bar. Scroll down through the results and click on Tubi TV when it appears

Step 3: In the Apps & Games search results, you should see an Icon that says “Tubi – Free movies & TV”. Click on it to open the download option and start downloading

Step 4: Wait for the download to complete. After it’s finished, tap on the Back button on your remote control to return to the Home screen

Optional Step: You can move the app to the front of your home page if you prefer

Step 5:  Click on Tubi to launch the application

That’s it! You have successfully installed Tubi TV activate on your Amazon Fire TV Stick device. Now you can cast content from your Tubi app to your smart television quickly and easily. 

tubi tv activate firestick

Use VPN with Tubi TV Activate

We’ve got to get real with you for just a moment. Here’s the thing about free services online: If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. All kinds of “free” apps and streaming services have permissions that allow them to harvest your browsing history and personal data. This allows them to hit you with targeted ads, but very frequently they will sell this data to outside corporations or government organizations who are free to do anything they want with it.

You need to protect yourself!

The best way to do this is with a fast, safe, and reliable VPN. This is incredibly important to us, so we’ve found the best value VPN available today and arranged a steep discount for our readers. We want y’all to stay safe.

To further ensure that y’all see the value and have an easy time installing a VPN, we’ve made an article showing you all the great side-benefits of having a VPN (say hello to much larger international streaming libraries on apps like Netflix and Hulu). We’ve also made you an easy, step-by-step walkthrough for installing a VPN on any device you can imagine.

This is serious, folks. Before you complete the Tubi TV activate guide, make sure your data and browsing history are secure.

Signing Up and Tubi TV Activate Account

While Tubi doesn’t need a sign up or Tubi TV activate to use its services, we strongly recommend signing up and account activation, especially if you plan to use it often. The benefits of account activation are huge. You can build your personalized queue of streaming content to watch next, sync favorites across devices, view history, pick up right where you left off on a particular stream, and get personalized recommendations for movies and TV shows. It’s worth a shot, don’t you think?

First, you will need to sign up. Below are the steps to the sign up process:

  1. Visit the Tubi TV sign up page on your computer or phone:
  2. You may register with the help of your Facebook account or create a new account using your email address. Both are simple and easy processes. 
  3. If you are registering with your email, you will receive a verification email. Click the link in the message to verify your account….. and you are done. 
  4. If you are registering with your Facebook, Tubi TV will ask for permission. Tap on “Allow,” and you can start using Tubi TV with your Facebook account details. 

Next, you will have to Tubi TV activate your account to sync multiple devices (e.g. use your mobile phone as a remote control). Follow these steps to do just that:

tubi tv activate codetubi tv activate code

Step 1: Once you are on the main/home screen of Tubi TV, scroll up and hit the Search & More option

Step 2: Then click on the Sign in option

The screen will show you a 6 digit code. Note it down. 

Step 3: On your other device (e.g. smartphone or computer), go to on a web browser

Step 4: The screen will show you the options to Sign In or Register. If you have followed the earlier sign-up process, you can simply enter the sign in details here. If not, you will need to Register

Step 5: After signing in, the screen will show you the option to Activate a device. Enter the 6 digit code you noted down earlier in the box below and click on Activate Device.

That’s about it. You have successfully completed the Tubi TV activate account process. The screen should now show a Successfully Activated! message. 

Tubi TV Activate on Android Devices – Installation Guide

Just like installing Tubi TV on Firestick, the process is quick and simple on Android devices. Here’s how you can install and Tubi TV activate on your Android device:

Step 1: In the Google Play Store, search for Tubi TV app

Step 2: Click on the first search result and install the application. Wait for the installation process to complete. It will take a few seconds or less

Step 3: Click on the installed app to open it and start streaming. See how simple that was!

Tubi TV Activate and Sign Up on Android

If you are using Tubi TV for the very first time, we strongly recommend that you create an account (you’ll need to do this in order to Tubi TV activate). In order to do this:

Step1: Within the Tubi TV Android app tap on Account

Step 2: Next, select Sign in/Register

Step 3: Once the next screen loads, click on Create an account

As explained previously, you can sign up using your Facebook account or email. Both are straightforward procedures to register your account with the Tubi TV app. Once you’ve registered for a Tubi TV account, you can easily complete the Tubi TV activate process by following the steps in the previous section. It’s quick and easy.

The Tubi TV activate guide doesn’t end here! Read on for the Kodi Add-on installation steps. 

How to Install Tubi TV Android

Tubi TV Add On for Kodi – Installation Guide

If you don’t want to use the APK file and instead prefer Kodi, you can install the Tubi TV add-on for Kodi. Don’t worry about the larger number of steps involved, it’s really simple and won’t take much time: 

Step 1: Launch the Kodi App and click on the Settings icon on the top left side of the screen

Step 2: Among the shown options, scroll down to the bottom right corner and click on System

Step 3: Hover over the Add-ons menu to open the add-on options. Turn on the Unknown sources option if it is not activated beforehand. The app will show a prompt warning you about the change in settings. Tap on Yes to continue to the Tubi TV installation process

Step 4: Go back to System by pressing the Back button on your remote control. Select the File Manager option next

Step 5: Click on the Add source menu and then the Add source option

Step 6: In the field under Enter the paths or browser for the media locations, enter 

Step 7: Enter a name for the media resource you just used. You can name it anything you want, like “Tubi TV Activate”. Click OK

Step 8: Press the Back button on your remote control again to go back to the System page. This time, select the next option titled Add-ons

tubi tv

Step 9: Tap on Install from zip file

Step 10: Click on the name of the media resource you created earlier (Tubi TV Activate) and then click OK

Step 11: Tap on and then click OK again. Wait for a while, until the Add-on installed message appears. 

Step 12: Next, we will need to Install from repository

Step 13: Click on the Bg Add-ons option and then tap on Video add-ons

Step 14: The screen will show a list of video add-ons. Scroll down and find TUBITV. Select and install the add-on. Wait for the TubiTV Addon installed message to appear on the screen to confirm the installation

Step 15: Click the Back button on your remote control until you get to the Kodi Home Screen. Scroll down a bit and tap on the Add-on option

Step 16: Tap on Video add-ons. You should see the TUBITV app on the screen. Click on it to finish installing the Tubi TV add-on for Kodi

Phew! That took a while. But, now you can easily access Tubi TV on Kodi. Go stream! (But maybe finish reading this first. We’ve still got tons of great stuff to show you!)

Tubi TV Top Features

Tubi’s user interface is very friendly and easy to navigate on all platforms. Aside from this, the user experience remains consistent whether you’re on a smartphone, TV, computer, or tablet. The homepage has a minimalist design and features myriad categories to choose streams from. You can search for tags or just browse by different categories.  

One really helpful category is the Leaving Soon page. Here you can find the TV show or movies that are about to leave the service, giving you a sort of last chance to stream your favorites before they depart back into the ether of the internet. Once you are logged in, there’s an “Add to Queue” option that allows you to sort out your favorite streams and create a watchlist for future viewing.

When it comes to ad breaks during the streams, you can never predict when a commercial is going to pop up. However, the commercial breaks are allotted equal time, so if you need to do something important during the commercials (grab a drink, run to the bathroom, sign up for a VPN), you know how long the ads will be on your screen.

vpn how to mac

How to use Tubi TV on FireStick

Launching Tubi TV On Firestick

Just like you would launch any other application on Firestick, you can start Tubi TV by clicking on its icon.

On the first launch of Tubi TV, you can either register for Tubi or continue as a guest. If you don’t feel like registering to Tubi Tv, simply click-select the continue as a guest button. Then, skip the other options and you’ll land on the main screen.

Registering for Tubi TV will give you extra perks like a watch list, queuing playlist, etc.

Browsing Movies

To browse movies on the Tubi app, simply go on the panel located on left of your screen. Then, click and explore the “Movies” tab to browse all the available movies in the Tubi library.

Browsing Tv Shows

Want to watch your favorite tv shows on the Tubi app? Open the left dashboard pane from your home screen and click-select the “TV Shows” tab.

Watching Live TV

Tubi TV also offers free streaming of some TV channels. Although you won’t find all the TV channels in Tubi TV, the popular ones are available.

To browse the list of channels available on the app on Firestick, expand the dashboard on left side. Then, click on the “Channels” option to browse all the live TV channels available on Tubi.

How To Search For A Title On Tubi TV

Want to watch a specific movie or tv show? You can check out its availability on the app on Firestick by the built-in search option.

To enter the search option, open the Tubi dashboard located on left side. Then, select the “Search” option. After that, search for the title you are looking for.

Accessing Kids Section On Tubi TV

Tubi TV on Firestick and other platforms have a separate section for Kids. It’s specially designed for kids so that parents don’t have to waste hours finding the appropriate title for their children.

To enter the kids’ section on Tubi on Firestick, simply open the pane on left side. After that, locate the “Kids” option and select it. Here, you’ll find all the content that’s safe for your kids.

Now to exit the Kids section, once again open the panel located on left and click-select the “Exit Kids” option. Tubi will show a caution, accept it to return to the home screen of Tubi TV.

Tubi TV Settings

For browsing the settings of Tubi TV, open the dashboard from the left-side and go all the way down. Just before the “Exit” option, you’ll see “Settings”. Click on it. On the settings page, you can tweak parental controls, read the privacy policy and ToS of Tubi TV, and more.

Install Tubi TV on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)

Installing Tubi TV on iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is simple and straightforward. Follow the step-by-step guide to see how easily you can get Tubi TV on pretty much any iOS device (iOS 12.2 or later).

  • Firstly, unlock your device and launch the App Store.
  • Then, click on the “Search” button – it would be located on the extreme bottom right side of your device.
  • After that, search for “Tubi TV”.
  • Tubi TV’s app will appear as the first option in the search results. Click on the “GET” button to get Tubi TV on your iOS device.

Use Tubi TV on Windows PC and Mac Computers

You can use Tubi TV on Windows PC and Mac computers without installing any application. Simply, open up the default browser on the machine and visit the official website of Tubi TV on

Then, click on the “Start Watching” button. You’ll be redirected to the home page of Tubi TV where you can watch movies and tv shows for free.

To browse the content via genres, hover your mouse on the “Browse” button located on the top right side of your screen. Want to find a movie or show? Search by using the search bar located on the top-middle side of your screen.  

Bottom Line

If you are looking to stream the latest content without footing a monthly bill, Tubi TV should be a serious consideration. It features the latest hit content (movies and TV shows) from major film studios and offers an intuitive app and streaming options on multiple platforms. Although the content library is a bit limited, and the commercial breaks may test your patience, the overall user experience makes it worth a shot. 

That said, I hope our Tubi TV activate guide helps you set it up on your devices without any problem. Still, if you run into any trouble, hit us up in the comments section. We’d love to answer any of your questions. Thank you for reading!

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