11 Best Torrent Sites in March 2024

The world of torrents has changed. It isn’t what it used to be a decade ago. Sure, there are still some great resources out there, but you’re unlikely to stumble upon them with a simple Google search. So don’t waste your days wading through dozens of ad-ridden, malware-hiding, trashy torrent sites just to realize that they don’t have what you are looking for. That’s where we come in to help. We’ve curated a list of the top torrenting websites to save you time and effort.

Torrent sites are an unmatched resource for movie & TV series downloads, music, miscellaneous videos, books, video games, software, and whatnot, free of charge. They provide unrestricted access to otherwise hard-to-find material on the interwebs. However, many countries around the world frown upon the illegal distribution of copyrights protected material through these sites. So if you are from one of these countries, be sure to access only the public domain content through these sites. Otherwise, you may get in trouble.

How to Choose The Best Torrent Site

This article provides you with information about the best torrent websites available in 2023. We regularly check all the links to ensure they are working and keep them up to date with the latest information. So bookmark this page if you ever feel like revisiting the info again in the future.

Similar to Putlocker alternative websites and Free movie sites, torrenting URLs are continually blocked by ISPs, shut down by RPA developers, or removed by legal action. That’s why we have included multiple mirrors of these sites. So you can still access a mirror if the original site goes for a nap.

To compile our list, we have gone through an extensive research process to bring you only the best of the best. The research involved an in-depth analysis of the metrics such as website traffic, content library, torrent health, seeder/leecher ratio of top torrenting websites, the number of ads, and other similar factors.

Keep in mind that selecting the best torrent site is mainly a personal preference and what kind of torrents you are looking for. For instance, thepiratebay and YTS are great options if you are looking for movies. On the other hand, 1337X is ideal for software, video games, and music downloads.

What are the Advantages of Downloading Torrent?

Using torrents comes with several advantages. Let’s take a look!

Torrent files use the P2P file-sharing protocol. It is a decentralized sharing process, which means the file you are downloading isn’t actually hosted on a single server. It’s coming from multiple resources on the internet. If one download location gets inactive or down, the downloaded software automatically starts downloading from other sources without you even noticing. However, if you are on a regular download site, your download stops instantly if the main server goes down.

Torrents don’t need to be restarted from scratch. Many times, if for one reason or another your download stops in the middle, regular downloads need to be restarted. Torrent downloads are different. Instead of resuming the download, it starts right from where you left off once you are back online.  This saves you a lot of time and effort. There are no restarts.

Torrent downloads are comparatively faster than traditional downloads. You may not notice this on speedier internet connections. Still, if you are on a slow connection, the difference is apparent. Torrents utilize the full spectrum of your internet download speed, giving you comparatively faster downloads.

Locating files on the top torrenting websites is also easy. It’s all accessible. You can even find hard-to-find titles on these websites that are unavailable on the entire internet. This is because even if the original uploader ceases to seed the file, you can still access it if at least one other person in the world continues to seed the complete file.

Photo Title Download
Vuze Remote Vuze Remote Check Pricing
Plex: Stream Movies...image Plex: Stream Movies & TV Check Pricing
VLC for Fire VLC for Fire Check Pricing
Video Player for...image Video Player for Android Check Pricing
KeepSolid VPN Unlimited KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Check Pricing

Are There Disadvantages in Downloading Torrent?

Unfortunately, there are some advantages of torrents as well. Let’s take a look:

The first and foremost disadvantage is that no one can tell what’s inside a file. Unless, of course, you finish downloading and open it. There’s no guarantee that the file you are downloading doesn’t contain any virus or malicious program. However, you can get around this issue by downloading torrents only from authentic resources.

Once you have started the distribution of a file and at least one other person has the entire file, there’s no way to stop the distribution. The file will no longer remain your private property. Instead, it becomes available for download forever or until all the users downloading this file stop seeding it on the torrent network.

You are not guaranteed the download speed you see one moment at a time. This is because of the number of seeders and leechers changes. If some of the seeders go down, then your download speed will suffer. Similarly, if more leechers get added to the network after you have started a download, its speed will suffer a loss. So the speed of a torrent download fluctuates between high and low.

Illegal torrenting has resulted in the loss of billions of dollars in revenue to small and large businesses alike. Some of the users who pay for software or file start distributing it on the internet. Many copyrighted material is distributed this way. Since there is no way to stop users from distributing copyrighted material, torrenting continues to damage businesses across the world. 

The Best Torrent Sites That Still Work in March 2024

We have bid farewell to many torrent websites in the last few years for one reason or another. Fortunately, the internet is vast and full of surprises. New sites continue to spring back up. Old sites come back with a new URL/domain. That’s why there are still some great torrent sites that work like a charm today. Have a look!

1337x – Best Torrent Site for Applications

1337x is one of the most favored torrent sites in 2021, according to Alexa. It’s jack full of content whether you are looking for movies, tv shows, music, anime, documentaries, or anything else. However, its app library is comprehensive. That’s why we have declared it the best torrent site for applications.

It has a simple user interface with an organized directory path. There are some ads on the search page. Some others also pop up when you click anywhere on the website. But these are in no way intrusive. Search is also smooth. If the primary domain is down, you can go to these mirrors for a similar experience: x1337x.eu, 1337x.to, 1337x.st, 1337x.is, x1337x.ws, and x1337x.se.

EZTV – Best Torrent Site for TV Shows

EZTV has gone through several drastic changes in the past, and we don’t know how stable this version of the website will be. But why not enjoy it for as long as it lasts? There are movie torrents on this platform as well, but It’s currently the best torrent site for TV shows.

That’s because the torrent for every latest episode is uploaded on this platform almost immediately after it is broadcast. Its search option also gives you the option to sort through results on the basis of video quality and more. Ads are few, and they’re not as intrusive as some other torrent sites out there. Some of its mirrors are eztv.yt eztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.unblockall.org, eztv, eztv.tf.

LimeTorrents – Best Torrent Site for PC Games

On the basis of user reviews, LimeTorrents is the leading site for PC games, although it features other content such as Movies, TV series, Music, Apps, Software, etc. When you search a query, it shows you all the relevant results along with their add time, size, seeds, leechers, and health, which makes sorting through results a breeze.

A few ads do pop up when you click on a search result. However, we didn’t notice any NSFW advertisements on its main page, which is quite a rate among this bunch. We also love the lime-themed user interface. It feels very refreshing. When the main site is down, you can access it on limetorrents.co, limetorrents.asia, limetorrents.zone, or limetor.com

RARBG – Best Torrent Site for 4K Movies and New Releases

RARBG logo

RARBG is the best resource for 4K movies as well as the latest releases. But that doesn’t mean it hosts no other content. You can browse through a dozen categories or just use the search option to look up a keyword. It also has a very effective search engine.

The ads on this site are restricted to a side. We didn’t notice any popups during the navigation. Due to high traffic on this site, it has been blocked by several countries around the world. If you are also from a country where it is blocked, use these alternatives: rarbgprx.org/index70.php, rarbgunblock.com/index70.php, rarbgaccess.org/index70.php, rarbgmirror.org/index70.php, or rarbgmirror.xyz/index70.php

The Pirate Bay – Best Torrent Site Overall

The Pirate Bay has had a rough history, but despite the troubles, this fan favorite is still going strong. It has thousands of torrents in different categories. From movies, tv shows, software, apps, and video games to ebooks, this website has it all. That’s why it’s best even among the top torrenting websites.

We also like it because the interface isn’t covered with sleazy ads. Search through content is straightforward. The website provides enough information to make your choice as easy as possible. In case the original piratebay is inaccessible, use these mirrors: pirateproxy.id, tpbpirateproxy.org  proxybay.xyz, and thepiratebay10.org.

Torlock – Best Torrent Site for Anime and Ebooks

Torlock is unique in the sense that it prides itself on providing legitimate content. It has challenged its users to show them a phony torrent link on its platform, and the developers will pay them a $1 reward. Sure, it’s not much of a reward. But the challenge itself tells a lot about the confidence of the people behind this site about their content.

Even though it’s a multipurpose torrent site, we recommend it for those who are looking for anime or ebooks. There are some ads on the individual torrent pages. So be careful of the popups. Its sister site can be accessed at torlock.unblocked.krd.

TorrentDownloads – Best Torrent Site for Software

TorrentDownloads Logo

TorrentDownloads has a very organized user interface. All the content is categorized into Movies, TV shows, Music, Games, Software, Anime, Books, and Others. In particular, if you cannot find the software anywhere else, try TorrentDownlaods.

The home page lists all the popular downloads from each category, which keeps things tidy. We didn’t notice any ads on the main page, but every click pops open an advertisement. This gets really frustrating after a while. If the original site is down, check out torrentdownloads.mrunlock.pro

Torrentz2 – Best Torrent Site for Music Albums

Torrentz2 logo

Torrentz2 is different from all the other top torrenting websites on this list because it’s a sort of search engine. It looks for a particular keyword through different torrent sites and then combines all the results. It has a straightforward interface with just a single search bar.

Torrentz2 is actually a stand-in for the popular Torrentz.eu site, which got banned a few years ago. Now, it maintains a very low profile to avoid the ban.  Its mirrors are available at torrentzeu.org and torrentzeu.org.

YTS – Best Torrent Site for Movies

YTS Logo

YTS, the home of Yify torrents, is the second most popular site for movies after The Pirate Bay. However, what differentiates it from the leader is the fact that it hosts just high-quality movie torrents. No Tv Show torrents or Game torrents.

Yify packs high-quality movies in very small file sizes. Ads are far few on its platform, and we had no trouble searching through different movies. The original YTS was recently suspended, so take a look at its mirrors if it’s still down. These are ww.yts.vc, yts.pm, and yts.unblockit.app

Zooqle – Best Torrent Site for Games

Zooqle is a comparatively recent addition to the world of top torrenting websites. While it hosts a lot of content (almost 2.5m torrents), we recommend it for all sorts of PC video games. It has a delightful interface with nicely sorted categories and a search bar.

For now, there are no ads on the site. No pop-ups either. But this can change at any time in the future. For now, we love the direction it is taking with the development of new features. Zooqle’s mirror sites are zooqle.unblocked.krd and zooqle.unblocked.krd.

Why You Can’t Access Some Torrent Sites

Internet service providers all over the world face tremendous pressure from their governments to block torrent sites in order to stop copyright infringement. In some cases, as recently happened with YTS, some countries shut down P2P services entirely. That’s why these sites keep on changing their URL.

Some popular sites are banned in major countries like the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Google also prevents them from showing up in search results. Moreover, if you use chrome, then some chrome extensions like Adblock stop you from accessing these sites. So if you cannot access a torrent site, it can be one or a combination of these reasons.

Why Do I Need a VPN for Torrenting?

That shouldn’t even be a question. Of course, you need a VPN for torrenting. Even some of the top torrenting websites warn you about the potential dangers. Through these sites, hackers and cybercriminals can steal your information, monitor your internet traffic, and even trick you into downloading malicious software to compromise your security.

Besides, depending on your geography, torrenting may be illegal and punishable by the law. If you don’t take proper precautions, this can have disastrous consequences for you. From copyright notices to minor fines, arrests, and even jail time, consider everything on the table.

In case your country allows torrents, your ISP can still throttle your internet speed by sensing heavy downloads. It can slow your speed down and affect normal computer operation. That’s why using a VPN for torrenting is an absolute MUST. Using the right VPN will help you overcome all these problems.

How to Hide Your IP Address when Downloading Torrents

In three words, use a VPN. A VPN masks your IP Address with a different IP address, effectively hiding your original IP and protecting your privacy. This way, neither your government, ISPs nor any third party can find out what you are doing online.

Using a VPN is really straightforward. You have to subscribe to a particular VPN service that’s most suitable for you. Download their software. It’s usually available on their website. For security reasons, we always advise our readers to download all software from their official sources. Then, you need to install the VPN on your device and run it.

Afterward, enter the login credentials you received after you subscribed to their service, and that’s it. Your IP is protected now. However, keep in mind, that not all VPN services cut the bill. Some VPNs will leave you in the lurch when you most need them. That’s why we recommend using IPVanish for torrents.

What is IPVanish, and why use it?

IPVanish is a premium VPN service and our go-to recommendation whether you’re torrenting, streaming, or just browsing through the interwebs. It’s a torrent-friendly service with over 1,300 servers in 55+ different locations around the world. As per our experience, it doesn’t restrict your downloads in any way.

However, the reason we love this service is that it has a strict zero-logs policy to further protect your privacy. Moreover, IPVanish backs its service with no questions asked 30 days money-back guarantee. You can use their services and if you feel not satisfied, get your money back.

How to Download a Torrent

Downloading a torrent is an easy and straightforward process. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you proceed without any problem.

Step 1: First, you have to download a torrent client. A torrent client is a tiny software that helps you download torrents. We advise downloading the uTorrent client as it is one of the oldest and safest torrent software in the world. It’s available for all OS, including Windows 32 & 64 bit, Linux, and Mac.

Step 2: Secondly, go to a torrent website from where you can download a particular torrent. For this guide, we are downloading the Lord of the Rings movie from YTS. Take a look!

Step 3: Now, you have to search for the torrent and download it.

Step 4. Next, open the downloaded torrent for Lord of the Rings in the uTorrent client. There are 2 ways to handle this. You can either open the client first and then choose the downloaded torrent’s path on your system to start the download process. The second method is directly clicking on the torrent file itself and selecting uTorrent to open it for you. Whatever method you use, the uTorrent client will start downloading the file after prompting you for a download location.

Step 5: After the download is done, you will get a pop-up notification of the download is complete on your desktop. Your downloaded file is ready to use. Enjoy!


Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about torrenting and torrent websites.

What happens if I get caught torrenting?

Depending on your location, getting caught while torrenting can have serious consequences. You may face legal issues such as a fine, copyright notices, or even a jail term. Do check your local laws before accessing these sites, and always use a VPN to protect your privacy.

Can I get caught torrenting with a VPN?

As long as you are using a reliable VPN with excellent privacy & security features, you should be fine. No one can see your activity. However, in case your VPN service is unreliable, they can leak your information to your ISP or government, and things can get messy.

How do I use a top torrent website?

It’s very simple, first, download a torrent software (client), then go to a torrent site such as those mentioned above, download a particular torrent and open it in the torrent software you earlier downloaded. And the software will start downloading your file for you.

How can I access private torrent sites?

Accessing private torrent sites can be tricky. You need an invite to get access to them. The best way is to be active on various torrenting Reddit forums and become friends with members there. You can even ask for an invite, and if you get lucky, you may get what you want.

Is there any way to speed up torrenting?

Some VPNs do increase your speed. But that is only if your ISP has been throttling your internet connection. In most cases, the speed of your torrent download depends on the speed of your internet connection.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the top torrenting websites available today. While there are other torrent sites as well, those are unreliable. That’s we limited ourselves to only the ten best websites. You can bookmark this page to always stay up to date on the latest working torrent website links.  Also, if you care about protecting your privacy, use a reliable VPN such as IPVanish. It will protect you in more than one way. We hope the information provided in this article has been of some help. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the usual place. Thank you for reading.

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