Kodi is an incredibly diverse, capable app. The streaming options in the Kodi app are virtually unlimited.
One of the great things about Kodi is that there are multiple add-ons that you can use to stream the same content.  So it’s easy to get lost in the sea of Kodi addon options, which is why we made this handy-dandy list of 2022’s Top Kodi Addons.  Read on – stream on:

Top Kodi Addons Comparison: So Many To Choose!

This plethora of options can also be a little confusing, as it’s difficult to know what add-ons are the best to use.  The real question for 2022 media streamers is:  What are the Top Kodi Addons for 2022?

With this in mind we have decided to rank our top five Kodi add-ons. Keep in mind that these things do change often.

Tip:  We also recommend using multiple add-ons from our list of 2022’s top Kodi addons. This can be helpful if one add-on goes down or stops working properly.




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Top Kodi Addons for 2022:

  • Exodus is the best of 2016's Top Kodi Addons

    2022’s Top Kodi Addons: Exodus

    Exodus – The heir to the awesome Genesis add-on (Genesis is dead, if you’re wondering why you can’t get videos to work in Genesis, that’s why). The choices for movies and TV shows are almost infinite. This includes new releases and new episodes. The links are high quality and the add-on is very easy to use.

  • Phoenix – Probably the most diverse add-on in Kodi. It includes links for TV shows, movies, and live TV. The Crusader88 section has links to international streams from all over the world. Her Place has lots of options for women and even Kodi tutorials. Phoenix is also a great source for HD streams.
  • 1Channel – The 1Channel add-on pulls streams from the huge Primewire database. While this may sound bad that it’s only pulling from one database, it’s one of the best databases available. 1Channel is best for movies and TV shows. It’s easy to search and easy to use.
  • velocityVelocity – Developed by the creator of Phoenix, the Velocity add-on is a great source of high quality links. The Velocity add-on uses Trakt as its backend database. If you have a Trakt account, you can unlock features like adding shows to a watchlist (where the shows will stay until they are watched) and recommendations based on what you’ve watched. (Trakt can also be used on other add-ons like Exodus)
  • SALTS – SALTS stands for Stream All The Sources. SALTS also uses Trakt as its backend and has all of the features available to Velocity. It can also be used with a Real Debrid account. Real Debrid offers more high quality, reliable links for movie and tv shows streams. SALTS has many options for the latest and most popular movies and TV shows.

Top Kodi Addons 2022 Wrap-Up:

These are the five that feel offer the best streaming experience at this time. One of the most important things to remember is that Kodi is a free app. Not all of the streams will work all of the time.

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The great thing about these add-ons is that many of them offer multiple sources. If one source does not work, simply try the next one until you find one that works great.

Recommended Android TV Box for Streaming the Top Kodi Addons:

The Element Fully Loaded Kodi TV Box comes with the E-Z Stream Updater app that updates Kodi with the latest and greatest add-ons. This Updater app takes the guess work out of determining which add-ons work and which ones are the most consistent.

Kodi has many amazing streaming capabilities to offer. Get familiar with more of them and broaden your streaming experience.

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