Top Kodi Addons: 20 Working Best Kodi Addons

In this article, we give you the Top Kodi Addons currently online.

For Kodi Beginners: What are TVAddons?

Addons are special application tools that help increase the functionality of an application. The Kodi media player is one such application that features hundreds of addons, which help add distinctive and helpful features to the application interface. You can download the top Kodi addons free of cost over the internet via various repositories on Github or other download locations.

One of the most popular uses of the Kodi media player is to use it as a media streaming application.   The TV shows or movies you watch on Kodi are your choice.  Here at KFireTV we advise that you only stream public domain movies if you’re not using a VPN. These addons help you in streaming more content for completely free of cost. Some of these addons are dedicated to a particular type of media content whereas the other ones allow you to stream multiple types on a singular addon.

Kodi Experts:  This List is Current

As TVAddons phase in and out of existence, we will keep this list updated!  So save it in your browser Bookmarks or email it to yourself to always stay up-to-date with TVAddons.

Top Kodi Addons: 20 Working Best Kodi Addons

Here, we are discussing the top 20 Kodi addons that are currently active and available for free download.

1. Covenant

The Covenant addon is by far one of the most popular and useful Kodi addons currently available for download. Due to its popularity, you can often find support for the Covenant addon on various Internet-based forums that discuss the necessary functionality additions on a daily basis.

Covenant is the number one on the list of top Kodi addons because it is one of the most frequently updated addons that has acquired the respect in the minds of the Kodi users over the years. You can easily stream the latest movies as well as TV shows using the Covenant top Kodi addon for free.

2. Exodus

Before the Covenant Kodi addon came along, the Exodus addon was considered to be amongst the top Kodi addons available for free download over the internet. Some of the features that made the Exodus addon so famous included an intuitive and easy to navigate interface along with an extensive collection of the most favorite TV shows and latest movies.

The easy to navigate interface on the Exodus platform allows the users to efficiently search for a new movie and a TV show on the platform using the search bar located on the home interface.

3. Maverick TV

Maverick TV is another one of the video addons on the Kodi media player that offers you free access to premium content available on the platform. Maverick TV is known for providing a comprehensive search bar that allows you to run the service as a one-click to play addon. The no-nonsense interface on the Maverick TV addon allows you to efficiently search and play a movie without the need for specific instructions.

This top Kodi addon is the perfect choice for people who love to watch documentaries. You must try this addon out once in case you are a student and need help with a history project via a documentary on the topic.

4. Goodfellas 2.0

The Goodfellas 2.0 is another one of the top Kodi addons that serve as a video addon on the media player platform. The Goodfellas addon received critical acclamation from the users in the past. However, the support for this application was shut down a few years ago.

However, the good news now is that Goodfellas is back with a better and more optimized version of the addon known as the Goodfellas 2.0. The video addon now supports live streams for sports as well as news channels. This addon also segregates the available movies and live TV shows comprehensively to help you find a particular movie quickly.

5. StreamHub

StreamHub is the new top Kodi addon that was previously known as the Live Hub addon. After receiving the publicity and added features, the developers of this addon relaunched it as the StreamHub addon. It is another one of the video addons that allows you to stream live Kodi TV on your Kodi media player application for free.

The StreamHub application features an extensive collection of TV shows as well as movies to watch. The best part about using the StreamHub Kodi addon is its ability to give you access to international TV channels by breaking the regional restrictions. To access the complete features of the StreamHub addon, you might need to install and avail the services of a reliable VPN service provider like IPVanish.

6. Flixanity

Flixanity is one of the few video addons to the Kodi interface that can compete with the best video addons like Exodus and Covenant. Although it does not feature as many movies and TV shows as on the other video addons, it can be installed in a small form factor that allows you to use the service even in limited storage space.

In case you have limited space available on your Kodi enable device like that on a Fire TV Stick, you might want to install a lite addon like Flixanity instead of the heavier Exodus and Covenant addons.

7. YouTube

You do not require any introduction to the YouTube application and perhaps use the website on a daily basis. However, now is the time to upgrade your YouTube viewing experience and take it to the next level via the big flat screen at your place. The dedicated YouTube addon on the Kodi media player application allows you to browse through new content on YouTube for free.

Now you do not need to purchase a costly smart TV to stream YouTube videos on the big screen. Instead, you can install the YouTube addon to the Kodi media player on a Fire TV Stick and avail all the benefits of browsing YouTube videos is full HD on the big screen.

8. SafeHouse Movie

If you have been searching for a dedicated video addon that gives you access to thousands of movies, your search ends here. The SafeHouse Movie addon is the one-stop location for all your old and new movie needs. Since it does not feature premium TV shows on its interface, you can easily browse through a wide variety of movie collection at the cost of a small storage space on your Kodi enabled device.

The SafeHouse Movie addon has acquired the reputation of providing almost zero bad links to its users, thereby providing a seamless experience of movie watching.

9. Deliverance

In case you are a true sports fan, the Deliverance top Kodi addon is made only for you. This application is perfect for users who love to browse through various sports channels for free of cost. The Deliverance addon is specifically designed for sports lovers and provides extended support for multiple sports channels from all around the world.

The competitive addons for this Deliverance are quickly shutting down while the encrypted software on the Deliverance addon allows it to stand strong in tough times.

10. Poseidon

Poseidon is a media streaming application that caters to the needs of Fire TV Stick users specifically. It is one of the top Kodi addons that consumes a small amount of RAM and processing power while giving the basic browsing and navigation experience to the users almost seamlessly.

The Poseidon addon is one of the newcomers on the Kodi media player platform and has still received commendation from the users for its intuitive interface and a vast collection of movies and TV shows. You can download the Poseidon video addon on your Fire TV Stick via various repositories or can also download it directly as an addon to your native Fire TV Stick interface.

11. VidTime

VidTime is the perfect top Kodi addon for the users who would love to access the PPV format of the sports channels that they enjoy. Just like Deliverance, it is one of the best applications for all your sports viewing related needs. The VidTime addon has acquired an excellent support on the Kodi forums, and the developers of the addon are quite responsive.

The small form factor of the addon also makes it a perfect addon for devices like Fire TV Stick that feature a limited storage space.

12. Football Repeat

Football Repeat is perhaps the best Kodi addon available for the football fanatics out there. This application is designed specifically to serve the needs of the football fans around the world. With this addon installed on your device, you can watch the latest football matches from the around the world.

Some of the leagues that you can watch live via this addon include Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, etc. It is an application that also gives you dedicated highlights and repeats telecasts to your favorite moments in a match where your favored player scored a goal.

13. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is a video addon on the Kodi media player that is a perfect companion for kids since it features some of the best kids’ TV shows. It can help you engage your child into educational shows that enhance their cognitive and verbal skills. Since it features the shows from around the world, you can teach your kid new languages via this addon at an early age.

You can easily download and install this addon via the Noobs and Nerd Repository.

14. BeatZ

The BeatZ is a perfect addon for the music lovers out there. If you are a person who knows his/her music well and loves to hear the latest regional as well as international tracks, you must try out the BeatZ music addon. This addon collects its audio from various sources on the internet and not only YouTube, thereby giving you access to various audio files from your favorite artists.

15. Ares Fitness

Ares Repository is one of the best available one-stop solutions for addons on the Kodi media player. It contains several functional addons that receive updates from time to time. The Ares Repository features one of the most popular fitness application Ares Fitness that allows you to stay motivated and fit throughout your day.

This application features the necessary motivational videos as well as training videos that you need to take your daily exercise to the next level.

16. KissAnime

If you are anime and manga lover, you have probably heard of the KissAnime website on the internet already. KissAnime has recently launched an addon on the Kodi media player platform for anime fans just like you who love to watch high-definition anime in your native language. For anime lovers, KissAnime is one of the Top Kodi addons for exceptional fun.

With the latest episodes of your favorite anime, you can now stay up to date with all the storylines on the anime that you usually follow.

17. Duckpool

Duckpool is another one of the video addons that allow you to browse through TV shows and movies. This addon for Kodi was previously known as the iStream addon, which acquired a lot of popularity amongst the masses. The Duckpool addon gives you access to premium online content that you need to pay for otherwise over Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Since the Duckpool addon was released only a few days ago, you can expect it to receive constant updates and support for a considerable amount of time in the near future. You can easily bookmark your favorite TV shows and movies within the addon to access it later.

18. Wolfpack

Wolfpack is a video addon that gives you access to a wide range of movies and TV shows categorized in the most intuitive way possible. The navigation on the Wolfpack – one of the top Kodi addons is difficult at first, but it allows you access the best TV shows and movies at the bat of an eye. The wide variety of shows to choose from makes the Wolfpack addon one of the most popular addons currently available for download via the Wolfpack repository.

The installation of the Wolfpack addon is fairly simple, thereby making it an excellent choice for beginners who do not want to mess with the system settings on their Kodi media player application.

19. Bubbles

Bubbles is one of the only video addons that feature a step by step guide to help you navigate through the initial setup of the addon on your Kodi media player application. This easy to install addon features a wide variety of TV shows and movies, which are comparable to the collection available in the Covenant as well as Exodus addons.

It is easy to install Bubbles via its dedicated repository known as the Bubbles Repository.

20. Universe

If you are an Indian user who loves to watch the classic old and new Hindi movies on your Fire TV stick for free, the Universe addon is the perfect choice for you. This top Kodi addon gives you a wide variety of Hindi movies. This addon also features 3D movies, thereby allowing you to make the best use of a 3D smart TV.

Although the rules in India for using torrent and other controversial internet services are not as strict as in the US, it is always advisable to use the services of a good VPN service provider like IPVanish to ensure that you do not leave a trace on the internet.

These are the 20 working best Kodi addons that are currently active on the Kodi media player application for free download. Make sure that you install and use the services of a good VPN service provider before installation of the addons via the repository to browse the internet anonymously at high speeds.


Alternatively, install a Kodi build to set up many TVAddons all at once.  This is faster than setting up TV Addons one-by-one.

Whatever you do, make sure your streams are protected with a VPN.

KFire TV Editor

KFire TV Editor

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