Virtual reality headset tech is becoming a big deal (again). In the 90s in California, we had a shopping mall that featured a virtual reality gaming kiosk. For the time, it was pretty cool. Also, Sega even came out with Sega VR and Nintendo came out with Virtual Boy.  Yes, it was reminiscent of 8-bit gaming and the Lawnmower Man movie. But it was the real deal: virtual reality headset awesomeness right in your face.  Now, about 20 years later, virtual reality is making a comeback with bigger, better screens and computers.  This is a list of the companies that are making the comeback.  Psst.. why isn’t Xbox on the list?

Since Virtual Reality headsets will each slowly hit the market one-by-one, it’ll be fun tracking them.  So we’re helping to start the list of the best virtual reality headsets.

It’s assumed that VR headsets are just going to be used for gaming.  But who says they can’t be used for more honorable things (like Porn!).

Top 5 Virtual Reality Headset Newcomers

  1. Oculus Rift (aka Oculus VR) – $???
    Oculus Rift started years ago from a Kickstarter. They well surpassed their funding requirements and began a larger endeavor. Now their VR is supposedly well-developed. So keep an eye out for Oculus’ Virtual Reality headset.
  2. PlayStation VR – $???
    The heavy-hitter console is taking a stab at VR as well. PlayStation’s advantage is that they can already deliver a consistent hardware and software platform to their already millions-wide consumer base. Since Virtual Reality will require faster computers than most people have, this could be a huge advantage for PlayStation VR.
  3. HTC Vive – $???
    HTC teamed up with Valve to create a Virtual Reality system that uses Steam’s robust game library. Their VR system has over 70 sensors, superior head-tracking, and a fast 90Hz refresh rate (which is important for Latency).
  4. Samsung Gear VR – $99
    Samsung Gear VR is basically a nice phone-in-a-box. Samsung supposedly based the Gear VR off of Oculus Rift technology. They have a selection of games to play in VR and the reviews are decent. (Works with Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 require a software update from your carrier.)

    1. Note to Samsung:  If you would just build a “phone” into the headset, tweak it, and call it a full VR headset, people might take your entry into the VR market more seriously.
  5. Phone-in-a-box Virtual Reality – $10 to $100
    This is like the Samsung Gear VR, but a knock-off.