Top 10 Tools to Track Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

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All true movie fans want to stay on top of the latest films and TV shows. Modern applications allow you to track the movies you’ve already seen, add new shows to your watchlists, set notifications, add your own movie reviews, etc.

With such apps, you can also keep track of the movie news, podcasts, and games. Thus, you’ll never miss out on the new releases. Below are the top ten applications for tracking the best movies and discovering hot premieres on the web.

If you’re planning to design a movie tracker app and use it for commercial purposes, you might also draw some inspiration from the examples below. And don’t forget to use the app price calculator to forecast the cost you may need to complete your project.

1. TV Time

If you need a great TV tracking tool for your iPhone, try TV Time. This advanced application has been designed specifically to satisfy the cinematographic needs of all movie fans.

TV Time features an intuitive interface and lots of handy features that help you quickly add films and TV shows to your ‘Favorites’ list, organize the movies you’ve already watched, and resume watching from the point where you left off.

TV Time will store your browsing history so that you can keep track of your binge-watching sessions and stay on top of the breaking movie news and upcoming TV series. All you need to do is tap the ‘Upcoming’ tab and familiarize yourself with the scheduled releases.

And don’t forget to help other viewers by rating the watched movies. TV Time has this option, as well.

2. TV Forecast

As its name suggests, TV Forecast is a movie tracking application that takes care that you never miss a new episode of your favorite TV show on a variety of platforms.

Just add a TV series you’re currently watching to the ‘Forecast’ section, and the app will automatically inform you of the scheduled release date, as well as the new episode’s title.

TV Forecast features an incredibly sleek user-friendly interface. You can customize your watching experience by choosing a preferred theme and take advantage of handy iOS widgets previewing the next episodes of the shows you’re watching.

If you have a Trakt account, you can sync it with TV Forecast to be able to automatically log watched movies.

3. Sofa

Another application worth mentioning is Sofa. This handy tool enables you to create your own lists for the movies you plan to watch and categorize the movies you’ve seen.

You can split movies into several custom categories so that you can quickly locate and access the needed episode or movie. What’s more, you can use this app to track your music, podcasts, and even books and video games.  

4. Movie Buddy

You can hardly find an avid movie fan who hasn’t heard of Movie Buddy. This powerful movie tracking tool is widely used by those people who want to be in full control of their movie-watching activities.

If you want to quickly select movies, add them to your favorites and then be able to manage them anytime, anywhere, Movie Buddy is the best bet for you. You can sort your items by genre, author, runtime, release date, and other criteria.

Create a curated collection of great films and replenish it as you go along. Apply filters to locate the desired movies, set tags, create new custom categories, and track upcoming movies. You can do this all quickly and effortlessly with Movie Buddy.

5. Kernel

If you’re into straightforward movie applications that can help you stay on top of the most anticipated premieres, consider using Kernel.

This app will provide you with all the necessary information on the upcoming releases and alert you to new content that might be interesting to you.

The app will also display the upcoming movie title, corresponding poster, and countdown to its air date. Make sure to update your to-watch list regularly not to miss upcoming premieres.

6. Just Watch

Today’s movie streaming services are a paradise for modern marathon-viewers. Still, with the abundance of similar services came to another problem – to keep up with the worthy content released on different platforms.

That’s where Just Watch comes in and saves the day. This application not only helps you keep track of the new releases, but also tells you exactly what movie is available to stream on your favorite streaming platforms.

The list of the movies that are already available to watch will be displayed in the Home tab. And don’t forget to add the most anticipated movies and TV shows to your Watchlist. The app will also notify you as soon as the new episodes go live.

7. Letterboxd

You know how difficult it can be to track the movies you’ve already watched. To avoid unnecessary confusion, avail yourself of Letterboxd, a powerful app that helps you organize your movie collection and create custom lists of favorite TV series.

You can easily navigate Letterboxd’s straightforward interface and select the required options. The app automatically shows a movie’s IMDB rating, other viewers’ reviews, as well as its general rating, which can simplify the search process and help you make a more informed decision.

Tracking your history on the Watchlist is also a breeze. All the movies you’ve watched will be displayed as a tappable list and sorted by the date watched. 

8. IMDb

As a cinema connoisseur, you might be spending lots of time looking for additional information about upcoming films and currently airing TV shows.

It’s interesting to know what is happening behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows, learn more details about the cast of the new series you got caught up in, and find out what others think about the movie that has recently hit the big screen.

You can do this all with the help of tried and tested IMDb, which now can be easily accessed from your smartphone. You can use this app to create, share, and manage the lists of films and TV shows. What’s more, you can post your own reviews and rate the movie you’ve watched.

9. Cinetrak

Cinetrak is a nice-looking straightforward application many people now use to track their movie and TV activity.

Just like other apps mentioned on today’s list, Cinetrak can be an ideal tool for keeping track of everything airing on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms.

This app helps you rate watched movies, create custom lists, add items to your favorites, and much more.

10. Reelgood

Reelgood is a great choice for those who use different platforms to stream movies. This app can track the movies streaming on most popular services like Netflix and Apple TV.

What’s more, it can sync with niche platforms like Mubi, Ameba, and Great Courses to ensure that you get the best watching experience possible.

You can use Reelgood to add new films to your list and then filter them by rating, release date, genre, or streaming platform.


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