2 Best Ways to Use TikTok in Any Country (HINT: TikTok VPN)

The TikTok ban is now in place in multiple countries (and soon to be the USA, too!). Therefore, it’s important for you to know how to get around the Tik Tok ban: just use one of the 2 Methods below to use TikTok in any country and set up the TikTok VPN.

Here’s the best VPN for TikTok and how to set it up step-by-step so you can use TikTok in any country.

There are at least 2 ways to use Tik Tok in any country (such as USA, Hong Kong, India, and ANY other banned countries / organizations).

How to Use TikTok in Any Country

Method 1 (shown step-by-step further down the page): Remove the SIM card from your phone and connect to the TikTok VPN

TikTok SIM Card Remove
SIM card removal tool

Method 2 (shown step-by-step further down the page): Install Bluestacks to Use Tik Tok on Your Windows or Mac Computer

Bluestacks to bypass TikTok ban
Bluestacks lets you use TikTok in any country

Method #1: Remove SIM Card and Connect to VPN

  1. Remove the SIM card from your phone. (See instructions for: iPhone | Android ).
  2. Power on your smartphone
  3. Go to tvcola.com/vpnapp to create your VPN account (it’s the best VPN for Tik Tok and my exclusive discount code gets you up to 70% off)
  4. Now install the VPN app on your smartphone
  5. Then log in to the VPN app (enter the username and password you chose when you created your VPN account)
  6. Once you’re logged in to the TikTok VPN app, select a USA VPN server. (To do this, just select “Los Angeles” for the Location.)
  7. Then press “Connect
  8. You’re done changing your location and IP address! Now go to mylocation.org in your smartphone’s browser window to check your “TikTok location” and make sure it says United States (or some other country that has NOT banned TikTok).
  9. After you verified your IP address AND location are both reporting as a country that allows Tik Tok (such as Canada), install the TikTok app via Tik Tok APK file or from the Google Play Store.
TikTok VPN changes location and IP address
Use mylocation.org to check the location your TikTok VPN is showing to the world

Why Can I Remove SIM Card and Use VPN to Run Tik Tok in Any Country?

  • Tik Tok uses your device’s SIM card and IP address to determine where you’re at.
  • Therefore, we can remove your SIM card and use a TikTok VPN to trick Tik Tok into thinking we’re in another country.

If you prefer to use the other method (use Tik Tok on PC or Mac), then follow the steps below.

Method #2: Install Bluestacks to Use TikTok in Any Country

(Method #2)

There’s an app for Windows and Mac computers known as “Bluestacks”. Bluestacks is a virtual Android device that runs on your PC or laptop.

Install Bluestacks to get TikTok on PC or Mac
Go to Bluestacks.com

Using Bluestacks can help us perform a “TikTok hack” to bypass the country check within the app.

So get your Mac or Windows computer out and let’s install Bluestacks, so we can use TikTok in USA, India, or any other country:

  1. First, install a VPN on your computer, and then use the VPN to Connect to a Tik Tok-friendly country (like Canada).
  2. Now go to bluestacks.com on your Mac / Windows computer and click Download Bluestacks.
  3. Launch the downloaded file
  4. Press Open / Install
  5. Finish the Bluestacks install process and then launch Bluestacks (you’ll see it in the Applications folder)
  6. After launching Bluestacks, log in to your Google account. (If you prefer, you can create a “temporary” or “dummy” Google account for this step.)
  7. Finally, open the web browser in the Bluestacks app and Google “download tiktok apk”. Proceed to download the Tik Tok APK, install it, and use Tik Tok in any country!

Also, the Tik Tok app may or may not be available in the Bluestacks app store. So give it a try and see if you can install it from the Google Play Store after launching Bluestacks and connecting to your TikTok VPN!

Why can Bluestacks bypass TikTok’s country check?

  • Bluestacks uses a “magic” or “universal” virtual SIM card. This can bypass Tik Tok country check / verification!

TikTok on PC

Just install Bluestacks on Windows PC or Mac using the steps above to use TikTok on PC.

Then set up the TikTok VPN.

TikTok Online (BONUS Method #3): Use TikTok in Web Browser

You can view TikTok online from any browser at TikTok.com.

If your country blocks TikTok, then follow the steps at the top of this page to unblock TikTok online with TikTok VPN.

The TikTok online version is viewable from any device that supports a web browser (PC, Mac, smartphone, Android TV, etc)

How Does TikTok Get My Location?

Tik Tok uses your device’s SIM card and IP address to try to find out where you are.

The app looks at your location
The TikTok app looks at your IP address

You can get around this by using one of the following 2 methods:

  • Remove your device’s SIM card and install a VPN app (TikTok VPN setup how-to steps shown at the top of this page).
  • OR you can install a free Android emulator on your PC or Mac (called Bluestacks) to use Tik Tok in any country.

To use TikTok in United States, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, or any other country, use the tutorial at the top of this article and enjoy!

TikTok Banned Countries

Here’s a list of countries, businesses, and organizations which have banned TikTok:

  • Indonesia: TikTok was banned in Indonesia reportedly due to pornographic content
  • United States Navy: The U.S. Navy banned TikTok from being installed on government-owned devices in mid December
  • United States Army: U.S. Army banned TikTok in late September
  • United States Air Force: Banned TikTok in the beginning of January, along with other military branches.
  • United States Coast Guard
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Transportation Safety Administration (“TSA“): Banned TikTok in February
  • India: In late June, India officially banned the TikTok social media app as well as over 57 more Chinese-owned smartphone apps. This occurred after a skirmish at the border, in which 20 Indian soldiers died.
  • Amazon employees: Supposedly, in July Amazon sent out a memo urging their employees to not use the app
  • Wells Fargo employees
  • United States DNC and RNC (Democratic and Republican National Committees)
  • Hong Kong

If you fall into one of the above categories, then you would benefit by getting a TikTok VPN.

List of Countries That May Ban Tik Tok

Soon you might need a TikTok VPN to access TikTok in these countries:

Japan may soon ban the app
See the VPN that works all across Japan (read below)
  • The United States is threatening to completely ban TikTok, or at least force the sale of TikTok from Chinese-owned “Bytedance” company to U.S.-owned Microsoft corporation.
  • Australia is investigating the app
  • European Union is considering banning the TikTok app
  • Japan
  • Turkey
  • Pakistan

TikTok China

The TikTok app is banned in China, but is available under a different app name: Douyin.

TikTok US / USA

While TikTok USA is still available for US TikTok users, it may be banned very soon. Get a TikTok VPN before the ban to make sure you don’t get stuck with out your favorite app!

TVAddons court case
TikTok Court case: laws differ from USA to other countries

So if TikTok is important to you, then you should unblock TikTok now so you have a seamless transition when the app is finally blocked in the USA (presumably in 2020).

TikTok Japan

The TikTok app is either fully banned in Japan or semi-banned.

So we recommend using a TikTok VPN to use the TikTok Japan app.

TikTok App: How to Download & Install

To install TikTok, first follow the steps at the top of this page to unblock TikTok.

Then, if you’re using an Android, use Google Play Store to install TikTok.

Google Play Store on Android
Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device

or if you’re using an iPhone, launch iTunes App Store to install Tik Tok on your smartphone.

Use Apple App Store to install Tiktok on iPhone or iPad
For iPhone, open the App Store

TikTok APK

If you are in a country where TikTok is banned from app stores, you may need to download the file from a 3rd party place and then use the app with a TikTok VPN. For the TikTok download (the APK installer file for Android), visit APKPure.

TikTok News

The most recent TikTok news is President Trump’s threat to put a TikTok ban in place within the United States immediately. We anticipate that a TikTok VPN will help you get around this.

TikTok Down?

If you see a TikTok Down error message, then it’s possible that you’re in a country that has a TikTok ban in place, so you may need a TikTok VPN.

To check this, follow the step-by-step guide to download a TikTok VPN at the top of this article.

11 TikTok Facts & Statistics You Probably Didn’t Know

The TikTok app’s insane popularity caused massive growth in the number of TikTok Followers worldwide.

Here are 11 interesting facts you might be surprised to learn (source):

  1. The TikTok app has 800 million followers.
  2. That’s 10.5% of the Earth’s population (800 million / 7.594 billion = Apx 10.5%)
  3. TikTok is 9th in worldwide social media ranking
  4. 150 daily active TikTok users are in China, but use the Chinese version called Douyin
  5. It’s the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store
  6. 41% of TikTok users are between 16 to 24 years old
  7. India has downloaded TikTok 3x more than China, at a whopping 600 million downloads (vs. China’s 200 million app downloads, and 165 million for USA)
  8. TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app. This is less than Facebook (at 58 mins) and Instagram (at 53 mins), but more than Snapchat (at 49 mins)
  9. TikTok is available in 155 countries and 75 languages
  10. 1 billion TikTok videos are viewed every day
  11. In 18 months, the number of Adult TikTok users grew 550%

How to Remove SIM Card from Smartphone

Use a SIM card remover tool (or a paperclip or bobby pin) to press the little button that causes the SIM card tray to eject, like so:

Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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