4 Best Ways to Watch TikTok on Firestick (GUARANTEED Methods)

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Being used by more than 1 billion people all over the world, TikTok is currently one of the most popular apps in the mobile and app industry.

But did you know that you can install TikTok on Firestick just like you’re using it on your smartphone? Yes – you can fire up your HDTV and use TikTok on your Firestick to enjoy videos with your friends and family!

Fortunately, the possibility to download Android apps is among the finest features of the Firestick. So, TikTok can also be installed on Firestick in the same way.

As the Firestick is based on Fire OS, which is extremely close to Android OS, you can easily use an APK file to download any Android application on your Firestick device.

You can also record clips or videos on the TikTok app and post them on your account if your Firestick paired TV contains a front-facing camera.

However, if your Firestick lacks a front-facing camera, you can only use it to watch TikTok clips or videos from around the world.

In this friendly guide, you will get to know the 4 best methods to install and watch TikTok on your Firestick device.

The official TikTok app for Firestick is barely usable. So what we do instead is install a much better app on your Firestick called TikTok Lite APK.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Overview and Features of TikTok on the Firestick

As TikTok can now be easily installed on Firestick, everybody can use all features of this highly famous app on all the Firestick devices.

Going across clips or videos is quite simple and works nearly identically to how this app functions on an Android or iOS device.

People can also easily log in to their TikTok profiles to see all of their top picks and interesting videos.

Setting Up your Firestick Device for Downloading TikTok App

So, in order to download an app on your Firestick that is not listed in the Amazon App Store, we have to turn on the enable applications from unknown sources in the Firestick’s settings.

It’s highly crucial to turn this on or else you would be unable to download the TikTok app APK on your Firestick device.

Amazon disables this feature as standard, therefore we need to activate it directly. If you have no idea about doing it? Don’t fret, just see the following steps:

  1. Navigate into your Firestick’s settings and select the “My Fire TV” option.
  2. Next, you have to choose the “Developer” option.
  3. To turn it on, go to the Settings > Apps > Unknown sources.
  4. Following that, it will display a type of warning notification; just dismiss it and hit the “OK” button.

Now that you have enabled this setting, you’re completely ready to download the TikTok app on your Firestick device.

Here’s Why You Need to Use a Reliable VPN on Your Firestick

VPN is software that protects your access to the internet and transmits it via an external host.

For instance, TikTok has been blocked in a wide range of locations. So, a reliable VPN is required if you wish to access a service that is not allowed in your location.

It also prohibits others from tracing your regular internet activity. As a result, your activities on the internet will be kept hidden, and neither your ISP nor the authorities will be able to detect them.


How to Watch Tiktok on Firestick (4 Methods)

Out of the 4 Methods to watch TikTok on Firestick, my favorite is Method #1. This method gives you the most functionality. If you want the fastest way to watch TikTok on a Fire TV stick, then use Methods 2, 3, or 4.

Method 1: Install TikTok on Firestick Using Aptoide TV

Use the step-by-step instructions below to install TikTok lite APK on Firestick. Fully functional!

This is the only KNOWN way (to use Aptoide TV) to install TikTok Lite APK 1.7.6 on Firestick.

To install TikTok on firestick, you MUST install Tik Tok using Aptoide tv APK. Here’s how:

  1. Get a TikTok VPN for your Firestick & smartphone to secure your data and bypass restrictions
    TikTok VPN
  2. Install and launch Downloader for Firestick
    Install the Downloader app
  3. Enter tvcola.com/apt
    Enter the address into Downloader
  4. Press Install
  5. Press Open to launch Aptoide for Firestick. Press Allow, then press Cancel.
    Aptoide TV Home Screen for TikTok on Firestick
  6. Press the Search icon in Aptoide. Press Allow.
  7. Enter “TikTok” into the Search field
  8. Select TikTok Lite (select the first occurrence of TikTok Lite, which has the lightning bolt icon. To double-check that you install the right version, make sure the version says 1.7.6 (or later) after selecting it.)
  9. Press INSTALL
    Press Install to finish setting up TikTok on Firestick
  10. Press Open. You’re almost done!
  11. Follow the steps below to enable your firestick to navigate around TikTok using a Bluetooth mouse or virtual mouse app (like Cetusplay).

How to install Cetusplay to use a smartphone as a virtual mouse for Firestick

  1. Open the app store on your phone
  2. Search for Cetusplay. Press Install on Cetusplay. Press open
    CetusPlay Fire TV Remote App
  3. Select your Fire TV from within the Cetusplay smartphone app to install the Cetusplay RECEIVER app on your Firestick. ( Your Firestick may appear as “Smart TV” in the Cetusplay app) (if you see an error message, make sure ADB debugging is enabled in Firestick settings – developer options. If it’s enabled, restart Firestick. It’s common for ADB to go offline and require a Firestick restart). Also, make sure Firestick and smartphone are on the same WiFi network.
    CetusPlay Select Firestick
  4. On your firestick, press “always allow”, then Yes/ok/allow to allow your smartphone to connect to the Firestick.
  5. You’re done! Now use the “Mouse” feature in the Cetusplay smartphone app to use your phone’s screen as a virtual touchpad mouse for firestick.

The Cetusplay virtual mouse app works great to control TikTok for firestick.

So after you install TikTok lite for firestick and the Cetusplay app, you should have full TikTok app functionality on your Amazon FireTV stick.

How to pair Bluetooth mouse with firestick

  1. Put your Bluetooth mouse in pairing mode
  2. Go to the Firestick Settings area
    Settings on Firestick Home screen
  3. Select Bluetooth devices menu option
  4. Press Add or Pair new device
  5. Select your mouse from the firestick pairing screen to pair the Bluetooth mouse with Amazon Fire TV Stick
  6. You’re done! Use your Bluetooth mouse on firestick to control TikTok like your firestick is a windows pc or even a Mac laptop

Method 2: Watch TikTok on Firestick Using Silk Browser

Pro Tip: Silk Browser is labeled “internet” on fire TV. Also, I tried TikTok on Firefox for Firestick and no go.

To watch TikTok on Firestick using the Silk web browser:

  1. Just open the “internet” icon on your Firestick. Or hold down the Voice button and say web browser.
    Watch TikTok on Firestick with Silk Browser
  2. Enter tiktok.com into the browser.
  3. That’s it! Now you can watch TikTok from within your Firestick web browser.
    TikTok online in web browser on any device

Method 3: Watch TikTok on Firestick Using Official “More on Tiktok” app.

Tip: The “More on TikTok” app for Firestick was JUST recently released and needs work. You can use it to watch some videos, but the Search feature appears to be broken

More on TikTok Firestick app
The “More on TikTok” official app for Firestick is currently lacking but is easiest to install

Get the More on TikTok Firestick app in the Amazon app store on your firestick. Hold down the voice button and say TikTok

Method 4: Cast smartphone screen to Firestick using FREE AirScreen APK

To do this, while using TikTok on your smartphone, cast your smartphone screen to firestick using AirScreen APK (found in my Filelinked code 66575558)

AirScreen on Firestick
Install AirScreen (lets you share the entire iPhone / Android screen – not just single videos!)

Note about TikTok Lite APK versions in Aptoide TV:

Version 1.7.6 seems to be the most stable, most usable, most complete version of TikTok for firestick

In contrast, version 1.3.3 (also in Aptoide tv) is the GO version of TikTok Lite, which works fine (and is faster and more lightweight than the newer version). BUT version 1.3.3 is unable to upload videos.

  • So use version 1.7.6 (first occurrence of TikTok Lite in Aptoide tv) for a more complete TikTok on firestick experience.

Or use 1.3.3 for a faster, more lightweight, less jittery TikTok for firestick.

Notes on Installing Tiktok for Firestick

You can try using Downloader, Apps2Fire side loader, or my Filelinked code below, but I received the firestick error message “application not installed. This application is not compatible with your fire TV” with the downloader method and Filelinked.

Using Sideloader, I received an error message about not being able to extract some libraries.

Apps2Fire sideloader for installing Kodi on Firestick
Sideloading didn’t work for me on Firestick, but it may work for you.

Therefore, the only working install method I found was Aptoide TV.

How to Install Tiktok on Android / Android TV (without Google Play Store)

aka Tiktok Alternate install methods for Android and Amazon Fire TV Stick

TikTok for Android Smartphones
TikTok can be found on the Android app store

So here’s the Filelinked code and Downloader address (“URL”) for the Tiktok Lite APK:

Downloader Address: Tvcola.com/tiktokapk
Filelinked code: 66575558

TikTok APK for Firestick

To get the TikTok APK for Firestick, use Filelinked code 66575558 OR enter tvcola.com/tiktokapk into Downloader.

But be warned – I was unable to successfully use Filelinked or Downloader to install TikTok on Firestick. The only working method I found was using Aptoide TV.

Wrapping Up

So, this concludes our post in which we discussed various techniques for installing and using TikTok on the Firestick. I tried to do my best to demonstrate the functional ways in this friendly guide.

All of the solutions I have described in this article are effective and I have directly verified them with my Firestick unit. You can utilize any of the techniques listed here to install TikTok and see amazing content.

If you’re getting confused at any point or want to ask any questions, please feel free to comment below. I will do my best to fix your issue as quickly as I can.

Frequently Asked Questions about TikTok on Firestick

Is it possible to download TikTok on my Firestick?

Yes. TikTok can easily be installed on all the Firesticks or Fire TV systems using the 4 methods that I have provided in this article.

How can I get access to TikTok on my TV?

A streaming gadget, like a Firestick, a Fire TV, or an Android TV Box, is the ideal method to get access to TikTok on your TV.

Is TikTok accessible on the Amazon Fire tablet as well?

Yes. You can also install TikTok on your Amazon Fire tablet easily by following any of the 4 methods mentioned here.

Can I log in to my TikTok profile with the Firestick?

Yes. You can easily log in to your TikTok profile to get complete accessibility of it on your Firestick device.

Is TikTok free to use on a Firestick?

Yes. Since TikTok is a free-to-use app, it’s accessible on a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Android, Firestick, and others.

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