TikTok Ban in your country? How to use TikTok from anywhere

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TikTok is one of the hottest social media apps around right now, and yet it’s close to being banned in the US. But why is that, and how can you get around the TikTok ban and avoid missing out on your favorite app forever (spoiler alert: It’s a VPN)? If this has been on your mind, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Just keep reading.

What is TikTok?

For the uninitiated, TikTok is a Chinese Platform for short and (usually) funny as hell videos. It’s a little similar to Vine, for folks who are familiar with that. Even though it has been around since 2016, it didn’t really take off in the West until 2019. Since then, it has had a huge cultural impact. We’re not here to generalize, but most of our under-30 readers are probably already familiar with TikTok, and don’t need an explanation. If you’re already in the know, feel free to skip to the next headline.

But for all the others, here is a summary. Creators can shoot short video clips with music in the background. You can post anything you want on TikTok, but it’s most known for creative song and dance videos that often cross over into comedy. But, honestly, there’s a huge amount of content on TikTok and you can find anything you want, from news, to fan accounts for popular bands, or even accounts that organize activists (can you guess why it’s starting to see countries enact a TikTok ban?).

TikTok Ban India

If you choose to upload a video, you can pick your soundtrack from a huge library songs from both new and old. After this, you can apply filters, texts, captions, special effects. 

Really love your creation? No problem! You can choose to save posts directly to your phone so you can share them with your non TikTok using friends.

So, even if you have only seen some of the more cringe-worthy that regularly get passed around the internet, be assured that TikTok is a great platform to channel all kinds of creativity. Just give it a look. You don’t even need to upload videos of your own to be entertained by what a worldwide community of creators has to offer you.

TikTok App Banned

Will There Be a TikTok Ban?

An app for posting funny dance videos sounds pretty innocent, right? So, what is going on with all the talk about a TikTok ban you may have noticed on social media? India has already enacted a TikTok ban in their country, and Australia and the USA are considering it. But why is that?

First of all, you need to know where TikTok comes from. The app is owned by a huge Chinese tech company called ByteDance. TikTok is the name that the app is marketed under in Western markets. In China, they use a different version called Douyin. Even though the leadership at ByteDance is not strictly Chinese, the app was regarded as a Chinese product. 

After the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, Donald Trump started to criticize Chinese influence on the US more than ever, and decided to target TikTok for some of his tirades. The main “official” argument for a potential ban of the app in the USA is that it harvests data from US citizens and shares that info with the Chinese government.

Trump TikTok ban

It’s worth noting that the app claims to store all user data in the US and Singapore, not China. Nevertheless, the Trump has been trying to take action against TikTok and has been threatening a TikTok ban for months. As you may know, it is extremely common for social media companies (from anywhere) to harvest your data and sell it. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself with a VPN.

But Trump isn’t going after any of the other apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter that collect data on their users. Many people think his real reason for calling for a TikTok ban is that the app is being used to organize protests against him.

It’s rumored that Microsoft is interested in buying the app, and that the purchase would prevent a TikTok ban. The sale could be around $50 billion, which is the app’s current value. However, Trump said he’ll only allow the purchase if the US gets a cut. If the sale doesn’t go through, Trump could start a TikTok ban with an executive order. We could be looking at a permanent TikTok ban

If this seems like an idle threat to you, think again. In July, India enacted their own TikTok ban. From one day to the next, over 200 million users got lost.

So far, there is no definite date when a TikTok ban might start. But the situation is heated, and anything is possible. There are even whole sites dedicated to trying to understand what’s happening with TikTok, and how to get around a TikTok ban.

Countries Considering a TikTok BanCountries With TikTok Ban Now
The European Union
Indonesia (Banned Temporarily)
TikTok Ban USA Australia

How Can You Get Around the TikTok Ban?

If you want to prepare for the potential TikTok ban, the best, and pretty much the only thing you can do, is install a VPN. A virtual private network encrypts all traffic on your phone while you browse, and can help you camouflage your device’s location. If you look at countries where a ban was up for discussion, VPN downloads increased by 20% for Japan and a whopping 40% for Australia. 

So, if you still want to access to all the content you’ve grown to love over the last year, this might be your best chance to prepare before it is too late.

ipvanish vpn mac

How to Use VPN to Get Around TikTok Ban

A VPN is a service that you can get and use on any of your internet devices. A VPN will hide your location and identity, which means you can enter websites that are restricted in your location. You can quickly change your area that appears online, and you can use it without any problems.

These days, a VPN is a common tool for anyone who takes their internet security seriously, and there are a ton benefits you get by using one. Aside from protecting you from hackers or organizations (of any kind) from looking in on your browsing activity, you’ll get access to all of the internet, all of the time. TikTok ban or no!

For example, sites like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube are different in every country, and they keep certain content blocked based on your location. A VPN means you can hide your location, unlocking movies and TV shows you never even knew were there.

Needless to say, online security is an important thing to take care of, and a VPN will help you keep your data safe. With all the benefits related to safety, a VPN is an excellent service to have ready in case there is a TikTok ban in your area. You’ll be able easily hide your location, and then back to watching all your favorite TikTok videos. As long as you keep your VPN on, the website won’t see your actual location. As TikTok has become popular and many people use it daily, you don’t need to worry about the possible ban.

Make sure you get a reliable and secure VPN service, so you can continue using TikTok and staying in touch with your friends and keeping up with the memes.. 

ipvanish vpn

What VPN Should I Use for TikTok?

If you want to make sure that you will be able to keep watching funny vids in the event of a TikTok ban, we highly recommend using a reliable VPN service. If you’re a long-time reader, you know we take security and privacy very seriously and have done a lot of VPN research. After a few years of testing, we’ve found that IPVanish is the best value VPN and, as a bonus, can be installed on almost any device (even your phone!).

With IPVanish, you will get a fast and secure connection, which will allow you to browse restricted sites without slowing down your connection. Another great thing about IPVanish is that your data and location will stay hidden, so your experience will be safer. You won’t need to worry about slow internet connection or spying because the service offers an encrypted connection.

A VPN is a good thing to have for everyday online activities beyond just having a better and more secure experience with TikTok. Especially in the event that there is a TikTok ban in your country, you won’t need to stop using it. IPVanish allows you to choose between more than 75 locations to hide your device’s browsing location (for example, you can make it look like your browsing from Canada!), and then you can continue browsing and uploading videos.

Their customer support will be helping you 24/7, and they even have a money-back guarantee of 30 days for new customers. Overall, if you’re worried about the TikTok ban, want to protect your browsing activity from prying eyes, or simply want to be able to access region-blocked content on major streaming sites, IPVanish is a solid choice. It’s what we use, and we couldn’t recommend it enough.

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