Here’s how to fix the “There is a Problem Parsing the Package” error.  This can happen when installing third-party apps on your Android phone, such as Kodi or other APK files.

How to Fix There is a problem parsing the package error on Android

Fix “There is a problem parsing the package” Error

There is a Problem Parsing the Package

Below is a list of the most common causes and fixes for the “Problem parsing package” error.  While several causes are listed below, the error is usually caused when you attempt to install a .APK file and Apps From Unknown Sources has not yet been enabled, and/or ADB Debugging has not yet been enabled.  To fix this, go to your Android’s Settings, then go to Developer Options.  Finally, check the checkboxes to Enable ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources.

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  • You have not enabled Apps from Unknown Sources in your Android phone’s Settings > Developer Options screen.
  • The APK file you tried to install is corrupted.  In this case, re-download the APK file from a different location than where you first downloaded it.  Or, the APK file could have been only partly downloaded.  Try to re-download the APK file and install it again.
  • If the version of an Android app you’re trying to install has changed, this can cause the Parse Error
  • The app you’re trying to install is not compatible with your phone’s software and/or hardware.  Some apps only run on Android phones, while other apps only run on Android tablets.  Make sure you’re not trying to install the tablet-only version of an app (like Amazon for Tablets) on a phone, or installing the phone-only version of an app on a tablet.
  • Some other app is blocking the installation process, such as an antivirus app, a security app, or an anti-malware app.

Fire TV Emulator Install Error

If you received this error during the FireStick / Fire TV “Install Emulator” process, try restarting your Kodi device, then make sure Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB De-Bugging are both enabled.

Plan C

Only if you tried everything in this guide and still receive the Parse error, you can try resetting your phone to Factory Default settings.  Then try to install your APK file again.  Good old Android Factory Reset usually fixes most problems.


Wrap Up

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on our KFire TV YouTube Channel!