Here’s Why Terrarium TV Shut Down And How to Install Alternatives

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On September 11th, 2018, Terrarium TV Shut Down permananetly.  Although you can still install this Terrarium TV Patched APK which still works!  In addition to the Terrarium TV Patched APK, we recommend you install the Terrarium TV alternative apps shown in this article.  Without any more waiting, we give you the top Terrarium TV Alternatives to consider.

Popular TV viewing APK, Terrarium TV announced to its community today that they would no longer be supporting the APK with new updates. Terrarium TV gained popularity as an app that allows you to watch the new and trendy TV series straight from any Android device. It let users also download these series to their devices to watch offline which was why it was so widely accepted.

The app’s interface was also easy to use and snappy, showing the latest series right at the home page with the option to choose using specific categories. There was also a search function that could let you find your favorite series quickly.

Terrarium Community Taken Aback by The News of The Terrarium TV Shut Down

Most users of Terrarium had gotten used to it after the loss of KODI some time back. It was also the best option available to people using Android 4.4 and older. This means that it was compatible with most Android 4 Box sets unlike KODI. Because it was also easily upgradable to any new version, there was the added benefit of not needing to spend money on a new Android Box every time there was a new update just to watch videos online.

There have been several statements around the internet from developers and users asking for calm in regard to the void that has been created by the loss of Terrarium TV APK.

Statement About Terrarium TV from the Makers of Kodi Supreme Build

  • We understand that Terrarium is no more and will soon be gone, however, we will be making some new APK’s available to the wizard that will perform the same functions as Terrarium in the coming days. Please feel free to take them for a spin. We know that Terrarium had quite a follow but there are other capable replacements that work too. You will also have Popcorn Time available so make sure that you have a VPN service activated before you choose any torrent option for your viewing.
  • There will also be a new build released in the coming weeks. We don’t have an ETA yet but Titanium will continue to be updated with the help of other developers. I will be focusing on the new build once I release it to the community. The main reason behind this is that KODI is constantly volatile and I will only release a product that I can also use personally so watch out for new updates soon.
  • A new live service will soon be introduced exclusively to Supreme pending when the deal is finalized. An announcement will be made in due time and there will be at least 3 authorized live services available to the community once the new service is released.
  • Be calm. Video streaming is not going anywhere #staysupreme

Also, Read this Statement from ACE TV Founder Mareo McClure

Mareo McClurewe has some of the most impressive addons and builds that KODI has to offer including a capable live TV service that costs just $5 monthly. If you are looking for another service rather than KODI, you can check out and the HDFlix net app.

To view Ace TV’s Facebook page, go to

Why Was Terrarium TV Shut Down?

When the news broke that Terrarium was being shut down, the entire community was in confusion as to the reason why. There was some rumor that the developers resigned without any confirmation.

The statement from the Creator ‘AKA NitroXenon’ was pretty unambiguous.

“I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Terrarium team but it’s time to shut down Terrarium TV totally,” he remarked.

“This day has been coming for a long time and even that doesn’t make it any less hard but there are other projects that I will now focus on”

The most important question now is why NitroXenon chose to end Terrarium TV. There had been regular updates as the app grew bigger but recently, developer activity has been limited with users not getting feedback to questions and requests.

In like most cases when there is a sudden closure of operations, there is always the speculation of legal reasons. While this is possible, it is hard to say exactly what happened or if this was a factor. There are also rumors that NitroXenon was paid a large amount by some studios to kill Terrarium but this is also false. This is because it is not something that the MPA (or the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) to make payments in return for favors. They typically are the ones on the offensive if anything.

We can tell from the notice posted by NitroXenon that Terrarium TV will be functional up till September ending after which the final curtain call will be made. The “Update” button is already useless presently for users.

A lot of Terrarium TV users commented that this September 11 announcement was the worst in history, we expect other applications to fill this void in the coming weeks.

Alternatives to Terrarium TV

If you’re looking for another great TV service to use now that Terrarium TV is no more, here are some nice alternatives to choose from.

Pro Tip:  I wrote an article showing exactly how to install a Terrarium TV Patched APK and the Top 5 Terrarium TV alternatives.  To install any / all of the apps in the list below, use DroidAdmin code 52148754.

Some other great Terrarium TV alternative apps to consider include:

  • Showbox

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