Mastering Terrarium TV: Easy Settings Guide for Beginners


Terrarium TV or TTV as its affectionately called is an amazing program. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a guide for Terrarium TV Settings for people that are new to the scene. While the handy app can be used by itself from the comfort or your mobile or as a Kodi add-on, it can be difficult to master for beginners.

Have no fear as we are going to break this streaming app down into sections while covering all the key areas. We’ll have you streaming movies and TV show in no time, and are going to point out a few tips you should keep in mind as well.

Do you need a VPN?

Whenever you are on the net doing things that your ISP may not like, it’s always a good idea to consider keeping your IP address hidden. VPN’s are a great way to do just that, but one area that can be difficult to master for beginners.

If you are unfamiliar with the zany world of VPN’s, have no fear. We have several guides to walk you through the process of choosing and using a proper VPN in the video below.

Regardless of whether you choose to remain stealthy, you will also need to enable unknown sources in your phone settings to download the latest Terrarium TV version on your mobile.

This lets you install an unverified .apk file from outside the Play Store. Once you have the program up and running, it’s time to click on the upper left-hand side which opens the menu. From here, click settings and we’re off to the races.

Terrarium TV settings

For beginners, this section may bowl you over at first. There are a lot of things you can tweak, and just a few subheadings to help break things down.

We are going to highlight some of the more important areas below by their headings so they will be easy to locate. That said, keep in mind things change so the latest version you’re using may be different from the one in our guide which is 1.9.2.

General Terrarium TV settings

From here you can set your language, video player and adjust a few filters. While it may not sound exciting, it is one of the more important areas if you care about quality.

Not a fan of CAM rips or TC’s? Well, you can nix those from there by checking the “filter out CAM version links” box in your Terrarium TV settings. You can also get rid of most foreign shows that aren’t in English, and set your main video player among a few other things.

With the players, you’re going get lit up to use a specific player (depending on your version) or you can use your own. Obviously, you’re better off with the latter, and VLC is our recommendation if you decide to go that route. MX Player is solid as well, but no match for VLC across the board.

terrarium tv settings

Terrarium TV Performance & Notifications

There’s not as much to deal with from here, but you can check boxes to resolve your links immediately when they are “direct play,” or you can tinker with parallel loading sources. The latter is what you want if you’re running TTV on a powerful device or modern flagship.

As for the notifications, you can adjust the Terrarium TV settings to let you know when your favorites are ready to roll. There is a box for movies and one for new episodes as well. You can set the frequency to check for new content, but remember it will drain your battery life. Keep that frequency lengthy if you’re concerned about battery life.

Terrarium TV User Interface

This is where you change the look of Terrarium TV, and can set things up to suit your needs. Are you a big fan of horror movies or can’t go a week without missing your favorite network comedy? If so, you will appreciate the fact you can set genres for each section.

You can also alter the “synopsis” language from this section as well or set the app up to give you large media posters if you prefer the carded look over banners. Here are a few other checkboxes you can tick from this area that “hide” certain things…

  • Show season special
  • Unaired season
  • Unaired episodes
  • Posters
  • Episode thumbnails
  • Title and year under posters
  • Episode synopsis (great for spoilers!)
  • reCaptcha verification message

There are also a few specialized settings for Android TV mode which may come in handy depending on how you are set up at home.

TTV settings

Terrarium TV Providers and Resolvers

Whenever you click on a TV show or film in TTV, a prompt pops up allowing you to choose from a provider. You’re going to see a lot of funny names, and you will quickly find out which ones are worth using through trial and error.

You can narrow that field down considerably in this area for both TV and free movies by going into each section and “deselecting” the ones you don’t want to use. Why do this? It will considerably speed up the process of loading and finding the providers you want. You can do the same with resolvers as well.

Once you have dealt with that, you can alter a few select services like Real-Debrid and Alluc. Both are very popular among the streaming crowd, and something you will want to dig into in Terrarium TV settings menu. From Alluc, you can set the API key or adjust the results limits. You can also clear or log out of Real-Debrid as needed from here.

Subtitles in Terrarium TV

Subtitles are another area that will be extremely important to some users, and utterly worthless to others. If you watch foreign language flicks or reside in another region, it’s also a section you may spend a lot of time in.

The subtitles section allows you to set a download path for subs you scoop up, and you can also set the language from two major players. That would be OpenSubtitles and Subscene, and it’s safe to say they have everyone covered. That includes folks that need Tagalog or Swahili subs.

terrarium TV settings

SubHD, Makedie, and Zimuku are also represented, but your options are limited. In addition to setting the language, you can also set the style of your subs in the Terrarium TV app.

While you cannot make them all Comic Sans with the swipe quite yet, you can adjust the color and size of your fonts along with the background color.

Final Thoughts

As with any apps or programs of this nature, things are likely to change from one release to the next. That means features like, which is currently in Beta at the time of this writing, may be gone within a few releases. Major areas like subs will always be there but could be altered slightly as well.

Basically if you see a “Beta” tag, don’t get too attached. Also, keep in mind our guide was written for version 1.9.2 and mobile devices although running Terrarium TV on Firesticks or an Android box with Kodi will involve the same basic Terrarium TV settings.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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