Did you know you can watch Terrarium TV on your PC?  Here’s how to install Terrarium TV PC version so you can maximize your streaming capabilities.

Install Terrarium TV PC version in 15 mins or less (total) with the steps below (or the Terrarium TV PC YouTube video tutorial immediately below):


How to Install Terrarium TV on PC:

Part 1:  Install Bluestacks on your PC (5 mins)

Bluestacks is an Android Emulator for Windows PCs.  It basically lets you run Android apps on your PC – and it’s free!  Install Bluestacks using the short list of steps below:




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  • Go to Bluestacks.com in your Windows PC’s browser

    Terrarium TV Bluestacks Download for PC

    Go to Bluestacks.com

  • Then click Download Bluestacks

    Download Bluestacks

    Click “Download Bluestacks”

  • Wait for the file to finish downloading.  Then launch the downloaded file.

    Bluestacks Installer

    This is the Bluestacks installer for PC

  • Once the Bluestacks installer launches, click the blue “Install Now” button to install Bluestacks.

    Bluestacks Install Now button

    Click “Install Now”

  • After Bluestacks is installed, launch Bluestacks and then sign in to a Google (aka Gmail) account in Bluestacks.

    Google Sign in for Bluestacks

    Sign In to Google in Bluestacks

  • When you’re finished with the Bluestacks install & sign-in process, continue to the next section.

Part 2:  Download & Install Aptoide in Bluestacks (2 mins)

Aptoide is a “third-party app store” for devices running the Android operating system.  Aptoide works great on Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, Android smartphones, and even a Windows PC running the Bluestacks Android Emulator!  Keep reading to set up Aptoide on your PC so we can install Terrarium TV with just a few more clicks after that:

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  • In your pc’s browser, enter http://bit.ly/a323kftv to download Aptoide.

    Aptoide APK

    This is the Aptoide APK as shown in the Chrome browser’s “Downloads” area.

  • Wait for the file to download.  Then launch Bluestacks if it’s not already open

    Bluestacks launch

    Launch Bluestacks from Windows start menu

  • In Bluestacks, make sure you’re in the “Home” tab.

    Bluestacks Home tab

    Click the “Home” tab in Bluestacks

  • Then click “Install APK” in the bottom right corner of Bluestacks

    Bluestacks Install APK button

    Click “Install APK” in Bluestacks to install Aptoide

  • Now locate the Aptoide APK file you downloaded, which is usually in your “Downloads” folder.
  • Wait for Bluestacks to finish installing Aptoide in Bluestacks on your PC.  Once Aptoide is done installing, move on to the next section!
  • Alternatively, to install the Aptoide APK a different way, you can instead right-click the Aptoide APK file (in Windows file manager), then choose to “Open the file with..” the HD-ApkHandler.exe file located in the Bluestacks folder.

Part 3:  Use Aptoide to install “MX Player” 1.9.7 or later (3 mins)

MX Player is a media player app that integrates with Terrarium TV streams to play back video and audio smoothly on your devices.  This app is required to use Terrarium TV PC version, so don’t skip these steps!  They’re fast, anyway.  So follow the steps just below to setup the MX Player app in no time:

  • In Bluestacks, launch Aptoide.  (The Aptoide app icon lies in the “Home” tab of Bluestacks under “My apps”.)

    Menu for Aptoide on Windows PC

    Aptoide Main Menu

  • After Aptoide has launched, find “MX Player” and click on it.

    MX Player for PC

    MX Player (support app required for Terrarium TV PC edition)

  • Then click “Other Versions

    Other Versions of MX Player (latest, newest version 1.9.7)

    Click “Other Versions”

  • Now find the “1.9.7” version (or later).  Click the icon of MX Player v1.9.7

    Get MX Player for Terrarium TV

    MX Player 1.9.7 (or latest version) download

  • Then click “Install

    MX Player downloading..

    Click “Install” to install MX Player

  • Wait for MX Player to install
  • After MX Player is installed, continue to the next section.

Part 4:  Now use Aptoide to install the “MX Codec (x86)” app (3 mins)

The MX Player Codec (x86) app is the one last thing we need to install before we can watch Terrarium TV on PC.  This “codec” app basically allows Terrarium TV / MX Player to utilize your Windows PC’s full video playback potential.  The “codec” app essentially uses “hardware acceleration” to take advantage of your PC’s video card so you can watch HD movies in Terrarium TV without lagging / skipping.  Install the codec app quickly using these steps:

  • Now, in Aptoide, press the Magnifying Glass icon to Search for an app.
  • Then enter “codec” into the Search field to search for the MX Player Codec (x86) app we need.
  • In the search results, use the keyboard / mouse to go DOWN to “MX Player Codec (x86)” and select the MX Player Codec x86 icon.  NOTE:  The “x86” part is important because it’s the one that enables your PC to watch Terrarium TV!

    MX Player Codec x86

    Find MX Player Codec (x86) in the Search Results

  • After you select the MX Player x86 icon, click “Install“.

    MX Player PC Codec for Terrarium TV

    Click “Install” to install MX Player Codec for PC

  • Wait for MX Player Codec x86 to install.
  • Then proceed to the next section to finish the Terrarium TV PC install process!

Part 5:  Install & Watch Terrarium TV on PC! (2 mins)

Finally, we get to the actual steps where we install Terrarium TV on PC.  We’re done with the “hard part”, which was installing the Terrarium TV support apps (MX Player 1.9.7 or later and MX Player Codec x86) as well as the Aptoide 3rd-party app store.  Now, all we have to do is use the Aptoide app to install Terrarium TV on our PC!  Here’s how:

  • Launch Bluestacks on your Windows PC / laptop (if it’s not already running).  Also, make sure you have the Aptoide app open in Bluestacks.

    Menu for Aptoide on Windows PC

    Aptoide Main Menu

  • In the Aptoide app, find Terrarium TV.  Then click on the Terrarium TV app’s icon.

    Find and select Terrarium TV in Aptoide

  • Click “Install” to start the Terrarium TV PC install process.

    Install Terrarium TV for PC!

  • After Terrarium TV is installed on your PC, launch Terrarium TV!  To launch and use Terrarium TV on PC, read the section below.

Make sure you use a VPN while streaming to keep your IP address hidden!

Terrarium TV PC Post-Install Notes

How to Launch Terrarium TV in Bluestacks for Windows PCs

  • In Bluestacks, click the “Home” tab (in the top left corner)

    Bluestacks Home tab

    Click the “Home” tab in Bluestacks

  • Then click the “My Apps” button (in the top-left corner)

    My Apps in Bluestacks (APK files)

    Click “My Apps”

  • Now you should see the Terrarium TV icon (as well as the Aptoide TV icon).
  • Click the Terrarium TV icon to launch Terrarium TV.

*** Optional: Install Mobdro & Show Box on PC using Aptoide

  • Use Aptoide to install Mobdro and ShowBox on PC!  Both apps are listed in Aptoide as installable Android apps.

Terrarium TV for Mac?

If you have a Mac computer / Macbook, then you can try running Terrarium TV for Mac using Bluestacks for Mac (link).  Warning:  The link provided is untested.  Use at your own risk!


Install Terrarium TV on Firestick

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.