This article walks you through How to Use and Install Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension.  If you’re like me and you have a ridiculous number of Google Chrome tabs open at pretty much any given time, then you’ll love this extension.

What does Tabs Outliner Do?

  • The free Tabs Outliner Google Chrome browser extension de-mystifies your Google Chrome tabs.  You might call it a Chrome Tab Manager.
  • Tabs Outliner puts all your Google Chrome tabs (or “open pages”) into one “page” in a horizontal, tree-style format.
  • Furthermore, Tabs Outliner displays the full name of every single tab you have open (no more guessing a tab name just from the few characters that appear!).

“Too Many Chrome Tabs Open” Case Study #1 (SOLVED):

Here’s a perfect example of my browser tabs before and after using Tabs Outliner:

In the example below, you see I have way too many browser tabs open (20 to be exact), causing the Titles of the tabs to be cut off after about 6 characters.

This leaves me confused and wondering what’s really in that tab that (in the screenshot below) says “andro”-something..




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BEFORE (Tabs Outliner turns this..):

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Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension example

These Google Chrome tabs say “Add..”, “retro..”, and “andro..” – pretty cryptic, right? Fix it now.

AFTER (..into this):

Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension tree view

The Main (“tree”) view of Tabs Outliner Extension shows the full name of each Chrome Tab

Now, you can see the full “Title” of every page you have open in Google Chrome.

+ Tab management BUTTONS:  Tabs Outliner also gives you buttons for each tab to maximize your control over your Chrome browsing experience..

Buttons in Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension

Edit, Trash, and Close buttons on every tab in the Tabs Outliner extension for Google Chrome

Tabs Outliner Features

But this is just the tip of the iceberg for Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension’s list of features.

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  • For example, you can close a tab with 1 click and have Tabs Outliner auto-save a link to it in the tree for later use.
  • Or you can rearrange and close tabs using drag-and-drop with Tabs Outline.

Even just the basic features of TabsOutliner have already changed the way I use Chrome (which is hugely important to me), so check it out with the guide below and get started managing your Chrome tabs!

How to Install Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension:

  1. Go to the Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension page (here) in the Google Chrome Extensions webstore.

    Tabs Outliner Google Chrome Extension

    Tabs Outliner in Chrome Extension webstore (the button in the top right corner of this screenshot is green and says “Added to Chrome” because I already

  2. Click “Add to Chrome

    Add to Chrome button in Google Chrome

    Add to Chrome button

  3. Wait for the Tabs Outliner extension to install in Google Chrome
  4. When it’s done, notice how a small popup notification appears in Chrome telling you the Extension is now installed.
  5. Now, click the Tabs Outliner icon in Google Chrome to launch the Tabs Outliner Extension.

    Tabs Outliner icon in Google Chrome


  6. The Tabs Outliner window now appears.  This window displays the full Title of each Google Chrome tab you have open, and in a tree-style format, like this:

    Tabs Outliner tree view mode in Google Chrome

    Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension tree view

  7. Manage your tabs by using the three buttons that appear over each tab listing when you hover your mouse over each one.

    Buttons in Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension

    Buttons in the Tabs Outliner extension for Google Chrome

  8. Or drag-and-drop tabs to re-order them in the “tree list”.
  9. Additionally you can drag-and-drop links and parts of web pages and websites into the Tabs Outliner tree view to quickly add new items.
  10. Enjoy total control of your Chrome tabs!

Tabs Outliner Extension for Android & iOS?

Note: The mobile version of Chrome does not support installing Extensions, so the Tabs Outliner Chrome Extension will only work on non-mobile devices such as PCs, laptops, Linux computers, and Mac computers.

Basically, mobile devices don’t handle Google Chrome Extensions the same way our PC web browsers do.