Supremacy is one of Kodi’ blockbuster add-ons straight from the staples of Supremacy Repository.

It has popular categories such as 4K movies, 24/7 shows, TV shows, Box sets, Live TV, Documentaries, Movies, Real Debrid, Sports, News and many more.

Installation guide for this particularAdd-onKodi (Supremacy)

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Installation guide forKodiSupremacy Add-on 17.6 Krypton
Installation guide forKodi 18 Leia (Supremacy)

File: Supremacy Repository
Web address:
Compatible versions:18 Leia and 17.6 Krypton

Installation guide forKodiSupremacy 17.6 Krypton

1. Locate and click on System settings

2. Click on File Explorer (Manager)

3 Click on Add Source

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Installation forKodi 17-17.6 Add-ons together with Builds (Step 3)

4. Click on NONE

Installation ofFlixnetKodiAdd-on 17.1 Krypton in(step 4)

5. Input web address: then click OK
Installation ofKodiSupremacy Add-on 17 Krypton 777

6.Name the box below Supremacy and then click on OK
Installation ofKodiSupremacy Add-on 17 Krypton 888

7. Confirm your settings and click on OK
How to Install Supremacy Add-on Kodi 17 Krypton 999

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8.Return to main menu and then click on Add-ons
Installation of Ultimate IPTV KodiAdd-on 17 Krypton 8

9.Activate Package InstallerAdd-on by clicking
Installation for Ultimate IPTV KodiAdd-on 17 Krypton 9

10. Next click on Install from compressed(zip) file
Installation for Ultimate IPTV KodiAdd-on 17 Krypton 10

11.Select Supremacy from the dialog

12. Click on

13.Be patient and wait for a supremacy installed notification to pop up

14.  Click Install from repo
Installation of SupremacyKodi Add-on 17 Krypton 1414

15. Supremacy
Installation of Supremacy repo KodiNew Add-on (Step 15)

16 Video add-on
Installation of SupremacyKodi repo New Add-on (Step 16)

17.Click on Supremacy
Installation of Supremacy KodiNNeAdd-on 2018 (Step 18)

18. Install

Installation guide for Supremacy KodiAdd-on 18 Leia

1.Click on System settings
Installation ofKodi 18 Leia Add-on (Step 1)

2.  Click on File Explorer(Manager)
Installation ofKodiAdd-on 18 Leia (Step 2)

3.Select Add Source and click

4. Click NONE
Installation ofKodiAdd-on 18 Leia (Step 4)

5.Input the web address: click on OK
Installation ofKodiAdd-on 18 Leia (Step 5)

6.Name the box below ‘Supremacy’ and click on OK

7. Confirm your configurations and click on OK

8. Return to main menu and then click on Add-ons

9.Activate Package Installer by clicking add-o

10. Select Install from (zip)compressed file

11.Choose Supremacy from the dialog
Installation ofKodiAdd-on 18 Leia (Step 11)

12. Click on

13.Be patient and wait for download to finish and display Supremacy Installed

14. Click on Install from repo
Installation forKodiAdd-on 18 Leia (Step 14)

15 Click on Supremacy

16 Video Add-on

17. Click on Supremacy
Installation of Supremacy KodiAdd-on 18 Leia (Step 17)

18. Click on Install
Steps To Install Supremacy Add-on Kodi 18 Leia Step 18

19 Dialog displaying all the add-ons and dependencies comes up, Click OK to install
Installation for SupremacyKodi Add-on 18 Leia (Step 19)