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Your Kodi Firestick longs to download and install SuperRepo, which is aptly named. SuperRepo boasts the record as the largest native XBMC and Kodi mega repository ever. Over 5000 unique addons and other repositories for Kodi and XBMC live here. SuperRepo doesn’t develop or maintain any of its own add-ons. The curators of SuperRepo simply source and organize other repositories and add-ons for you. They have put together the most comprehensive firestick Kodi repository that has ever existed.

What SuperRepo Is

Kodi repositories, including SuperRepo, are directories (folders) containing plugins, their dependencies, configuration files, and update information. Many repositories can fit on a Firestick Kodi installation, as the installed part simply links to locations elsewhere. They serve as the delivery mechanisms for add-ons in Kodi. Many independent plugin developers build small repositories just for their own Kodi plugin and its dependencies. This can often make sourcing new plugins difficult for the average Kodi user. Some add-on developers seek inclusion within larger repositories to have their plugins seen by more people and installed in more Firestick setups. This also provides easier maintenance by sharing repository chores among a group of curators. Your Kodi Firestick will hardly notice the space taken up by any repository, as they all only hold very small files that access content from elsewhere.

The Whole World At Your Fingertips

Mega repositories collect and provide Kodi add-ons and other repositories. SuperRepo, currently the largest native XBMC/Kodi mega repository, provides its curators endless work maintaining the thousands of items it holds. If you install only one repository, this is the one to have on your Kodi firestick. Of course, if you install SuperRepo, you also have darn near every other repo! If you have a Firestick, there is no way you will fit every plugin from SuperRepo onto it. You can have a great collection of all the very best Kodi add-ons quite easily this way, though!

Current SuperRepo Kodi Add-ons

This collection grows endlessly. When SuperRepo finds out about a new add-on or repo, then that item gets included after quality control testing. Every Firestick Kodi install should have this one. The number of items within SuperRepo at the time of writing is:

  • 2373 video plugins
  • 266 audio plugins
  • 140 SuperRepo sub-repositories (divided by category)
  • 655 external repositories
  • 5330 add-ons in total!

With the massive collection contained in SuperRepo, some updates will be behind by a version or two. This isn’t typically a problem in the software world. FireTV and Firestick Kodi add-ons tell a different story. Most add-on updates are crucial, especially where third-party plugins are concerned. Updates are usually made to fix broken streams or circumvent new anti-piracy measures. Without timely updates, things break. Keeping your Kodi Firestick up-to-date will just take a tiny bit of effort on your part, but is well worth it. The amount of time saved by having everything you need in one place more than makes up for this tiny flaw. Your Firestick will outshine all others with minimal polishing. What’s that? Do you have a Fire TV, Windows PC or even a Raspberry Pi with Kodi installed? The same process applies across the board.

Checking for Kodi Firestick Add-on Updates with SuperRepo

When using SuperRepo, it is important to occasionally seek your own add-on updates. A bit of google-foo makes this a simple process. First, you want to get the name as used by the developer. This can be found by going to and using their search function. You will find it in their top menu at the far right; it looks like a magnifying glass. Type in the name of the add-on you want to check for updates and then select the add-on you were searching for in the result list. Take note of the final part of the resulting URL, which will look like That part, in this example, is what you should search for in Google. You should find a GitHub repository or similar with the most recent update.

Installing SuperRepo

SuperRepo is a breaze to install. Follow along as we walk you through for one of the best entertainment systems you or your Firestick could hope for.

SuperRepo Repository URL for Experienced Kodi Users

If you’ve added repositories to your Kodi Firestick before, then you may just need the repository URL. The location is at the time of this writing. SuperRepo does handle things a bit differently, but they actually make things simpler all around. You should have no trouble with the SuperRepo Kodi installation if you already know the basics. Your Firestick will love you either way.

Prepare Kodi for SuperRepo

If you are starting from a clean Kodi installation, you will need to allow the use of unknown sources.

  1. Open the Settings (looks like a gear icon) in the top left

    Install SuperRepo Kodi Repository

    Open the System Menu

  2. Choose System Settings

    Super Repo Kodi Repository Installation - System Settings

    Enter System Settings

  3. Now, select Add-ons, then turn on Unknown Sources

    Install SuperRepo Kodi Add-on - Toggle Unknown Sources

    Toggle Unknown Sources

  4. A popup now appears warning you of security risks involved in allowing add-ons from unknown sources to access your system.

    Super Repo Install for Kodi - Warning Dialog

    Warning Dialog

SuperRepo Repository Setup

  1. Go back one page and choose the File Manager

    SuperRepo for Kodi Installation - File Manager

    Enter the File Manager

  2. Then, select Add Source

    Super Repo Installation for Kodi - Add Source

    Choose Add Source

  3. Now, select None, which allows you to add a media source URL and name it

    SuperRepo Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None

    Choose None

  4. Enter the repo URL ( and then hit OK

    Install Super Repo from

    Enter and hit OK

  5. Name this SuperRepo, then hit OK again

    SuperRepo Install Tutorial - name the repo

    Enter SuperRepo and choose OK

  6. Check the input information for typos, then choose OK once more

    Install Super Repo - check for typos

    Double Check for typos and OK

Into the Home Stretch

  1. Head back to Kodi’s Main Menu and enter the Add-ons section

    SuperRepo - choose add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons back at the main menu

  2. Select the Add-on Browser (AKA Package Manager) icon in the top left

    Super Repo - Add-on Browser

    Select the Add-on Browser (AKA the Package Manager)

  3. Choose Install from zip file

    SuperRepo Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Choose to Install From zip File

  4. In the dialog that opens, select the SuperRepo item you just created

    SuperRepo Item selection for installation

    Select the SuperRepo Item

  5. At this point, you are given options for each supported Kodi major version. Choose krypton if you are installing onto Kodi v17, which is currently the latest. The others at the time of this writing are jarvis (Kodi v16), isengard (Kodi v15), and helix (Kodi v14).

    Select Kodi Version for SuperRepo

    Select the Kodi version you have installed

  6. Then, go into the all directory

    Choose All for maximum Super Repo

    Choose All

  7. Then select to gain easy access to all that SuperRepo has to offer. The numbers in the name of the zip file may have changed, but the goods are all still there.

    Select the SuperRepo zip file

    Select the zip file

  8. On the Firestick or Fire TV, the zip file will not remain highlighted when you move to the OK button. Fear not, as this is just a visual glitch within Kodi. The item is still selected when you move directly from it to the right menu. Click on OK

    Install Super Repo with this click

    Finally, click OK to start the installation

  9. Wait for the Add-on Installed pop-up and then SuperRepo is ready to go!

    SuperRepo Installed

    w00t! SuperRepo installation complete!

Protect Yourself

Take head before using your Firestick to access the content made available by most third-party Kodi add-ons. First of all, unscrupulous individuals and organizations wanting your data and identity abound online. Also, be sure you’re protected from the prying eyes of your ISP, government, and anyone else with an interest in your online activities. In addition, IPVanish gives a full week to evaluate their service absolutely risk-free! We’ve also negotiated a 60% discount for you, which makes IPVanish cost about the same as a cup of coffee per month. The only risk involved is not having a trust-worthy VPN protecting your data and anonymity, then finding out why you should have the hard way.

Install SuperRepo on Kodi and use a VPN


Now you’ve got the world’s largest collection of third party Kodi Firestick add-ons at your fingertips. Therefor, be sure to check out our install series for the best of the best add-ons within SuperRepo. Soon, you will notice that even the plugins SuperRepo doesn’t include are usually taken care of by the other repositories that SuperRepo does include! It may sound a bit like a convoluted mess, but rest assured that you will be finding your way around quite handily very soon.





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September 26, 2017

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