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Are you a movie lover having a hard time digging through the numerous video streaming platforms in search of video content to watch?

Do you often get lost amidst multiple hours of video content? Yet still, have a tough time choosing what to watch?

Then Stremio is exactly what you need because it lets you stream multiple video contents across various platforms – desktop or mobile, no matter your operating system at play. For this reason, Stremio conveniently ranks as the only video streaming hub you would ever need. Hence, the slogan; “All You Can Watch.” I know what you must be thinking right now. Yes! Stremio is legal, safe, and free to use. Even though Stremio is accommodating contents mostly from paid video streaming platforms, it Is still a 100% free to download and use while enjoying all of its premium features gratis. Oh yes, you heard that right. FREE!!!

What is Stremio?

Stremio is a video streaming and management hub that allows users to easily discover video content by navigating through millions of titles and watching trailers from several different addons of popular media streaming platforms – like Youtube, Amazon, HBO, Vimeo, Netflix, etc. Just like most media streaming software – such as Plex, WebTorrent, and Kodi video streaming platforms. Stremio provides users with alerts, notifications, and recommendations for new audios, movies, games, and videos to watch. Besides letting users organize their favorite movies, TV series, and web channels into a custom video library. There are a host of other added features to using Stremio, which we would look into before long.

Features and Advantages of Stream.

The underlisted features are functionalities that make the Stremio app a better pick when it comes to online media streaming. These include;

  1. Addons:- Integrating add-ons and plugins into the Stremio ecosystem serves to be one of the key advantages of content management software.
  2. Quality Content: – With the Stremio software, you can watch all of your favorite movies, videos, music, TV series, and a whole lot more, all in the highest quality.
  3. Calendar Feature: – You can monitor what you watch on the Stremio app. The calendar option on this app will show your watch history in calendar visualization mode.
  4. Subtitle Provision: – Since the Stremio app gathers contents from several sources in real-time, it routinely retrieves and displays the synched subtitles for your language, for free.
  5. Notifications and Alerts: – By enabling such features as notifications and alerts, you instantly get recommendations on when a new episode or when the latest movie is released.
  6. Connect with TV and Mobile Devices: – Just as already stated, the Stremio is cross-platform streaming software; hence you can install it on your mobile devices aside using it on your desktop or PC or better still cast this media to modern TVs such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and other smart TVs.

Supported Devices.

As a legacy online streaming platform, Stremio could be incorporated into other legacy platforms just as listed below. These devices and platforms are the currently supported platforms for Stremio API integration, while plans are in place to increase the user-base of one of the world’s most reliable online streaming software.

  • Apple macOS and iOS (9.2 and above)
  • Linux Pc
  • Windows Pc (Windows XP and beyond)
  • Roku
  • Amazon FireStick
  • Android Devices (versions later than 4.4 – KitKat) & Android TV.

Stremio Installation Guides.

Stremio is not a conventional video streaming software. Therefore it has quite a unique method of setting it up on smart TVs. During this walkthrough, we would specifically highlight on the installation procedures of the Stremio App on the last two aforementioned supported devices – Amazon FireStick and Android TVs. That said if you are a Stremio enthusiast and would love to have this intuitive video streaming and management app installed on your Android TV devices. Yet, having no idea on how to carry out this feat. Search no more, for you are just in the right place.

How to Install Stremio on Amazon Firestick.

Although the Stremio app is available on Google PlayStore, it is not included in the Amazon Store. To install the app, it has to be sideloaded onto your Amazon FireStick utilizing a third-party application such as FireStick Downloader or ES File Explorer. To sideload these third-party apps on your FireStick device, the settings for installing Apps from unknown sources has to be enabled. And here is how to do this;

Steps: –

  1. Select the Settings option from the top menu of your FireStick home screen.

  1. Navigate to My Fire TV and click on it.

  1. A drop-down menu appears with a given set of options. Click on Developer Options.

  1. From the resulting screen that shows up next, turn on the Apps from unknown sources (which is an option that is OFF by default).

  1. Disregard the warning message as Stremio is a safe and secure app. Click Turn on.

Now that we have enabled the installation of untrusted apps, let’s now get into the installation guide on how actually to set up and install Stremio on Amazon FireStick;

Steps: –

  1. The first step would be to get a Downloader App – which serves as the sideloading tool for FireStick because you won’t be able to download the Stremio APK directly from the web browser.

Nonetheless, the Downloader app is available on Amazon Store, and you could look it up using the search option on the home screen. To learn about this feature, you could visit the following page on how to sideload apps on FireStick.

  1. The next step would be to launch the Downloader app and click on the Browser tab on the side panel of the Downloader window.

Enter the following URL in the address bar and click GO:

Once the page loads up, click on the Hamburger menu icon from the top right corner.

  1. Now scroll down and click in Downloads from the drop-down menu.

  1. Scroll down to the Android section on the resulting page and click on the APK link with the ARM APK tag.

  1. Wait for the Stremio APK to download. Normally, this process takes less than a minute, but depending on your network speed, it might extend longer.

  1. The installation window appears once the download is completed. After which you would have to scroll down a bit.

  1. Click on the Install button on the bottom right corner as soon as the installation window pops up.

  1. After which the Installation would take a minute or less.

  1. Once you see the App installed window, don’t click Open just yet. What you could do is click on Done for now and return to the Downloader app.

  1. Next stop, you go ahead and click Delete.

  1. Click Delete again. And the reason we are doing this is that the APK file is no longer needed as it has served its purpose thus far. Also, deleting the APK file saves space on your limited FireStick storage.

And behold, you have successfully installed Stremio on FireStick. Keep reading to learn how to install Stremio on non-native OS Android TV.

How to Install Stremio on Android TV.

The Stremio app for Android devices (Android phones and Android boxes) with the native Android OS could be downloaded directly from Google PlayStore. However, that is not the case for Android Box TVs with the actual Android TV OS (such as Mi Box and Nvidia Shield) as this process would require several steps to sideload the Stremio app since it is not available on the Google PlayStore for such devices. Stick to the following guides to learn more about how to do this.

Steps: –

  1. Head on to Google PlayStore (if it is not on your home screen, run it from the app drawer by clicking Apps icon on the left).

  1. Search for PlayStore with aftvnews to look up the Downloader app (you may not find it by typing the name of the Downloader app).

Click on Downloader when if it pops up in the search result.

  1. Click Install on the window that shows up.

  1. Click Open to run the Downloader app (you may also run it from the app drawer by accessing the Apps section).

  1. Click Allow once the Downloader app requests access to your file and media.

  1. Click OK on the prompt that appears (which comes up only the first time you run the Downloader).

Type in the following URL and click GO.


Wait for the Downloader app to download the Stremio APK file onto your Android Box storage.

  1. The following warning would be displayed, if you haven’t enabled the installation from Unknown sources for the Downloader. Click Settings.

  1. Turn ON the knob next to the Downloader app and press the back button on your Android Box remote.

  1. Click on Install.

  1. Click Install again on this window.

  1. Once Stremio is installed on your Android Box, you can then click Open to run the app. Nonetheless, we have to Delete the Stremio APK file from the storage and click Done.

  1. Click Delete.

  1. Click Delete again.

  1. Now we can open the Stremio app. The sideloaded apps are not displayed in your app drawer by default. Therefore, you cannot access Stremio from the Apps section. Instead, click Settings.

  1. Click Apps.

  1. Scroll down and click the Stremio app.

  1. Click Open to run Stremio on Android TV Box.

There you go! You now have Stremio installed on your Amazon FireStick or Android TV Box devices.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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