25 Most Favorite Streaming Services in Canada in 2023

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Aren’t you tired of desperately scrolling through the cable guide only to realize that nothing is interesting on TV? There are literally hundreds of Cable channels, but one often finds something good to spend time on. If you are one of them, you need to cut the cord and live streaming services a chance because there are several internet tv options in Canada.

These streaming services – like Netflix – let you stream whatever you want, whenever you feel like it. They are relatively inexpensive compared to cable connections and come with all the benefits of cutting the cord. And the best thing is, we are living the times of great streaming wars. Therefore, there are more options than you can try. No jokes!

Therefore, if you are sick and tired of watching the same old content on your TV, below are 26 options to try. Further, there are some options here which you can try absolutely free of cost. While others require a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription to get started.

Best streaming devices to watch your content on

The best way to take full advantage of these services is by using a streaming device. It was previously known as a set-top box. It’s just like a regular cable box that gets connected with your WiFi and streams content directly to your TV screen. We recommend these streaming devices:

  • Amazon FireStick (or any other device from Amazon’s Fire lineup of streaming devices)
  • Chromecast
  • Roku Express
  • Apple TV HD


tubi tv activate

Tubi is an absolutely free-of-cost streaming service that lets you watch thousands of movies and shows. You don’t need to register, and you don’t even have to create an account to enjoy its services. However, you have to sit through intermittent ads during the programs, which can be somewhat annoying. We suggest making the free account anyway so that you can take advantage of all of its features.

Ways to watch

This free service is available on many platforms, including game boxes, select smart TVs, mobile devices, and set-top devices like Firestick, Roku, Android TV, and more.


Absolutely free

Top shows and exclusive content

There’s no exclusive content on this platform. Still, you can watch some of the classic blockbuster movies as well as newer ones, thanks to its decent catalog. Such as The Passion of the Christ, The Island, 12 Angry Men, and Train to Busan.


Kanopy Stream Classic Cinema

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming platform. What makes Kanopy unique is the fact that it’s totally free of cost and free of ads. The content itself is slightly most sophisticated than you find on regular streaming services. You can watch thousands of award-winning foreign movies along with classic documentaries. But it is only available through public libraries and schools. To access this service, you will need a student card or a library number.

Ways to watch

You can watch Kanopy on a laptop, mobile phone, smart Tv, Apple TV, Firestick, or other similar set-top boxes.


All participating universities and colleges offer Kanopy free of charge throughout the country.

Top shows and exclusive content

Some of the notable movies and documentaries available through Kanopy are:

  • The Mask You Live In
  • I am Not Your Negro
  • Rashomon
  • Babel
  • Miss Representation
  • The Watermelon Woman
  • What We Do In The Shadows

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel Logo

The Roku Channel is a streaming service available via Roku and smart TVs. It’s different from other services in the sense that it merely collects streaming links from other streaming services in one place. It’s convenient because you can then get tons of free channels along with rental and subscription-based channels on a single platform. You can watch films, TV shows, news, sports, documentaries, and more.

Ways to watch

You will need a Roku set-top box to stream Roku Channels. Simply add the box to your device. You can also watch the channel from your PC, but in that case, you have to create an account beforehand. You can also download Roku official app on your android or iOS smartphone and cast it to your smart TV.


The free version comes with ads. Like Netflix, you can subscribe to various paid channels along with on-demand episodes, movies, and documentaries.

Top shows and exclusive content

  • Sesame Street
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Memento
  • UFC


CBC Gem Streaming Services

CBC’s gem comes jam-packed with Canadian content. It includes movies, shows, documentaries, newscasts from CBC TV, and some foreign content. Out of the three packages, two are absolutely free. For basic access, you can navigate the site without any need for a log-in. However, you have to sign up to get a free Gem subscription in order to live stream, watch shows, and ad-free Kid’s programs. By paying a nominal fee, you can watch the entire content library without any advertisements.

Ways to watch

You can watch it online through PC or Mac. You can also download the Gem app for your smartphone, android devices, Amazon’s Fire devices, and tvOS.


Free and paid versions

Top shows and exclusive content

Some of the top gems from across Canada are:

  • Equus
  • Murdoch’s Mysteries
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Workin Moms
  • The Lake


Plex TV Stream Services

Plex is for families – especially those who are on a budget and need something affordable. It provides thousands of movies, live TV channels, TV& web series. There are more than a dozen genres to choose from. To use this service, you do have to create an account, though. There’s also a premium version known as Plex Pass. It gives you parental controls, DVR, mobile sync, offline viewing, and some other features. Our only disappointment with this streaming service is that even the paid account comes with ads.

Ways to watch

You can watch Plex on your PC, smartphone, or smart TV with the help of the official apps.


The basic service is free. Upgrading to Plex Pass needs $6.49/month, $49.99/Year, or $159.99/lifetime.

 Top shows and exclusive content

  • Pitchfork
  • The New Yorker
  • Movie Mistakes
  • Brunt
  • Little Monsters

The Criterion Channel

This is a movie streaming service by the Criterion Collection, a home video distribution company. If you love all things cinema, the Criterion Channel is your ideal choice. Their content library has thousands of recent and classic blockbusters along with independent, foreign, and arthouse movies. What’s more, this is the only streaming service that lets you watch movies even from 60’s and older.

Ways to watch

You can watch it on your PC or Macs with the official app for Android and iOS devices. You can also download this app via Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku official app stores on these devices.


After the 14 days free trial, the base price for the service is $10.99 a month. You can also go for its annual subscription ($99.99) to save some bucks.

Top shows and exclusive content

Among some of the classics, indies, and recent blockbusters, you can watch:

  • 3:10 to Yuma (original)
  • The Graduate
  • Original Godzilla movies
  • Raging Bull

YouTube Premium

Youtube Premium Logo

Youtube Premium gives you unrestricted access to the same great content you have come to expect from Youtube but with some extra benefits. For instance, there are no more annoying ads every time you play a new video or listen to music. Another advantage is that you can stream videos or music while working with other apps. Likewise, you can download videos and get unrestricted access to YT’s newest music app. And if that’s not enough, Canadian users also get Google Music, free of cost.

Ways to watch

It’s still Youtube. So you can watch it like you watch regular Youtube on any of your devices.


The most affordable plan of Youtube Premium is for students. It comes at $6.99.month rate. The base plan costs $11.99/month. There’s also a family plan that costs $17.99/month. You can share it with up to 5 members of the family.

Top shows and exclusive content

Youtube has a treasure trove of original content from all over the world.

Club illico

Are you a fan of French content? Try Club illico. It’s the only streaming service offering exclusive French content. Whether it’s the French language version of popular movies and TV shows, documentaries, international content, family content, or any original productions out of Quebec, there’s enough to quench your thirst for French content.

Ways to watch

Besides the usual streaming on your PC, you can get its official app on your Android or iOS-based device. You can also use it via Chromecast.


Some TV packages of Videotron include Club illico. So, if you are a Videotron customer, you can get it for free. Otherwise, you will have to subscribe to the service for $9.99/month. That’s only if you are an existing customer. Non-customers have to pay $15/month as a subscription fee.

Top shows and exclusive content

Some of the top and original Club illico productions include:

  • Veronica Mars
  • Casino Royale (James Bond Movie)
  • Troy
  • Victor Lessard
  • En Fugue
  • Mon Fils


FuboTV Streaming IPTV

Fubo is for the sports fans. It mainly lets you watch Live Sports events. Initially, it started out as a mere soccer streaming service. Since then, it has expanded its service to include other sports like baseball, rugby, football, cycling, and hockey. While Live TV remains their major draw, they are also slowly adding network movies and TV series that aren’t sports-related. Further, with every membership, you get 30 hours of free cloud DVR storage.

Ways to watch

PC, iOS & Android devices, Roku, select Samsung Smart TV models, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Devices, Apple TV.


The base subscription plan starts at $15.99/month. This plan allows you to watch fuboTV on two devices simultaneously. In case you want to stream on more than two devices, you can get an extra screen for an additional $5.99/month.

Top shows and exclusive content

fuboTV offers several beIN Sports channels in Canada. In addition, you get BenficaTV, Paramount, GameTV, Fight Network, along with fuboTV network.


CuriosityStream Logo

CuriosityStream focuses on documentaries and docuseries. This platform has all sorts of nature documentaries, historical documentaries, science documentaries, tech documentaries, and every other type you can imagine. There’s also plenty of education, non-functional, award-winning, originals along with some exclusive content to stream.

Ways to watch

You can catch up on these documentaries with the help of a computer, mobile phones, and tablets


Currently, there are monthly and yearly plans for two different resolutions (HD and 4K)

  • HD streaming costs $2.99USD/month, $19.99USD/year
  • 4K streaming costs $9.99USD/month, $69.99USD/year

Top shows and exclusive content

  • Big Cats
  • Global Food
  • Why Are We Here
  • All About The Octopus
  • Conscious Capitalism



Watch NCAA College Football Online with DAZN

Here’s another streaming service for sports enthusiasts. DAZN is devoted to live and on-demand streaming of all kinds of sports. It’s the only OTT sports streaming service that brings sports from over 200 countries of the world. With this service, you can stream tennis, soccer, hockey, cricket, rugby, and more. There’s even football. Once you subscribe, you can access every main football event of the season.

Ways to watch

You can watch DAZN on almost every streaming device, including PC, smartphone, gaming consoles, Roku, FireStick, Apple TV, etc.


The monthly plan of DAZN comes at $20/month. Plus, you can save up to 40 percent by subscribing to the yearly plan at $150.

Top shows and exclusive content

  • NFL
  • Bellator
  • UEFA Europa
  • Carabo
  • ICC Cricket
  • English Premier League


Spuul Logo White

If you are a fan of India’s Bollywood film industry, Spuul is for you. Its tagline “10,000 hours of your favorite Bollywood movies” sums up the streaming service in seven words. You can watch its ad-supported version free of cost. This version even lets you download your favorite streams. On the other hand, the premium version gives you ad-free movies, Live TV channels, different language options, and DVC features.

Ways to watch

You can watch Spuul on your android or iOS-based device. You can also stream via Chromecast and Smart TV with the help of TV top devices.


The base monthly plan charges $4.99/month or $49.99/year

Top shows and exclusive content

Unfortunately, there’s no original content on the platform. But with the help of premium membership, you can watch all the recent and classic Bollywood blockbusters like Anjaam, Dangal, BajrangiBhaiJaan, Mughal e Azam, Kohinoor, and more.

Apple TV+

Apple TV Plus is a tech giant’s venture into the world of streaming. It’s an exclusive on-demand video streaming platform that brings original content that you won’t get anywhere else. Their content includes movies, tv shows, documentaries, and kids’ specials. To create original content for the service, Apple is going all out with big names such as Steven Spielberg, Jason Momoa, and Oprah Winfrey attached to various projects. As the service is relatively new, their content library is nowhere as extensive as rivals. However, they continue to add new content each month.

Ways to watch

It is created for iOS devices such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But you can also watch it on android devices, smart TVs, Roku, and Firestick.


If you buy a new Apple TV, you get Apple TV plus absolutely free for a whole year. Others can get the service for $5.99/month. One subscription can be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously, making it one of our list’s most affordable packages.

Top shows and exclusive content

  • Oprah’s Book Club
  • The Morning Show
  • Little America
  • See


HayU Subscription Service

HayU is owned by NBC. This on-demand streaming platform brings you reality TV. You can find all sorts of cooking shows, dance competitions, dating programs, lifestyle and renovation, true crime programs, gaming competitions, and every other type of reality show. Although there are just around 250 titles on this platform, and the scope is pretty limited, reality show enthusiasts will find plenty to like here.

Ways to watch

Like most of the other services on this list, you can watch Hayu on Android and iOS devices along with smart TVs and set-top boxes.


Its pricing plan starts at $5.99/month, and they offer the first month absolutely free.

Top shows and exclusive content

You can find almost all the reality shows here. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Top Chef
  • Queer Eye
  • 16 and Pregnant
  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access Logo

As the name suggests, CBS All Access gives you all the access to CBS programming. But don’t expect to watch the entire CBS programming slate via this service. It’s still pretty limited in its selection of programs. With this streaming service, you can stream episodes of popular shows, original programs, as well as live tv from CBS and its affiliates. These include a handful of children’s programming, reality TV shows, drama series, comedies, action flicks, and more.

Ways to watch

You can watch CBS All Access on your mobile phones, tablets, computers, Smart TV gaming consoles, and set-top boxes like Firestick and Android TV.


Pricing is pretty affordable at $5.99/month.

Top shows and exclusive content

Some popular programming on this platform includes:

  • Young Sheldon
  • Tell Me A Story
  • Different Star Trek Shows
  • NCIS
  • Picard
Shudder Logo


Do scary stories get your heart pumping? No doubt there’s a certain thrill in thrillers, suspense, and horror programs. And to feed that human instinct, Shudder brings you on the edge of your seat horror stories. This service is owned by AMC, and it’s dedicated entirely to the horror, thriller, and suspense genre of programming. You can find all sorts of flicks, shows, podcasts, live events, and some originals related to this genre on Shudder.

Ways to watch

It’s available via the same streaming devices, i.e., PCs, apple and android devices, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes.


Currently, Shudder is offering two plans. Its monthly plan costs you $5.99 USD, while the yearly subscription brings the cost down to %56.99 USD.

Top shows and exclusive content

Its catalog includes the following big names:

  • Child’s Play
  • The Wrath
  • Wold Creek
  • Door Into Darkness
  • Black Lake
  • A Discovery of Witches

Sundance Now

You guessed that right. Sundance Now is brought to you by Sundance Institute. It’s the same organization that brings you the Sundance Film Festival. Like Shudder, it’s also owned by the AMC Network. However, as you would expect, this streaming service offers a little more artsy and independent programs. You can watch all sorts of documentaries, foreign movies, biographies, histographies, educational, dramas, and more. The content catalog is pretty big, covering almost all interest groups.

Ways to watch

You can watch it on your pc, smartphones, tabletop devices, android, and iOS devices.


After the 7 days, the free trial period is over. You have to pay $6.99 per month or $59.99 on a yearly subscription.

Top shows and exclusive content

On this platform, you will find programs that you won’t find anywhere else. Such as:

  • Being Human
  • McMafia
  • State of the Union
  • Amy
  • A Discovery of Witches
  • The Queen


Highball.TV - Film Festival Streaming Site

Cutthroat competition in the world of streaming has led to many services focusing on a particular type of content. HighballTV is one such service. It specializes in bringing underrated content from film festivals such as TIFF, Cannes, and Sundance. If you are a fan of shorts, independent films, original, quirky, and lesser-known but thought-provoking cinema, then you will find plenty to like on this platform. There are no TV shows on this platform, though.

Ways to watch

You can watch HighballTV on your mobile phones, PC, and smart TV through ROKU, Apple TV, or Google’s Chromecast.


After the 7 days free trial period expires, you can continue watching HighballTV for $7/month or $70/year. There are also some movies on the platform that you can rent or purchase for some extra bucks.

Top shows and exclusive content

Unless you are a fan of film festivals and followed movies that get recognition, you wouldn’t be familiar with most of this platform’s content. The most notable movies here are:

  • Taika Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows
  • The Red Balloon
  • The Drawer Boy
  • Empire of Dirt
  • The Eye of Silence

Acorn TV

AcornTV provides a huge library of British content along with select programming from several of the commonwealth nations, Mexico and Spain. Acorn TV’s primary focus is TV series in different genres such as drama, comedy, sitcom, crime, and mystery. However, they do feature some movies and Acorn originals. New content is added weekly. So there’s plenty to enjoy on this platform if you like British content.

Ways to watch

It’s available on all major streaming devices along with PC, Macs, smartphones, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs.


Its monthly subscription comes costs $7.49, or you can go for the cost-effective yearly subscription at $74.99

Top shows and exclusive content

Some of the top shows on this platform are:

  • Detectorists
  • Keeping Faith
  • Doc Martin
  • Line of Duty
  • Modern Murder Mysteries


Crunchyroll Company

It’s crunchy, and it’s rolling. Crunchyroll focuses on all things anime. You can also find some manga and Japanese drama on this service. And not just that, Crunchyroll also offers simulcasts directly from Japan. Therefore, with this service, you can keep up with all of your favorites as soon as they air in Japan. No waiting a whole day to watch what you like. While there are tons of free teasers on the website, you have to sign up to access the full episodes.

Ways to watch

Surprisingly, Crunchyroll has very few streaming options. You can only watch it on your computer, mobile devices, or smart TV. Beyond that, you are out of luck unless you can do a lot of tinkering with settings.


At the moment, Crunchyroll offers three pricing plans: $7.99/month, $22.99/3 months, and $69.99/year.

Top shows and exclusive content

Among the thousands of anima and manga available on this service, the following have been a long time fan favorite:

  • One-Punch Man
  • Attack on Titan
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • One Piece

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Logo

Amazon Prime is the paid account that offers you free shipping from Amazon along with some other benefits. But do you know it offers you exclusive access to Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service? Prime Video is Amazon’s answer to Netflix. It has some amazing acquired shows like Mr. Robot, Hollywood blockbusters like The Godfather and Lord of the Rings Trilogies, and an ever-growing library of originals to watch. Beyond that, you can also stream sports and some live events on this service.

Ways to watch

Prime Video is available on almost every streaming device available in the market. This includes gaming consoles, PCs, smartphones, and more.


Amazon Prime comes at the cost of $7.99/month. With this, you get free access to streaming service on three screens simultaneously, free shipping, prime music, and some other perks that come with a premium membership.

Top shows and exclusive content

Some of the much-loved content on Prime Video includes:

  • The Man in the High castle
  • The Boys
  • Fleabag
  • Jack Ryan
  • Mr. Robot
  • Good Omens


Disney Plus Logo

In its second year, Disney+ continues to grow and is turning out to be one true competition to Netflix. While scrolling through its content, you realize they have one impressive back catalog of blockbusters. Not to mention, they are also creating some fantastic original content for the streaming service. With its family-friendly content, Disney+ targets the entire family and particularly kids. From Star Wars to Marvel studios, Indiana jones to the endearing Pixar movies, Disney + is sure to please the entire family.

Ways to watch

Disney+ premium app is available on every major streaming platform.


You can get a monthly Disney+ subscription for $8.99. If you want to save some bucks, then we suggest going for the yearly subscription that costs $89.99

Top shows and exclusive content

Some of our favorites on Disney+ are

  • Star Wars
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • The Mandalorian
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum
  • Togo
  • WandaVision


Britbox Logo

For all the lovers of British content, Britbox is a solid option. It boasts an extensive library of British shows and movies in various genres. There’s something for everyone’s taste, from some of the best English crime shows and mysteries to comedies, soaps, dramas, and documentaries. You can also stream BBC, and other ITV shows on this platform. Plus, with one subscription, you can stream up to 5 devices simultaneously.

However, it doesn’t support HD streaming on its mobile and web interfaces.

Ways to watch

You can use its app on your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you can stream it on a web browser with Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast.


It has a 7 days free trial period. Afterward, it costs $8.99/month or $89.99/year.

Top shows and exclusive content

There are so many fantastic shows on this platform that picking out the best is quite a daunting task. Still, below are our favorites.

  • Mr. Bean
  • Doctor Who
  • Shetland
  • Eastenders
  • Death in Paradise


MBUI is a streaming service for the fans of cult classics and arthouse productions. It has a wide selection of foreign, classic, and under-the-radar movies you have probably never heard of. The best thing about this service is that they add a new move on a daily basis. You can even download the streams to your mobile phones for offline viewing. The only limitation of this model is that there are only 30 titles available at a time.

Ways to watch

You can watch MUBI on your android or iOS devices, PCs, streaming devices on your smart TVs, etc.


Mubi’s monthly plan starts at $9.99 and $83.88 for a year-long subscription.

Top shows and exclusive content

Their content keeps on changing every month. For now, below are our top movies.

  • 3 Idiots
  • The Toxic Avenger
  • What we do in the shadows


The premier streaming service Netflix needs no introduction. Its content appeals to everyone. Whether you are a kid, adult, or a senior citizen, there’s plenty to binge and enjoy all day long. They have shows, movies, and documentaries in every genre. This includes comedy, horror, sci-fi, crime, romance, drama, and more. Recently, on the Netflix Canada platform, they have been adding several foreign language mystery shows. Therefore, Netflix is a great option if you like foreign content.

Ways to watch

Netflix is convenient to watch on just about every streaming device available. You can watch it on desktop, laptop, smartphones, gaming consoles, Chromecast, Apple TV, Firestick, etc.


In terms of Pricing, Netflix has three options:

  • The basic plan costs $9.99 and restricts you to one screen
  • The standard plan costs $14.99 and lets you watch it on 2 screens.
  • The premium plan costs $18.99 and lets you watch it on up to 4 screens simultaneously.

Top shows and exclusive content

Netflix is known for its exclusive content. Our most favorite is:

  • The Witcher
  • Stranger Things
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • El Camino
  • Black Mirror


Crave TV Logo

Crave is a media streaming service by Bell Media. It brings you original series, Showtime content, and some classics from HBO. While there’s enough content on its basic plan to keep you busy the entire day, you do have to upgrade to premium if you want to watch movies and some latest shows. Crave has various add-ons that let you stream content from Starz, movies, French-language movies, and more.

Ways to watch

Crave is available on computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, and streaming boxes such as FireStick, Android Tv, etc.


The basic plan costs $9.99/month. You can add Starz for an additional $5.99, HBO for $9.99, and Super Ecran for $9.99 extra.

Top shows and exclusive content

Depending on what add-on you opt for, you get different content. Below are some great shows on this platform

  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Westworld
  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Once upon a time in Hollywood


That’s just about it. We hope now you know what streaming services are available in Canada. There’s nothing like binge-watching your favorite shows on a lazy afternoon. And streaming services like these provide you this opportunity all year long. Unlike cable or satellite connection, streaming services let you stream content on-demand. Therefore, you can watch whenever you want, instead of planning your time around episodes.

Streaming your favorite movies and TV series is also a fantastic way to spend your off day relaxing with family, sharing fun memories with friends, or just taking some me too time from the routine and spending time alone. You can also check with your peers who do play-to-earn games such as Jackpot city if you can stream it too.

A good thing about the streaming services mentioned above is they offer some form of a free trial. You can test out their services, and if not suitable, go with any of the alternatives. Moreover, every month new streaming services start their operation, some older ones get discontinued or rebranded. Therefore, this list is in no way exhaustive. If you think we missed your favorite streaming service, let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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