How To Choose The Top Streaming Service For Your Movies And TV


It seems that it is impossible to find something to watch when you want something to watch. It only turns into hours of scrolling and going through hundreds of different channels and programs until you find something worth watching.

There are some top streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, and some digital versions of prime cable networks like HBO Now and Showtime. However, a lot of platforms, with premium subscriptions came down to the cable networks and made competition thicker.

The best part before fully subscribing to any network is the “trial period”. Additional problems can occur during your attempt to choose a proper media player for your TV since some streaming platforms are not applicable to all devices.

Some premium platforms offer you a seven-day long trial period. On the other hand, some services offer even longer periods, so you can enjoy the contents of the platform for a full month before choosing whether or not you want to subscribe long-term.  Here are some top streaming services for movies and TV.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services with a goal to recreate a cable TV package. Netflix, with a budget of a couple of billions of dollars, creates originally scripted, unscripted content every year and includes some of the most popular classics in the movies and shows category.

These are not the only categories where Netflix is the absolute number one. This platform offers some of the most interesting cartoons and animated series, loads of soc series, sitcoms, and stand-up episodes. Somehow, Netflix took the best out of every genre. Not to mention Netflix production outputs which came to be one of the most popular in the market.

However, some services and productions claimed their intellectual property, therefore, some classics like Friends, Star Wars, and the newest Marvel movies and shows cannot be streamed on Netflix. But, it still has enough high-quality content.

Netflix sends notifications to your subscription account whenever new material is about to arrive and notifies you about the picks based on the previously watched content, so this may give you a hand in choosing a perfect piece for Sunday night.


If you are really struggling with choosing a perfect movie and show to watch, and you waste a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out what is the right pick for you. It not only provides the essential information on the content, and gives you insights into the seasons, it also gives you the platforms where the particular content is available.

You can use this to revolutionize the way you watch TV. On the BOB app, you can search for 5 million titles and find the essential information. Additionally, you can find all the streaming services, platforms, and TV channels where you can watch and enjoy your choice.


IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database is the platform where you can find all of your favorite titles and descriptions. This database gives you insight into the most popular movies, the ones with the highest rates, the platforms where they are streamed, and general trailers for the movies, and season trailers for the shows.

On this platform, you can find the movie and show reviews, and see the reactions of the movie critics and people who watched the particular content. You can choose based on this. On the other hand, you can search for your favorite actor or actress and find all of their roles and go for the content they participated in.


The Disney-owned platform offers you a traditional TV craving retro feeling. Hulu offers you some premium insights and adds them to a live TV service. This gives you a chance to record the contents on the DVR. With this, you will be able to rewatch the parts you missed or record them for the time when you are ready to watch them. It is not the only option you will have available. You can subscribe to upcoming premium services.


HBO MAX as a streaming platform was launched amid some confusion between HBO Now and HBO Go. HBO Go was a very good opportunity for subscribers to catch up with the latest episodes of Game of Thrones and Girls. On the other hand, HBO Now is the digital version of the cable premium service giving insight into all the HBO movies, series shows, doc series, etc.

HBO MAX includes the entire offer by HBO Now and adds some older classics and TV shows. This service will give you a seven-day free trial before the full commitment. Additionally, you will be notified about every change and new arrival so that you will never have to struggle with what to watch.

There are multiple streaming services and platforms where you can check your picks before you decide to stream them. Most of these services are available as part of some cable premium arrangements.


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