How to Stream Sirius XM Radio Outside the U.S.

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SiriusXM satellite radio is the only place you can find all sorts of comedy, best entertainment content, and the widest categories of music, alongside coverage of sports and news. SiriusXM is an American broadcasting company, based in the United States. It offers online radio services and three satellite radios.

How to stream Sirius XM Outside the U.S. with the help of a VPN

Although its subscribers are ever-increasing, its operations are only limited to Americans. You cannot access or stream its services, if you do not live in the U.S. Nonetheless, the issue can be solved easily. By using a VPN, American ex-pats comfortably stream SiriusXM wherever they are in the world. To hear the best of the best in any part of the world, you need to unblock SiriusXM.

If you’re ready, then quickly jump to our page that shows the best VPN for Sirius XM.

Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. are the only places where SiriusXM offers its services. For security purposes, only selected countries are allowed to access its streaming services, while the rest are blocked. Although there is a possibility of changing this in the future, some people cannot wait that long, in order to access the services. Honestly, they do not need to wait, as long as they are using a VPN.

Use a VPN to Stream Sirius XM in the UK (or anywhere outside the U.S.!)

A VPN (a virtual private network) makes a digital tunnel that your device uses to access the internet. The VPN works by connecting your device to any of its servers and then reroutes your connection via the connected server. You only appear to be using the IP of the VPN after your device is connected to the server. Apart from the VPN making, you appear like you are in the U.S., it gives you freedom and online anonymity. Basically, this is how you can use a VPN to stream SiriusXM:

  1.  Sign up for your chosen VPN service
  2.  After signing up, create a VPN account.
  3.  Now download and install your VPN app on the device you will be using to stream SiriusXM on.
  4.  Open the app and connect it to a VPN server located in the U.S.
  5.  After connecting to your host country server, the VPN will give you a temporary American IP address, which virtually makes your location as the U.S.
  6.  You can now stream SiriusXM wherever you are in the world because you have an American IP.

IPVanish is our number one choice for the best service provider. Apart from the service provider is fast and secure, you are assured of accessing all streaming services, channels, and websites, irrespective of your location, and your data are well secured.

Advantages of Using a VPN to Stream Sirius XM Outside the US

A VPN enables you to access and enjoy streaming services and restricted sites from all over the world. Although bypassing restrictions is an attractive service, there are other things that a VPN can achieve. In addition to providing security, a VPN keeps your online presence anonymous, thus offering you total privacy. Among other things that a VPN can do are:

  • Saving you money from border-associated purchases.
  • Enables you to safely torrent, download, and share files.
  • Protects your connections that are visible to the public, by tunneling protocols.
  • Bypasses any blacklisting, bans, and content filters.
  • Allows you to access content and sites that are geo-restricted.
  • Canceling throttling of bandwidth.
  • Keeping your data safe when you are using public Wi-Fi, where you can be easily attacked online.
  • Protecting your devices from incoming dangerous traffic, which might attack and cause harm through blocking.

Stream SiriusXM away from the US

Access SiriusXM away from the US and stream online radio either in your car or wherever you are in the world. Unblock SiriusXM with a VPN, and get to enjoy radio stations, sports news, the latest news, and music wherever you are in the world. Although we are optimistic that SiriusXM will allow access to its content in various destinations in the coming future, you should continue using VPNs.

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