Why Stream Anonymously? 6 Reasons to Stream Anonymously – The What, Why, Where, and How Much Explained.

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With the widespread use of streaming apps & websites on our mobile phones, smart TVs, and computers, it’s pretty foolish to remain unaware of how the system works.

When you use the internet – whether streaming or not – you unwittingly submit a lot of information to various services on a regular basis. Therefore, a careless approach to streaming can cost you in the long run.

Stream Anonymously, Stream Safely

So, if you’re also worried about your privacy and security while watching a free movie online, Anonymous streaming can go a long way in preventing any untoward situation. However, keep in mind that anonymous streaming does not mean you won’t have any IP address at all. It merely means your current IP gets masked by a different IP Address giving a sense of anonymity

Wondering how merely changing your IP to go anonymous can save you all the trouble? We have got you covered!

Let’s look at the benefits of streaming anonymously.

1. NO Slowdowns, Stream As Much As You Want

ISPs and governments around the world constantly track user’s online presence.

Some ISPs use this information to cut back on internet usage for one reason or another.

Have you ever noticed a sudden slowdown and buffering during your online streams, even when nothing is wrong with your internet connection? That, my friend, is your ISP limiting your speed.

Going anonymous solves this problem. You can then stream as much as you like. No more waiting for your video or game stream to load.

2. Privacy, Everything Goes Under the Hood

It doesn’t matter what you stream. Your device sends information to servers on a regular basis. ISPs are legally authorized by some governments to sell this user data to third parties. Using a VPN prevents the ISPs from invading your privacy. What’s more, when you go dark on the internet, it makes it difficult for anyone to trace your online activity.

As VPN servers are end-to-end encrypted, your security is strengthened. This becomes all the more important if you are a frequent traveler. Having your user information open to the public makes you easily accessible to hackers.

3. Bypass Censorship, Unblock Any Geo-restricted Content

“This Content is blocked in your location.”

How often do you come across this message and feel like punching your display for not letting you watch your favorite content?

Well, based on our experience, A LOT of the time.

Going Anonymous takes care of this problem too. This is because a VPN replaces your original IP address with a randomly generated one. For instance, if you are sitting in the USA, a VPN may assign you Germany’s IP address. This means any content that may have been blocked in your location gets unlocked automatically.

4. No Legal Trouble, Your Streams Are Safe & Sound

Free online Streaming websites are sometimes termed illegal in countries around the world. This is because, most often than not, these services provide unlicensed content.

So, the authorities start penalizing anyone who gets caught using these services. Just because you used someone else’s account to stream content doesn’t mean you have successfully covered your tracks. Authorities can connect the dots and figure out who’s behind an online account.

Consequently, depending on your local laws, you can get a fine, community service, or even jail term as a penalty. If you are not anonymous online, they can easily trace your inbound and outbound traffic.

5. Less Targeted Ads, More FreedomTo Stream What You Want

Ads are all around us.

Today, targeted ads utilize complex smart algorithms to grab your attention. When you reveal too much of your interests on the internet, it becomes easier for marketers to target you. Sure, this is not a problem for the time being.

However, if you are not careful with how you spend money, it may become one in the future.

6. Public WiFi, Much Safer During Travels

Free WiFi is exciting during travels. But, in fact, public WiFi isn’t safe at all. Therefore, you should fear using public WiFi simply because of the higher risk of data leaks.

When you are streaming on a shared internet connection, anyone can hijack your traffic and peep in your activity. Going anonymous with a VPN adds a layer of protection. You can then feel free to use public WiFi without any worries of getting hacked.

So, What Does That Mean?

Anonymous streaming protects you in more than one way. After going through all these benefits, we hope now you understand why to stream anonymously. It brings us to the big question, what’s the best VPN to go dark?

What Do We Recommend?

At KodiFireTVStick, we have been recommending IP Vanish since 2016, and since that time, many thousands of our readers have signed up for their service.

At less than $4/month, it’s extremely affordable, their service is easy to use, it works all over the world, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and they’re number one in the industry. If you use this link you can take advantage of a 50% savings.

Jeff Wiener
Jeff Wiener
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