The Best Strategies for Winning More in First-Person Shooters


Do you love first-person shooters and want to get better at your favorite FPS games to gain a competitive edge? This article contains a few handy tips to help you improve your FPS game and add more wins to your record. Over time, the pool of FPS games has grown significantly, with the likes of Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, and Valorant leading the industry. This is why we have listed some universal tips that you can apply to multiple first-person shooter games.

Choose the Right Weapon

The ideal weapon varies with different play styles. Some players move quickly with SMGs, some prefer balanced assault rifles, and others engage at long distances using snipers or scoped weapons. Experiment with different kinds of weapons and decide which works best for your play style. Once you’ve done that, you can add a fashionable skin on top, such as the AWP Electric Hive for the deadliest sniper in CS:GO to make you look even cooler rocking your favorite weapon.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You may have heard this way too many times before, but it is truly difficult to deny the wonders practice can do for your FPS game. Even e-sport professionals spend most of their time practicing to improve their aim and tactics. Practice hours are essentially an investment you make that almost always pays off extremely well. So get grinding and put some consistent practice into your game.

Play with Better Players

Being around people who are better than you all the time may seem embarrassing, but a wise player would take advantage of this situation and learn from the experts. Spend time with better players, watch them play, learn from them, and then implement their tactics into your own matches. This is a quick way to pick up useful tricks and give your game a decent and much-needed boost.

Know Your Maps

Another excellent tip that can work for almost every first-person shooter out there is to know your map layout well. Players who are aware of their in-game surroundings tend to perform much better than those who aren’t. If you know the map inside out, you can make better plans and respond quickly and effectively to the enemy’s moves.

Play the Objective

Many beginners make the common mistake of focusing too much on their kills and deaths instead of the objective of the game. Having more kills does not mean you will win more games, but playing the objective does. Stick to the game plan and divert your focus towards completing in-game goals rather than camping in a corner and getting easy kills. The former will help you and your team win more games by working together and staying on task.

Monica Serreon

Monica Serreon

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