Top 7 STEM Movies For The Classroom

STEM is an important method of education in the modern world. With STEM, children learn creativity and problem-solving skills along with concepts in science and math. 

Getting children excited about STEM can be challenging. However, if you think a little out of the box, there are plenty of ways to get children interested in STEM education. 

Movies have been a powerful tool for sharing information for ages. Showing children movies on STEM can reinforce concepts, encourage interest, and spark curiosity. 

Along with homework assignment experts from CW Assignments we have composed the list of 7 STEM movies that you can show in the classroom. 

The Lego Movie

  • Best For: Grades 1 and up 
  • Plot: Entice the builder in your students by sharing this hilarious take on Lego characters as they plan to save the world with their block-building techniques. This is a very creative, heart-felt movie that encourages teamwork and team building. 
  • A Few Useful Tips: Encourage kids to identify the design process utilized in the movie. You can even bring in actual Legos or have a Minecraft session and have kids build prototypes for solving common problems or build their own designs. Students can document the entire process and identify their weaknesses and strengths in design. 

In addition to this, encourage team building and playing for the team in children. Teamwork is an invaluable skill in the modern workplace. 

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The Martian 

  • Best For: Grades 6 and up 
  • Plot: This is the story of an astronaut who is stuck on Mars and has to find his way back to earth using scientific principles. This is a great movie that will teach children survival skills and the importance of STEM in dire situations. 
  • A Few Useful Tips: Help the children identify the creativity and risk-taking involved in the movie. Recall how the main character makes water from the rocket fuel or how he survives on the potato farm. The teacher can have a lesson where the students are given a goal and a limited set of tools to see how they use their creativity and problem-solving skills. 


  • Best for Grades 6 and up 
  • Plot: Even though this movie is heavily science-fiction, the science involved in this thriller will be worth the children’s time. 
  • A Few Useful Tips: Since the majority of the plot in this movie is Sci-Fi, you can have kids watch Ted-Ed lectures and help them identify what might be fictional in the movie, what things may be possible, and what can simply never happen. 

You can also help students talk about what factors hold humans back from traveling in space. Ask children if they could have a robot as a space-travel companion and what qualities would it have. 


  • Best For: Grades 3 and up 
  • Plot: This movie shows the dire impact of too much technology using an adorable animation. Wall-E is a story of a robot that is tasked to observe the dystopian earth after humans have traveled into space. This movie is sure to have emotions stirred up due to its sweet storyline and brilliant animation. 
  • A Few Useful Tips: Have children realize that technology and development are good, but they should never be at the environment’s cost. 

Ask children if they think that Wall-E can really happen to earth. What measures can we take now to prevent such a dire situation from happening? 

Meet The Robinsons

  • Best For: Grades 3 and up 
  • Plot: This science-fiction movie is more inclined toward family and bonding; however, the concepts of time machines and a futuristic world is enough STEM for kids! The kids will love seeing a boy traveling into the future and discovering a major secret. 
  • A Few Useful Tips: Help the children realize that regularly roadblocks occur. It would be best if you always keep your eyes on the goal in order to succeed. 

Ask the children what their most beloved family memory is. Also, tell them the importance of keeping promises. 

Dr. Suess’ The Lorax 

  • Best For Grades 3 and up 
  • The Plot: For Dr. Suess fans, this is a great choice. This light-hearted animation focuses on preservation and sustainability and presents it in a child-friendly manner. This will teach kids the importance of sustainability and preservation and how crucial it is to leave a better world for future generations. 
  • A Few Useful Tips: Let the kids know that by respecting the environment, as well as, the living creatures, we can have a better environment for all. 

You can also ask the children if they think preservation is better than progress. A debate session on the topic will help children identify various concepts and thoughts.  

Big Hero 6 

  • Best For Grades 3 and up 
  • Plot: Most kids love superheroes. Big Hero 6 is also a superhero animated movie that involves STEM with various inventions and gadgets. A 14-year-old kid and his friends fight against an evil scientist using their skills in engineering and chemistry. This one is a brilliant family movie that will inspire kids in STEM. 
  • A Few Useful Tips: This movie is great for teaching the importance of friendship and innovation in children. The aspect of teamwork is also highlighted in this animated movie, giving children a great lesson that they can unleash the superhero in them while helping their friends. 

As a debate topic, ask students if they thought Hiro had the appropriate motivation for creativity and whether they would have done the same thing in the end or not. 

A Final Word

STEM is a crucial aspect of modern education. One way to encourage kids to study STEM is by showing them STEM-related movies. 

This article gives a list of STEM movies that would be perfect for showing in the classroom. These enlisted movies describe the plot, as well as give a few useful tips to the teachers. The tips include debate questions as well as important aspects in the movie that they can highlight. 

We hope that this article helps you inculcate STEM enthusiasm in your students.

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