Spotify Alternatives for Music in 2022

Spotify is perhaps the most extensive music streaming service with more than 400 million users worldwide. However, sometimes the platform faces outages that can lock you out of your favorite playlist or podcasts. In addition, although Spotify has created a distinguishable brand, it’s not available to all countries. And the good thing is, there are other reliable services you can use as an alternative. Some even have a more extensive library and unique features.

Here are some of the popular Spotify alternative

1. Pandora

Pandora has a long-standing reputation as a reliable streaming service. Its song recommender uses over 70 algorithms to personalize your experience based on your location, music choice, and stations you listen to.

The premium subscription is ad-free, which means you can sit back and enjoy your favorite content without distractions. On the other hand, the experience is boring with the free subscription because you’ll have to tap on the screen to view ads. A mid-tier Pandora Plus plan eliminates ads if the service chooses the songs automatically for you. However, ads will appear when you start to select the songs manually.


  • Extensive music library and podcast options
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Sophisticated song-recommending algorithm


  • Buffering issues

2. Apple Music

Apple Music is very resourceful, with over 90 million songs, over 30,000 curated playlists, and three live radio stations. In addition, the platform also offers music videos, films, and TV shows, making it an inclusive entertainment center.

It doesn’t have a free tier like Spotify, so you won’t be distracted by ads. According to the company, introducing a free plan violates its fundamental privacy values.

The streaming service is compatible with all Apple devices, including all MacBooks. Recently, the company introduced Apple Music Voice Plan which enables you to control the platform with voice assistant Siri.


  • Live radio options
  • Supported on all Apple devices
  • Does not show ads


  • Offline listening limitations

3. Tidal

Tidal is popular because of its audio quality. The Hi-Fi plan offers uncompressed tracks, while the Hi-fi Plus plan has Dolby Atmos support, delivering the highest quality music.

However, avoid signing up inside the Tidal app on Apple devices because you will have to part with a 30% tip. Also, the iOS app does not work well with Apple CarPlay.

The streaming service’s main claim to fame is the direct-to-artist payments and pays artists more than other Apple Music or YouTube. In addition, Tidal has extensive music content and a Tidal X option that will allow you access live streams, shows, meets & greets, and more.


  • High-fidelity audio quality
  • Tons of exclusive content
  • Easy to set up and use apps


  • Apple CarPlay issues

4. YouTube Music

Initially, Google Play Music was Google’s leading subscription music service. However, the company recently replaced it with YouTube Music. It is much better with more than 50 million tracks, albums, and high-quality audio.

The service can recommend a suitable playlist based on the time of the day or location. For example, it can suggest music to listen to while at the gym or commuting. Additionally, it has lyrics-search functionality that lets you find songs with lyrics snippets.


  • Smart song-recommendation algorithm
  • Easy to use apps
  • Allows you to upload tracks


  • Limited Hi-Fi music

5. Deezer

Deezer is another high-quality music streaming service. It stands out because of the unique original content, videos, and live radios. Also, it allows you to transfer content from other streaming services, which eliminates the need for creating a new playlist.

Recently, it expanded its music library from 70 to 90 million tracks. The platform uses an intelligent algorithm system known as Deezer Flow that formulates a mixture of new and favorite tracks. It is reasonably priced but performs better than some competitors.


  • Intelligent music recommendation system
  • Accessible in multiple countries
  • Reasonably priced


  • Limited podcast content

6. Amazon Music unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited has a massive catalog with over 75 million songs and millions of podcast episodes. Thankfully, it offers unlimited skips when listening offline, unlike Spotify. Moreover, the platform is compatible with most operating systems, and you can even control it with voice commands.

The single-device plan is an economical option to listen to your favorite content. Also, you can upgrade to the Amazon Music HD plan to get uncompressed and lossless audio. In addition, you will get a discount if you already have a Prime member.


  • Offers a free trial
  • Ultra HD quality tracks
  • Spatial audio


  • Limited selection options

7. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a versatile music streaming service. It contains over 265 million songs and podcasts, including better-known and upcoming artists. Besides listening to your favorite music and discovering new content, you can also upload songs and podcasts.

The platform has a feature that allows you to search for songs using hashtags and leave comments. Also, you can upgrade your subscription to the Go+ plan and dub various tracks over each other to create remixes like a Dj. Other essential features include high-quality audio, unlimited downloads, and intelligent recommendations.


  • Massive content catalog
  • Allows you to create remixes
  • Search for content with hashtags


  • It doesn’t offer a free plan

8. BandCamp

Bandcamp is an excellent music streaming service if you love discovering new artists. However, it has a different model where users pay the artists directly. This is designed to bridge the gap between artists and their audiences.

Unfortunately, it does not host big names but is a good place to meet upcoming artists. The best part is that you can get albums with pre-orders and even access live concerts. Also, the platform has an aesthetically pleasing interface, though not as straightforward as some of its competitors.


  • Home for new music
  • Supports upcoming artists
  • User-friendly privacy policy


  • It does not have big names

9. QoBuz

QoBuz music streaming service is not popular but offers high-quality audio. This will allow you to listen to music more clearly, like a CD or vinyl.

Furthermore, the platform’s interface is easy to navigate and visually appealing, but its selection algorithm is not as extensive as Apple Music or Spotify. However, the mobile app works effortlessly with Apple CarPlay, unlike Tidal.


  • Wide variety of playlists and podcasts
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Works with Apple CarPlay


  • Slightly expensive than competitors

10. Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a popular music streaming service that allows you to play, share and monetize music. It has an extensive catalog with more than 15 million podcasts, radio shows, and DJ mixes.

The platform has placed its content in different categories, making it a breeze to navigate. You will be able to discover your favorite music quickly by selecting the available categories, including Bass, Ambient, Deep house, Funk, Rap, Indie, etc.

Besides songs, MixCloud also has talk shows in multiple fields such as News, Education, Politics, Lifestyle, technology, and more. Also, it allows creators to upload unlimited shows and monetize them.


  • Offers a broad and diverse content
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Allows audio uploads in many formats


  • Several unexpected data charges

Bottom Line

Spotify is a dependable music streaming service, but other great alternatives will serve the same purpose or even better. As you can see above, each service has different pros and cons, functionality, and artist options. So, the decision will boil down to your preference and the value you get listening to music or podcasts.


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