Best Sports Documentaries on Netflix


Whether it be football, baseball, formula one, or basketball there are hundreds of amazing documentaries on Netflix that attract audiences who love sport or human competition. With the use of the Kodifiretvstick, you can access all of these documentaries and enjoy them.

The documentaries are so inspiring that people who do not enjoy sports are willingly watching sports and getting involved in all aspects of the sport. People are following the current games with avid interest, searching for what is the best sports spread betting site so they can add some more interest to the game and talk to their friends about what the best way to bet is.

People have seen so many inspiring people like Michal Jordan, Michael Schumacher, and Jose Mourinho that they want to get involved as much as they can in the world of sport.

So what are the best documentaries to watch on Netflix to inspire you to follow sports more religiously and use your Kodifiretvstick to watch all the live sport?

Sunderland Till I Die

This one is for the football fans. With two series showing Sunderland Football Club after their relegation from the Premier League and another relegation into League One. The two series show two different regimes and what seems to be a revolving door for players and managers.

With the glitz and glamour of the Premier League behind them, you see players who are trying their luck in the lower divisions either resurrecting their careers or trying to make a living. There is a human touch to this documentary when they interview the people of Sunderland alongside fly-on-the-wall style comedies like The Office when they interview the business people.

Last Dance

Many people said they would not have gotten through the pandemic without this documentary. With footage from the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season, the documentary follows the impact of all the players in that historic side that clinched their sixth championship in eight years.

With the focus mainly on Michael Jordan, you get an exclusive look into the way his brain works and how much of a serial winner he really is all the way from his upbringing in Brooklyn. Alongside him, we have interviews with Scottie Pippin, Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr, and Dennis Rodman. It really shows what it takes to be a professional basketball player and to play at the top of your game.


Arguably the best F1 driver of all time and he has won seven world championships in his career. However, in 2013 Schumacher suffered a brain injury that has changed the way he lives. The documentary however focuses more on the rise to fame from his amazing driving skills after debuting in F1 at just 23 years old.

His wife Corinna has a major role in narrating much of the documentary.

The documentary shows how eagle-eyed and focused on his ambitions of winning world championship after world championship and features some heavyweight names in the Formula One world.

Last Chance U

A documentary about colleges in the United States that are trying to help students have a crack at the NFL. The series has been so popular on Netflix that it has five seasons spanning across three different colleges. It focuses on underdog schools and looks at all aspects of life surrounding American Football.  You have honest interviews with players who were close to making it, coaches, and school liaison officers.

If American Football is not your cup of tea but basketball is then tune into the affiliated show called Last Chance U: Basketball to see how it is done on the court. It is equally heartwarming.

Dawn Wall

Two rock climbers are taking on their biggest challenge in the rock climbing world. Both Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson attempted to climb The Dawn Wall: a problematic 3,000-foot rock face in Yosemite National Park. Not only does it show the attempted week’s climb it also shows how tough it was to even attempt it given their background.

It is an amazing human story of resilience and the ability to keep persevering when it looks like all in front is too difficult.


There is nothing more jaw-dropping than this drug doping scandal of a documentary. It really was shocking to see the athletes at 2020 (took place in 2021) Olympics not representing their country of Russia. With Russia banned and participants taking part in the games under a ROC flag and nothing to symbolize Russia at all it is because of the drug scandal in 2018; the same year they hosted the World Cup.

This hard-hitting documentary by Bryan Fogel uncovers some dark secrets surrounding Russia and their preparation for the Olympic Games and even tracks down some of the key players in this operation of cheating.

The Playbook

Each episode looks into the life and drive of an elite coach who has coached at the top of their game in the respected sport. In five episodes executively produced by LeBron James, we see basketball Hall-of-Famer Dawn Staley, Serena Williams’ mentor Patrick Mouratoglou, football manager Jose Mourinho, the women’s U.S. national football coach Jill Ellis, and Doc Rivers the NBA coach.

You get an in-depth insight about how all these coaches were influenced, or not so with Mourinho, how they put their strategy into place, and what life is really like as the main person in charge. It deals with the highs and the lows but more importantly the drive that you need to succeed in the sport.

Athlete A

A soul-destroying documentary about the effects of the wicked doctor Larry Nassar and how he mistreated girls who were in his care. We have seen publically how athletes like Simone Biles were affected during the last Olympics but this documentary gives other top athletes the chance to speak out against the heinous crimes against their vulnerability and attack the organization who did not want to acknowledge what was happening to their budding young stars.

Elite athletes such as Rachael Denhollander, Jessica Howard, and Maggie Nichols all feature in this gripping documentary.


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