Windows 10 can get sluggish after normal use.  That’s why we compiled these 13 “tricks” to Speed Up Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and laptops.

Speed Up Windows 10:  13 Tricks to Make Your Computer Fast Again

  1. Eliminate malware with Super Antispyware (Free from – trusted free software provider of many years)
  2. Clear out crap with Glary (Ninite)
  3. Check disk space & remove large files with WinDirStat (Ninite)
  4. Malwarebytes Malware Remover (Ninite)
  5. Run hijackthis to make sure your browser isn’t hijacked. (Sourceforge)
  6. Clear browser caches (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) Ctrl+Shift+D.  Also see the section below this one to enable auto-cache clear in your browser (easy in Chrome, Firefox).
  7. Stop using shitty browsers (Internet Explorer is the worst).  Most people use Chrome or Firefox because they’re generally regarded as the “best” as far as performance, compatibility, and loading speed of pages. (Ninite)
  8. Remove extra icons from desktop.  Your PC must “render” these icons every time you view your desktop.  So reduce the amount of rendering your PC must do by removing extra icons from your desktop!
  9. Remove your desktop background completely. or use one that you verified is under 100KB in size!
  10. Uninstall unneeded programs with Revo uninstaller (Ninite)
  11. Disable unnecessary windows services (This is for Advanced Windows users who really know what they’re doing and don’t need to Google what this is!)
  12. Don’t keep too many tabs open in your browser.  If you need help, use our Chrome multi-Tab guide. (Chrome)
  13. Remove unneeded browser extensions / toolbars / addons.  This is particularly essential if you use Chrome, because Chrome users tend to have many browser add-ons enabled that slow down their PC.

Auto Clear Chrome on Exit

To automatically clear Chrome browsing data when you Close the browser, use these steps:

  1. Go to Chrome browser’s Settings area
  2. Then click “Advanced” at the bottom of the Settings page
  3. Now under Privacy and Security, click Content Settings to expand that area of the Chrome settings page.
  4. Then click “Cookies
  5. Now turn on “Keep local data only until you quite your browser“.
  6. Chrome will now auto-clear your cookies every time you exit Chrome!
  7. Alternatively, install the Click&Clean extension for Chrome (or Firefox, if you use Firefox).Click&Clean extension for Chrome


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Last Resort

If the steps above don’t work..

  1. Get a new PC.  You can get an Intel i7 top-of-the-line laptop from Amazon for under $1000.
  2. Re-install windows
  3. Get a new (solid-state) hard drive