10 Smartphone Accessories Cheaper than $100


The smartphone is the center of most people’s digital universe today, so finding the best accessories for your smartphone is almost as important as finding the best smartphone.

This search can instantly feel overwhelming because once you decide you need or want a new smartphone accessory, be it a battery, a fast charger, a cardholder case, a game controller, a screen protector, a case, or anything else that catches your eye, there is a sea of options available online which makes us confused. Choosing the best but under budget is important and we are here to help you out.

While this is not an exhaustive list of all the best 2022 smartphone accessories on the market, here are some of our favorites that you might find useful.

1. MagSafe

While the $39 MagSafe Charger is a useful accessory, the entire MagSafe ecosystem is worth taking a look at. The addition of magnets to the back of the iPhone 12 has allowed for a wide range of new accessories beyond simple charging options.

Apple itself has a few options, including the somewhat dubious MagSafe wallet, but I’m more interested in seeing what third parties are going to do with it. Peak Design, for example, has a range of mounts and cases that use MagSafe that look amazing.

2. Cardholder Cases

If you want complete protection of your smartphone plus want to keep other things inside the case then cardholder cases are the best choice. These are durable protective cases. It allows you to put your credit card, ID card, or any card on the backside of the case.

You can take the example of a20 cardholder cases here. It features a wallet or you can say a pocket on the backside of the cardholder case. It has a hard PC back cover but a soft TPU inner to protect your cell phone from scratches and damage.

3. Spider holder

Unusual stand with flexible legs. It helps to place the device in a variety of places: on the sofa, in the bathroom, and even on the handlebars of a bicycle – it depends only on your imagination and needs. Plus, the stand is suitable not only for phones but also for small tablets.

4. Popsocket

A small foldable ring for the back of your phone. Helps you comfortably hold the device or use it with one hand without fear of dropping it. If this model seems too strict to you, then take a closer look at the holder with cute animals.

5. Magnetic Cable

One of the most popular charging cables on AliExpress with over 11,000 orders. It is made of two parts that are connected to each other by a magnet. This is great for two reasons.

Firstly, with such a wire, the phone will not fly off the table if you stumble over the cord. Secondly, the plug after charging works as a plug, protecting the device connector from dust and dirt. Cable length 1 m or 2 m Available with attachments for iPhone, micro USB, and USB-C.

6. Protective Glass For iPhone

Another bestseller on AliExpress is 172,000 orders. Protective coating on the display will save the screen from cracks, scratches, and streaks.

The seller puts a special napkin in the kit with the order – she needs to degrease the surface of the phone before installing the glass. There are versions for iPhones of all models.

7. Hanging Mount

A silicone smartphone pendant is suitable for people who are afraid of losing their phone or simply do not want to carry it in their pocket.

An elastic mesh with a ring is put on the device, which is then attached to lace around the neck. A nice bonus is a ring itself. It can be used as a phone holder when not wearing the device around your neck.

8. Joystick Sucker

A coin-sized phone attachment that sticks to the screen and adds a physical joystick. Unlike the virtual one, it increases the accuracy of control – the finger does not sweat and slip off at critical moments. Suitable for smartphones and tablets with any screen size. There are three colors to choose from.

9. Lens Set

Three models are included for different types of shooting: macro, widescreen, and fisheye, so you can beautifully capture a flower, a sunset, and a cat with a funny “round” effect.

Suitable for iPhone 5 to 10 series and Samsung Galaxy S3 to S8. The seller also clarifies that if desired, the lens can be put on other smartphones, the main thing is to choose the size.

10. Helmet Glasses Of Virtual Reality VR Box 2.0

Experience a whole new experience of games, movies, and photos from the comfort of your home! Together with the VR BOX virtual reality helmet, you can immerse yourself in the magical and deep world of 3D. The helmet is universal, compatible with most smartphones, and has a massive library of high-quality content on both Android and IOS systems.

The helmet has a flexible mount, which allows you not to remove it from your head for a long time and at the same time not experience headaches and discomfort. Immerse yourself in the magical world of 3D and find yourself in a different reality without leaving your room!

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