Showbox Not Working – How to Fix + 7 Best Alternatives

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Is your Showbox not working? Are you wondering how to access your favorite app? Well, we may have some bad (and some good) news for you.

Bad news first, It’s not just you. Showbox has been blocked in several regions of the world leading to a huge spike in Showbox not working errors worldwide. The free streaming service has been banned due to pressure from the big television and movie production houses. It was hit with copyright infringement and intellectual property rights violation lawsuits, which caused the streaming app to cease operation. Initially, Showbox tried to rebrand itself, but since then, it has become increasingly difficult to access the platform in some parts of the world. 

The good news is, there are several completely working Showbox not working alternatives out there. You can switch over and enjoy your favorite streams without any interruptions. However, choosing an alternative isn’t always easy. You never know which substitute may infect your device with dangerous malware. Considering this problem, we went through several Showbox not working alternatives to find you the most secure and reliable ones. Let’s take a look at our recommendations.

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How to Fix Showbox Not Working

If you’re in one of the regions with Showbox not working problems, then the good news is that there’s a very easy solution that actually has a ton of side benefits beyond fixing Showbox not working issues. Using a good VPN will hide your location (as well as personal browsing data), allowing you to access content that is blocked in your country. This feature actually allows you to unlock a lot of region-restricted content on other streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube.

Since there are serious security risks that come with most free VPNs, and many paid VPNs have a tendency to slow your internet speeds down (no one wants buffering problems), we’ve set up a deal with our favorite safe, secure, and fast VPN service for KFire TV readers. Use our link to get a big discount on an extremely solid VPN service.

If you’d like to unblock content by hiding your browsing location or keep your browsing history private when you’re watching Porn on Firestick (we don’t judge), then we strongly recommend using a reliable VPN. To get started, check out our guide to get help installing a VPN on any device. If you’ve run into issues with Showbox not working, this is your best and most direct solution.

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Showbox Not Working? Don’t Worry! Use Alternatives

As good as Showbox was, it still has some problems (aside from the new Showbox not working problems). For instance, it isn’t always the most remote-friendly. To get the most out of Showbox, you have to install a mouse toggle application, which was somewhat of a hassle. Thankfully, the alternatives listed below don’t need any additional apps. They’re straightforward. Simply download & install the application, and you are set to stream. Besides, these replacement apps are just as good as Showbox. So without further ado, let’s take a look!


The best alternative for a Showbox not working replacement is Kodi. It’s a free, open-source media player that allows users to play most streaming media such as audio, video, and podcasts from the interwebs and digital files from the local network storage media. Simply install Kodi add-ons and start streaming!

As it is open-source, the software is continuously monitored, updated, and improved. The latest versions even have PVR & DVR support for receiving and recording live television programming. Endlessly customizable, Kodi supports almost every streaming device and OS (including Linux). 

The only downside is its rather complicated installation process. If you are a beginner, we have put up a detailed step by step guide to help you setup Kodi on your device. Also, while the media player itself is totally legal, some of the Kodi add-ons are not. This is where a VPN can come in really handy!

Despite the fact that Kodi isn’t similar to Showbox in terms of functionality, it offers the same convenience of watching unlimited free content whenever you want on your preferred device. 

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Tubi TV

Tubi TV lets users watch free movies and television shows online with intermittent advertisements. First launched in 2014, the streaming platform is owned by Fox-corporation. It is an entirely legal streaming platform and doesn’t require downloading any third-party apps.

All you need to do is sign-up for the service by providing your name, email address, and date of birth. Click on the verification email sent by Tubi TV, and you are done registering. You can then access the platform with your provided credentials.  

It has a robust streaming content catalog with new releases becoming available relatively soon. All the content comes from big production studios like Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers, etc. 

Its only drawback is that it is available only for US users. However, you can easily bypass the geographical restriction by using a trusted VPN service like IPVanish. No matter where you live, IPVanish allows you to connect to Tubi TV through US servers. 

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Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free, ad-supported entertainment platform. You can drop in to watch 250+ TV channels and thousands of other on-demand content options. Launched in 2013, this streaming service is owned by Viacom CBS and based in Los Angeles, California. Like Tubi TV, it is entirely legal. You can download its official app from all the major App Stores. Definitely not a bad option if you’re experiencing Showbox not working.

Its extensive streaming library consists of movies, TV shows, sports, and live broadcasts. The playback supports streaming HD content, and the range of content is extensive, making sure there is something for everyone in the house. Its ad breaks are structured more or less like traditional TV. 

The biggest advantage of Pluto TV is its accessibility via many different streaming devices, including desktop, mobile phones (Android and iOS), Mac OS, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Devices, Chromecast, Virgin Media, Xbox One, PS4, and Roku channel’s live section. 

Unlike Tubi TV, Pluto TV is available in the UK, Australia, and Europe besides the USA. It’s also accessible in some countries like Canada in a limited capacity because of domestic broadcasters holding the existing copyrights. People outside these regions can use a VPN or try other alternatives on this list. 

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Cinema HD APK

As the name suggests, Cinema HD APK is an Android Application that allows you to stream free content anytime and anywhere without any subscription or fees. There are no ads, and you can watch as much content as you want. What’s more, you can also download your favorite programs and watch later offline. If you’ve got Showbox not working issues, this is a great app to check out.

However, beware of downloading any copyrighted content. The app itself doesn’t download any content. All the streaming links are fetched from other resources. Therefore simply download the application on your device should not get you in any legal trouble anywhere in the world. However, to actually stream content (because that’s what you want to do, right?), it’s best to protect yourself with a VPN.

Its database is updated daily. So the sheer amount of the content available on the service is mind-boggling. To give you a glimpse, it has over 60 categories of movies and TV shows. Amazing, right? You can also change the language, interface colors, fonts, and primary media players, making it the most customizable Showbox alternative.  

The application works like a charm on many devices. These include Android, Smart TVs, Roku, Kodi, and Amazon Firestick. Unfortunately, it’s not supported Apple devices quite yet.

Cinema HD Firestick Fire TV


Showbox not working? No worries, try Crackle! Formerly known as Grouper, the OTT video streaming platform was acquired by Sony Entertainment back in 2006 and renamed to Crackle. Today it is jointly owned by Sony and Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. It provides original as well as acquired programming.

Because Sony owns the service, it houses hundreds of classic Sony movies. If you are a sucker for vintage feature films, Crackle is your guy. There are also some original movies and TV shows on the platform, but they’re not as popular (or as good) as original programs from other services.  

The best thing about Crackle is that there is no need to sign-up or register to use the service. The only benefit of signing up is the ability to organize your watch list. A useful feature of Crackle is that it allows users to search the catalog with the help of titles, actor names, and genres. 

Like other free streaming platforms, Crackle comes with a few trade-offs. First, you have to suffer through a substantial number of ads during every stream. And second, the original programs are lackluster. Still, reliable streams and a decent collection of movies make it worth checking out if Showbox not working. 

How to Install Crackle Android

Titanium TV

Terrarium TV used to be a great app before it got banned. It’s clone Titanium TV has been slowly rising in popularity in recent years. It looks and functions the same with similar user experience and an extensive catalog of movies and tv shows. 

What separates Titanium from the other Showbox not working alternatives on our list is its ability to integrate with Real Debrid. Which essentially means, you can get an even better streaming experience with full HD streams. 

It is straightforward to install on your Firestick and equally easy to use, whether you have used a similar app before or not. The app is remote-friendly, making for very smooth user interaction on Amazon devices and Android TV Boxes. 

It also allows you to resume the streams. So you can quit a stream midway, come back and continue later. Overall, it’s an excellent alternative for watching the latest movies or TV shows for free until you can afford to pay for premium services like Netflix.  

How to Install TItanium TV Firestick app

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform BitTorrent client which comes with an integrated media player. Thus unlike Torrents, you don’t have to wait and download the entire video before watching. Instead, you can begin streaming the content as soon as you click on it, making it perfect for when there’s a Showbox not working problem.

After the service was abruptly taken down by original developers in 2014, several forks have come forward, offering the same quality service as before on Android, Android TV, iOS, and other streaming platforms. The service is free of charge, and there are no restrictions on the amount of content you can watch.

Further, the legality of Popcorn Time depends on how you use the software. There’s always some risk associated with streaming content that is copyrighted and unlicensed. Additionally, the copyright laws differ from region to region. So check up on your local laws before downloading or distributing any content through this platform. 

In any case, use a reliable VPN service to stay on the safe side before using this Showbox not working alternative.

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Final Verdict

That’s about it. You can try any of these alternatives with confidence. And we hope it solves your Showbox Not Working.  problem. These are pretty much the same as Showbox as they offer similar free access to online content. With the help of these options, we hope you can find almost any program you are looking for. That’s all for this article. Happy streaming!

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