IPVanish 1 Month VPN Subscription (Up to 60% OFF with Coupon Code FIRETV25)

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$11.99 $7.50

Use this amazing IPVanish 1 Month VPN subscription to protect yourself when browsing ANY and ALL websites!  Also enjoy these added benefits:

  • Unblock restricted websites & Kodi add-ons
  • Cover your tracks
  • Hide your IP address
  • Can decrease Kodi buffering & find more sources

Here’s how to easily set up your VPN:

Make sure to use our exclusive FIRETV25 coupon code to take 25% off the already-low price.

This brings the final monthly price to $7.50/mo for the IPVanish 1-Month subscription.  That’s 38% off the normal price.


This is an IPVanish 1 Month VPN subscription.  Use the “Get IPVanish” button on this page and our exclusive Coupon Code FIRETV25 to take a total of 60% off!  IPVanish unblocks Kodi, protects your data from hackers at WiFi hotspots, and does a whole lot of other great things.

How much does IPVanish 1 Month subscription cost?

IPVanish costs $7.50/mo after you use our FIRETV25 coupon code with a 1 Month VPN subscription.

If you don’t use our IPVanish coupon code, the cost is $11.99/mo, which takes about 38% off their normal price of $11.99/mo.  So use our coupon code (FIRETV25) to get a total of 38% off IPVanish 1 month subscription!

This brings the price down from $11.99/mo to $7.50/mo.

So, you’ll pay a total of $7.50 for 1 month of IPVanish – that’s a great price, especially with their 7 day money back guarantee.

What does an IPVanish 1 Month VPN subscription do?

How do I set up VPN on Firestick?

Use my easy step-by-step tutorial that shows you How to Install the brand new Firestick VPN app.

How do I set up my router to use IPVanish VPN?

Or set up IPVanish on a particular $25 ASUS router with this YouTube tutorial video (below):

Use my Kodi VPN tutorial video to set up a router with IPVanish VPN service:

With the methods demonstrated in the VPN tutorial videos above, you gain several advantages:

  • There’s no need to connect your individual devices to the VPN using apps, since the VPN is handled by your router!  So, this is perfect for devices that don’t have built-in VPN capabilities, such as the Amazon FireStick.
  • A new WiFi network is created in your home that is always protected by your VPN
  • Your original WiFi network remains in-tact and un-changed.  Therefore, the new VPN WiFi network simply adds on to your existing setup.
  • Your new router has a VPN killswitch, so data will stop transmitting if the VPN connection drops momentarily to protect you from transferring unprotected data
  • The VPN router is easy to manage from any device, by pointing your browser to the router’s IP address (shown in the tutorial videos above)

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  1. Ian (KFire TV Admin)

    Allows you to securely connect all your devices to the world-wide IPVanish VPN network

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