Cetusplay APK is not a live streaming app. But it is a remote control for TV box, smart TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and many more devices. It is for the convenience of users because it’s not easy to handle such heavy task with a single remote. Cetusplay makes it possible!

Cetusplay is a universal TV remote that is compatible with all most all TV in the world. It has unflawed expertise as another to a TV remote with rather more amazing functions. It has the function of Mouse as well. It is useful for streaming media player that includes TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and many more. You can easily install it by searching for Cetusplay APK for the TV version.


Compatible with:

Cetuspay APK is compatible with all devices, including:

  • FireStick or Fire TV
  • Smart TV
  • All Android devices.


It is a Universal TV remote control suitable for all TVs worldwide.

Navigation modes

  • Direction-Pad
  • Touchpad
  • Keyboard mode
  • Mouse mode


Cetusplay APK is an app to launch other apps easily on TV. It is easy to use and has fast performance. It is a quick launching TV app.


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