How to Set Up IPTV AirTV on FireStick and Android

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Many people are looking for the best way to watch sports events. IPTV has quickly received the favor of consumers with an easy-to-use feature and excellent user experience. Today I will tell you how to use a service called IPTV AirTV on Firestick and Android.

Before that, let us introduce some basic knowledge about IPTV AirTV.

What is AirTV on Firestick

AirTV is a popular subscription-based IPTV service that can be installed on almost any Android device without any setup fee, easy setup, and fast activation.

One of the most stable IPTV services available for sports, movies, TV series, and news, offering over 1,000 live channels and over 3,000 of the latest and hottest VOD movies.

Features of AirTV on Firestick

  • Exclusive Content – AirTV offers global channels, categorized by country, including news, entertainment, Sports, PPV, and other live channels, including the UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, Greece, etc.
  • APP Install – AirTV is an Android-based IPTV service that is fast & easy to set up
  • Streaming Quality – The stream is very stable with no freezing, and no buffering channels.
  • Device Support – The AirTV app is compatible with all Android TV Boxes and Amazon’s Fire lineup of devices, including FireStick.
  • Free Trial – 3 Days Free Trial is available & Simple for testing.
  • TV Guide – Grid EPG /Classic EPG / Normal EPG support.
  • DIY Recording – AirTV Extra Package with Cloud PVR Function (Record Function, Saving in the cloud forever)
  • Catch Up TV – The AirTV Extra package has 7 Days of Catch up (playback) for the past seven days to revisit over 200 important channels and sports.

AirTV Extra Package now supports multi-devices with the family package. For the 2nd/3rd/4th devices, like cell phones or watching in the bedroom, suggest using the family package, which can save 60% OFF…

How to Sign Up for IPTV AirTV Service

The AirTV Store account is completely free to sign up for, and if you have an AirTV Store account, you can start a 3-day IPTV trial.  The registration process is simple. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create an account for the IPTV AirTV service

Create an AirTV store account

If you want to enjoy the wonderful live channels and VOD, the first step is to sign up for your own account, Step a simple operation.

In particular, for the AirTV service, you can rest assured that registering an account is free

Step1: Open the Chrome browser and search for the keyword “IPTV AirTV”, Click on the first result.

Step2: Click the ‘Register’ link at the top of their website

Step3: Click the “Register now” button

Step4: Enter Username, Email, Password, and check I’m not a Robot and click Register

Note: Please make sure you enter the correct email address.  Create a password and remember it.  After you click register, IPTV AirTV will send you an email, open your email, find the activation email AirTV sent to you, click the activation link, and your account registration is successful. Please note that the activation message may be in your spam mailbox.

Start a Free IPTV Trial or Subscription

You can get a free 3-day trial after you sign up for your account. Get the free trial of IPTV, Choose IPTV AirTV products you want to try for free, AirTV or AirTV Extra & AirTV Extra Sub-Device. Everyone can only get IPTV free trial code once.

Follow me. Here’s how to get a free trial or subscription

Step1: First, log in to your account on the IPTV AirTV home page

Step2: Click on the ‘subscription’ page, there are three types of a free trials.

Step3: Choose the right version to enjoy the 3-day free trial. Here suggest choosing AirTV Extra, the plus version with full function!take a iptv trial for airtv

Note: Get IPTV trial code – Subscription Code Auto-Delivery System of Website: Sending automatically in 5 Seconds

Step 4: Check the free trial code, Please check your trial code in the user center, MY ACCOUNT -Orders -Code (This is Your IPTV Code)

Note: This is your Activation Code needed for the app after it’s installed on your device. You must enter the code into the app, this will connect the app to the AirTV IPTV service, making it easy for you to watch TV online.

After the trial, it’s up to you to subscribe.  Some sports were not included in the trial, but it seemed all the others were. No credit card is required during the trial period.  When purchasing any subscription package, you must use a Visa card or MasterCard

How to Install IPTV AirTV on Firestick

Firestick is popular right now, but the installation process is a bit cumbersome, which is one of the reasons we wanted to share the installation steps with you. You can simply use this as a guide and install AirTV on Firestick.  You can then continue to enjoy the existing content.

Allow Third-Party Apps

Enabling apps from unknown sources on Firestick gives you access to all the great content and Android APK apps not yet accepted by The Amazon App Store.

Once you enable an app from an unknown source, the entire Android APK world is open to you. So to install IPTV AirTV on Firestick, all you need to do is open an unknown source.

  1. On your Amazon Fire home page, press Up to select the navigation tabs. Scroll to the right until you reach the Settings option and click on it.
  2. Select Device > Developer Options. Scroll down to the option “Apps from Unknown Sources” and make sure it says ON (click on it if it doesn’t).unknown app on firestick

Get Downloader App

You must download and install the Downloader app on Firestick. There are other compatible devices you can use whereas the Downloader may or may not be required. Don’t worry, I will provide instructions on how to install the Downloader app.

  1. Launch to open Google Play and search for Downloader.downloader app on firestick
  2. Click on the Downloader icon and then press Install. Allow Downloader any permissions it requests. When it is done downloading, click Open to launch it.

Install IPTV AirTV on FireStick

When you complete the last step of the downloader installation, you will see a blinking cursor in the download address bar.  Here you will enter the IPTV AirTV app player URL, APK

Download links for three versions of AirTV on Firestick

  • AirTV (Blue):
  • AirTV Extra (Red):
  • AirTV Extra Sub-Device:

Finally, click Download – Install – Done. Wait for a few seconds as the IPTV app starts to load on your screen.

How to Use IPTV AirTV on Firestick

First, If you want to use AirTV on Firestick after you complete the download steps above, you can open the main page of the AirTV App and click the ‘Settings’ button

Then enter the activation codeactivate iptv on firestick

Note: You can find the Activate Code from your AirTV ‘My Account’ on the website, Log on to the AirTV website>My Account>Orders>Code (This is your IPTV code)

Well, if you have an AirTV subscription, you can enjoy the features it contains, such as an EPG guide, add to favorites, catch up on TV, and also enjoy watching movies, news, sports, and more. British channels are great.

Switch the EPG style

What I want to mention here is that AirTV IPTV features the EPG guide, They have three types of EPG, normal EPG, Classic EPG, and Grid EPG, and they offer electronic program guides for so many channels.

There are more EPG details, which is really great because a lot of vendors are there asking for money to get an EPG.

  1. You can click here to switch EPG type, open the home screen – click Settings – click Misc.- scroll to EPG mode epg (tv guide) on iptv airtv
  2. Then choose your favorite EPG guide

Using the Catch-Up TV Feature

IPTV AirTV offers a 7-day catch-up function, which makes it even better than the other variety. The AirTV catch-up feature will help you a lotcatch up tv on iptv airtv

It has many features

  1.  7 Day Catch Up – Lots of channels have the ability to be able to watch any show aired in the last 7 days
  2. Many of their channels are in true TV providing superb picture quality and most channels have 7day catch-up so you’ll never have to miss your favorite program again!!
  3. IPTV AirTV Catchup is a great service available to you that some internet TV providers offer that gives you the chance to go back in time to Live programs that get automatically recorded for you.
  4. With 7 days catching up, you do not need to get up at midnight for a sport anymore.

Record Favorite Shows on IPTV AirTV

IPTV AirTV has a recording function, where you can add your favorite program, when you want to find it next time, directly in the storage, you can directly open it to watch, it will save a lot of time, and is convenient.

You can record live channels when clicking the Live icon on the main screen. When playing a live channel, you can open the ‘EPG Detail’ (TV Guide) screen with 3 bottoms at the bottom (Play, Record & Record Series).record iptv on airtv

Click the ‘Record’ button and you will be prompted on-screen with ‘Add Record Task Success’ when the recording has begun. You can also schedule a recording when clicking the ‘Record Series’ button.

I won’t go through all the details and steps here. I suggest opting into the AirTV Free Trial first to test everything on your device.

Add Favorite Channels

You can add live channels to Favorites as well as on-demand videos to Favorites. There are two sections for Favorites: One for live TV and one for videos.add favorites channels on iptv airtv

Tell nonsense, let us see how to do it.

  1. When the channel is playing on full screen, press the Firestick remote and click Settings. The account information screen appears. Scroll down to Fav Manage. You will see a list of channel names in numerical order, each with a gold asterisk.  
  2. Simply scroll right under the Current Favorites area and select a channel to add to your favorites. The empty Venus is now filled. You can click the fill gold asterisk for a channel to remove it from your favorites. You will now see an empty Venus. 
  3. To find channels to add to favorites while golden stars fill the channels, simply click the middle button on the ring on the Firestick remote to get EPG(TV Guide). Scroll left to the list of TV shows, 
  4. Then scroll up/down to highlight the Favorites section. 
  5. You will now see the channels you added to the favorites. Just click on the channel you’re interested in.

IPTV AirTV Other Compatible Devices

Here’s a list of compatible devices that you can use. However, only one device can be used when choosing the AirTV Standard or AirTV Extra subscription. You can add two more devices when adding an AirTV Sub-Devices subscription for an additional cost.

Android Smart TVSamsung Android PhoneZgemma   Vu Plus
Android TabletNVIDIA Shield   Dreambox (All Versions)Enigma 2 (All Versions)
Android PAD, SmartphonesSmart TV(Android OS)FireStick & Fire TV BoxXiaomi Phone/Boxes

Whether you have or don’t have any of the compatible devices above, I recommend buying/using the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s cheaper in price but a powerful streaming media device. It comes with remote control and Alexa voice (voice commands).

You can search and find many different types of apps including an app to install Apk files which are very important when using the Firestick device.

IPTV AirTV Package Pricing

AirTV offers a three days Free IPTV trial, during which customers can evaluate whether the service meets their needs.

Each of the three categories of subscriptions comes with a 3-day trial link. These three links will take you to the same free trial page, where you select the subscription categories you want, such as AirTV, AirTV Extra, and AirTV Extra Sub-devices.

I highly recommend all users try the service before purchasing a subscription.

Free Trial

Some important sports channels are available only by subscription

AirTVEPG, 1000+ Live, 3000+ VOD, PPV, 3days trial$0
AirTV ExtraAll Standard Package, Catch UP, Cloud PVR, VOD with Valued Sport$0

Subscription Plan

Subscription PeriodAirTV costAirTV Extra cost
1 month$19.99$32.99
3 months$49.99$79.99
6 months$79.99$129.99
12 months$139.99$199.99

How to Contact the AirTV Support Team

You can contact them at any time and they get back to you and answer your questions. But English is not their first language, but you can basically understand what they are telling me. 

You can contact them via a support email, contact information, or a chatbox on their website.

How to Install AirTV APK on Android TV Box

If you want to install AirTV APK on an Android TV box, you can do that, too. Follow my step-by-step tutorial, Simple Steps

Step1: Open your Android TV box and hit the Settings button 

Step2: Click Security & Restrictionssecurity & restrictions on android tv box

Step3: Open Unknown Sources, Choose On, Then select OKunknown sources install on android tv box

Step4: Open Chrome browser and search for the keyword “IPTV AirTV“, Click on the first result. Go to the Download page and select the version type to download

Step 5: Waiting for the download to complete

Step 6: Click on the Explorerinstall iptv on android

Step 7: Click on the Download folder and find the AirTV app you just downloaded

Step 8: Click Install

Step 9: Open the AirTV APP and Click Settings

Step 10: Enter your IPTV activation codeiptv activation on android

Enjoy the best IPTV streaming service

How to Install the IPTV AirTV App on Android TV Box via USB Flash Drive?

  1. Change the settings in your Android TV Box to “install Apps from unknown sources”. Usually, this will be under settings >> security settings.
  2. Download the apk file to the USB
  3. Connect the USD to the USB port of the TV Box
  4. Go to Explorer and find the APK file
  5. Wait until the IPTV app is installed

Does IPTV AirTV need a VPN?

With the rise of IPTV streaming taking over the older ways of satellite boxes and cable boxes VPNs have been running alongside offering great benefits to IPTV users that cover extra performance and privacy as opposed to not using a VPN.

One of the main issues we currently see in the IPTV market is internet providers being forced to live block IPTV servers when there is a football game on. This has a big impact if your IPTV providers get blocked as the block can last for over 4 hours and you miss the game you have been waiting to watch.

Luckily IPTV AirTV does not have this issue so you don’t need to use a VPN at all but sometimes it may be more beneficial to use one to make sure you are getting the best performance without any ISP bandwidth throttling which they can sometimes do.

You can learn more about VPNs in this article


IPTV AirTV is a UK-based IPTV, is inarguably one of the best services available in the provided location, with a good range of high-quality channels from the UK and Europe with consistent service, and a robust EPG experience.

There are some ups and downs, which are to be expected in the IPTV world, but it is still one of the most reliable services available. So, if you want to save some money while getting a dependable service, give it a shot.


1. What is IPTV AirTV?

AirTV is a Stable IPTV service that provides live channels at an affordable price.

2. What Channels Does IPTV AirTV Offer?

AirTV has over 1,000 Live channels in several categories including news, entertainment, sports, international, and more. Also, it has over 3,000 Movies & TV Series, and so on.

3. Does IPTV AirTV Support a Free Trial?

Yes, there is a 3Days Free Trial subscription code available.  You can get it from our website automatically or contact us directly.

4. What Devices Can This Service Be Installed On?

IPTV can run on Android devices like Android Smart TV, Samsung Phone, PAD, Tablet, Android TV Box, Firestick, FireTV, Shield TV, NVIDIA SHIELD Box, Formuler OTT, Formuler TV Box, Enigma2 DVB Box, and so on.

Recommended IPTV Internet Speed?

Recommend the internet speed is above 4Mbps(4Mbps for download and around 1Mbps for upload), so you can watch the channels smoothly without issues. Frankly, in most homes in Europe, the internet speed is better than 4Mbps.  Also, you can check here at to see your internet speed.


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