How to Save Android Battery (+ Video)

This short tutorial video + written guide shows you How to Save Android Battery.  We walk you through the step-by-step process of adjusting your phone’s settings and apps to make sure you’re not stuck with a doorstop-of-a-phone when you need your phone most.

How to Save Android Battery

  • Keep the following OFF whenever you’re not actively using them: WiFi, Bluetooth, Location, HotSpot.  All of these are huge power draining services.
  • Adjust your screen brightness to be less than 100% brightness
  • Change your screen timeout duration to be 1 minute or less
  • Download and install an App Killer (also known as an Android Application Manager) to automatically close apps that get left open by the Android system
  • Regularly close apps on your phone that are open and not actively being used by you
  • Utilize the somewhat hidden power of Power Saving mode on your phone (and “Ultra” Power Saving mode on some phones)

How to Make Android Phone Faster

  • Use Nova Launcher (free) to replace the clunky Google Launcher (aka Google Now Launcher) with something “lighter” that doesn’t take as much memory to run, but still performs as well (and in fact, much better).  This has the power to bring an old Android back to life.
  • Utilize an App Killer mentioned in the section above
  • Uninstall apps with a multi-uninstaller app called Uninstaller

What Can I Do With My Android Phone?

  1. Install Kodi on Android to watch movies & TV
  2. Use your Android phone as an Android surveillance camera, or use your phone to monitor a surveillance camera
  3. Install Nova Launcher to speed up your Android phone and get rid of the Google Now launcher bloatware

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Wrap Up

To save Android battery, it really comes down to limiting and/or removing the things on your phone that take the most resources: The screen, the programs / apps you have running, and the services running (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc).

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