Samsung Fire TV Fix: TV Recognizes Fire Stick But Won’t Detect a Signal

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If you have an old or new Samsung TV that recognizes your FireStick but won’t detect a signal, try this Samsung Fire TV Fix to get your Fire Stick displaying properly.  The problem in this case is that the TV shows ‘No signal Detected’, even though Anynet seems to see the Fire Stick just fine.  Keep reading to see how to fix it:

Samsung Fire TV Fix

  • Problem: A user on Reddit reports that their Samsung PS50A557S3FXXU (50″ 1080p HD Plasma Television) television won’t see the Fire Stick properly when plugged into the side HDMI ports or the secondary rear HDMI port.  Using the Anynet+ feature on the Samsung TV, the Fire Stick is “seen” but not “displayed”.
  • Solution: Plug the Fire Stick into the primary rear HDMI port.  The FireStick works just fine in the primary rear port, so this should work as your Samsung Fire TV fix.  Note: To do this, you may have to remove the TV from the wall (if wall-mounted).  So be careful and put that Fire Stick in the main port on the rear of the TV.

How to Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs use an Operating System called Tizen OS.  See our guide on How to install Kodi on Tizen OS.  Tizen OS is its own thing entirely – and is separate from Android, iOS, Windows or any other operating system.

Since there has been no version of Kodi released for the Tizen OS, this means that Kodi cannot be directly installed onto a Samsung TV (which runs Tizen OS).

Therefore, to install Kodi on Tizen OS (Samsung Smart TVs) we simply add an Android TV box to the Smart TV to provide the Smart TV with Kodi functionality.

  • See our list of Smart TVs that run Android in case you feel like buying an Android TV that will “natively” support installing Kodi via Android OS.

Related Fixes

  • I’ve seen the issue many time where the Fire TV shows a blank screen and won’t wake up.  If you’re having the Fire TV Blank Screen issue, there’s most likely a simple solution that’ll fix it.
  • Due to the nature of Kodi and its worldwide movie Sources, Fire TV Buffering is a common occurrence that we can actually minimize substantially.  The processing power of your streaming device, for example, is a huge factor in how often your Fire TV Stick will stutter and buffer, so check out our guide to fix buffering.
  • Many Kodi users are using Kodi on their Fire TV or Fire Stick.  If this is you, you should also check out our Kodi Buffering guide.  Even if you watch Kodi on a non-Fire Stick device, you should still see how you can minimize Kodi buffering.

Wrap Up

If this fix doesn’t work for you, try our Fire Stick Blank Screen troubleshooting guide.  Let us know how this fix attempt works for you on the KFire YouTube channel.

Thanks 1000thSon.  You rock!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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