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Since cell phones have turned into an essential part of our lives, the ‘Samsung Find My Mobile‘ services can be a crucial preventive measure against the loss of your cell phone. On the off chance that you have lost your mobile phone, attempt the ‘Locate My Mobile’ service.

You can remotely find your lost cell phone, back up data put away on the gadget to Samsung Cloud, lock the screen, and even block access to Samsung Pay. You can likewise erase all data set apart on your device.

So, assume that you’ve quite recently lost a new Samsung Galaxy cell phone. It’s OK! You’re fine.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile application is here to help. It’s free, and on the off chance that you marked into your Samsung account when you previously set up the phone, at that point it’s as of now set up.

Suppose that you have the phone to hand. Rather than trusting that something grievous will occur, take a couple of minutes right currently to guarantee to Find My Mobile is enabled and set up on your Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

On the other hand, Google as of now offers a similar application for all Android gadgets, and there’s nothing amiss with it, yet Samsung’s service for its very own devices gives you greater usefulness.

Note: Not all carriers support Find My Mobile. If you can’t Find My Mobile on your Galaxy gadget, then you can download Google’s Find My Device application through the Play Store. It might even as of now be installed on your device already.

To learn more about Samsung Find My Mobile from the official site, go to

How to Enable Find My Mobile feature in your Smartphone

What is Samsung Find My Mobile?

In the case when you are unable to locate your mobile phone, you should use Find My Mobile application to locate your smartphone.

Please make sure that your mobile phone ring at its highest volume if it is nearby to you. If still, you are looking for your phone, you can remotely lock the screen of your mobile automatically, lock Samsung Pay as well as the power button.

Find My Mobile app allows you to check the latest call logs for up to 50 missed calls which have come to your mobile. In a situation, if you need to erase your complete data from the device, then Find My Mobile application has the feature to do this.

Steps to setup Samsung Find My Mobile feature on your smartphone

  • Go to the settings menu and click on the Lock Screen and Security Option
    Settings > Lock Screen and Security Option

Steps to setup Samsung Find My Mobile feature on your smartphone

  • Click on Find My Mobile option inside Lock Screen and Security tab
    Lock Screen and Security > Find My Mobile

Click on Find My Mobile option inside Lock Screen and Security tab

  • In the final step, you can adjust your settings according to your requirements
    In the final step you can adjust your settings according to your requirements

Below are the details for each option

  • Remote Controls: Enable your mobile phone to be controlled remotely using your Samsung account through
  • Google Location Service: Enable the Google location feature to provide more accurate information about the location of your mobile phone.
  • Send Last Location: Send Last Location will give you access to your mobile to send the last location to the Find My Mobile Application server in the case of batters falls below the criterion percentage.

Steps to create an account on

create an account

  • Next step is to fill the registration form with correct information.

registration form

  • The last step is to verify your email address and signed into your account.

verify your email address

This was all about how to set up Find My Mobile feature in your Samsung smartphone for future protection, now in the next section, and I’ll demonstrate you what should you do if you have lost your mobile phone.

What should you do if you have lost your Samsung Mobile Phone?

Don’t fear, Find My Mobile feature will help you to track your mobile phone and protect your valuable, personal data. Even if you have forgotten your password or PIN Find My Mobile will help you to unlock your password or PIN.

To use the service of Find My Mobile feature, you must have signed in to your Samsung Account on your mobile phone.

To use the Samsung Find My Mobile Service you must have,

  • Setup Samsung account on your mobile device
  • Allow Google to collect your location information

Tracking Process

Samsung Find My Mobile
Samsung doesn’t have any app that you can use on another android phone to track your lost Samsung mobile device.

In case you have not the Samsung mobile phone you can use any mobile and desktop browser to visit Once you have opened the website, please log in to your account and select the device you are looking for.

If your device is power on, then you can see its current location and battery percentage. A side popup will also have a series of cautions to take on the lost mobile phone.

  • Ring
  • Lock
  • Erase data
  • Back up
  • Retrieve calls and messages
  • Unlock
  • Extend battery life
  • Set guardian

Most of the features are self-explanatory. You can explore each element to learn more about the provided functions.

For example, the extended battery option will help you to track your device for a long time. In the set Guardian option on your behalf, you can allow a family member or your friend to login to your Find My Mobile to locate or control your device.


This article showed you how to locate your mobile phone to lose your Samsung device.  But KFireTV has many more tech tutorials for you!

We mainly focused on Samsung devices.  But you can apply this method on other mobile phones also if they have the feature of finding my mobile.



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