How To Install Safehouse Movie Kodi Addon

This article is a guide with a complete tutorial (with screenshots) on how to install the Safehouse Movie Kodi addon. 

Safehouse movie kodi addon is developed for Kodi by Dandymedia. After having this Kodi Addon installed, you can watch movies seamlessly. It is one of the most loved Kodi addons that allows you to install video on your system. Safehouse movies are provided to the users in a very high quality. So, if you love to watch movies online, then keep reading to see how to install Safehouse movie addon on Kodi.

The article discusses how to install Safehouse Movie Kodi addon by providing you step by step guides.

Install Safehouse Movie Kodi Addon

You can install Safehouse movie addon in Kodi by following the steps given below:

1. Start Kodi on your Firestick, Fire TV, PC, or any Kodi-enabled device.

2. Select the “Settings” menu, which is a small “Gear symbol” in the top left corner of the Kodi home screen.  See the screenshot below.

Streamhub Kodi Addon

4. Then choose “File Manager.”

Install Streamhub Kodi Addon

5. Now, click on the “Add Source” option given in the left-navigation panel.

installing Streamhub Kodi Addon

6. A popup will window will now appear on your screen with the title “Add file source.” Select “None” in the empty box visible on your screen and enter this link:

Streamhub Kodi

7. Click “OK.”

Kodi Addon Install

8. You now need to name this addon. You can keep a name of your wish, but a suitable name is “Safehouse.” After naming it, click “OK.”

Streamhub Addon

9. Return to the home screen now.

10. Select “Add-ons” in the left-panel, and then select “My Addons.”

Streamhub Kodi Add-on

11. On the top left of the screen, you will see the Package installer icon; click on it.

12. Select “Install from zip file” and then click on “Safehouse.”

install addon from zip Streamhub Kodi Addon

13. Now, click on “Noobs and Nerds Repo (x.x) zip.”

Stream hub Kodi Addon

14. Now click on “Install from repository” and then select ‘noobsandnerds Repository.’

15. Click on “Video add-ons” and now finally select “SafeHouse Movies” and hit the “Install” button.

16. Then wait for the “Add-on enabled” notification to arrive. Once you receive that information, you can go back to the home screen of Kodi, from where you need to select “Add-ons” and then hit the “SafeHouse Movies.”

By following the above simple steps, you can install SafeHouse movies in Kodi to get great streaming links. The streaming sources available in SafeHouse movies are very reliable.


SafeHouse Movies is a favorite movie addon of Kodi lovers. It allows the users to watch movies in both HD and SD quality based on your Internet speed. It has an easy navigation system, which makes it further simpler for the users to quickly search for their favorite movies. However, it should be noted that before using the SafeHouse Movies Addon Kodi, one needs to have Open-load Pairing on Kodi.

  • Did you know there are over 1000 Addons for Kodi?  Safe house addon is just 1!  Check out some Kodi Builds, which are “big packages” of many addons.  Basically, this saves you time so you don’t have to install add-ons one-by-one!

After installing SafeHouse Movies, you will at least have an addon that will give you functioning links for streaming your movies. It is a third party add-on; therefore, it is advised that you use a VPN before using the SafeHouse Movies addon Kodi.

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