Roku Private Channels – How to Add Amazing TV to Your Roku

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Roku is simple and easy to use device with astonishing features. It has simple remote access and its main feature “Roku search” makes it undemanding to find contents or streams. Users get unlimited streaming access to over 5,000 (hidden and private) paid or free channels.  Below is how to install Roku private channels, as well as a list of Roku private channels.

Roku is a plug and play device which only requires a Wi-Fi connection.  It also has the ability to stream Roku private channels that can’t be found on the Roku channel store. These private channels and apps are present in the Roku channel store but they are not opened to the public.

Roku Private Channels - Remote and Stick

It’s possible that they are private is because they may contain adult materials or they may be a beta version or they are unofficial third party channels without an official application. In this scenario, users cannot access these channels directly. They can only install them by using a secret link or code.

For setting up the Roku streaming device, connect it to an HDMI port of a smart TV. It will take you through a series of steps for initial setup. Connect Roku to Wi-Fi router and proceed with on-screen instructions to sign up or log in to your Roku account. After finishing the basic procedures, you can install some default apps including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, VLC, and a lot more.

Roku Pre-Insstalled Channels

Roku has some preinstalled channels by default and official channels can be added from the Roku channel store. There are many other third party free channels available on Roku and these channels can be accessed via channel invitation code.

Roku Private Channels - Roku Channels

These channels can be added through the “Manage account – Add channel” option. This process works for both official and private channels.

Roku is a great way to access entertainment by just using Wi-Fi connection and smart TV.

How to Add Roku Private Channels

  1. Visit Roku’s official website and sign up or log in to an existing Roku account. After signing in, there will be several options available. Select “Add channel” under manage account.
  2. The next page will pop-up, prompting a user to add the code of a specific channel.Roku Private Channels
  3. Enter the Roku Private Channel code
  4. Click Add channel.
  5. A warning page will pop-up, warning the user about the third party channels. Click on OK and continue.
  6. After the warning page, there will be a confirmation page. Select “Yes, add channel” to allow your actions.
  7. After the add channel confirmation, It will take about 24 hours for the new channel to show on Roku device. This time duration can be checked by going to “Settings -> System -> System update -> Check now“.

Watching Roku private channels are quite risky as they are streamed through secret codes and these channels are not officially supported by Roku. Thus, its entirely upon users to watch these channels anonymously. User anonymity can be assured by using VPN service since VPN  connections masks users IP address and replaced by a dummy IP address.

This way, users can get safe access to these private Roku channels. Some channels are geo-restricted and aren’t available to some countries. But users can use VPN connections to watch these private Roku channels in restricted countries.

Best Roku Private Channels


This channel is dedicated to wilderness related programs for hunters, nature enthusiasts, and outdoor survivalists. It offers mesmerizing content and interesting people in nature. It contains both VOD and live broadcast of programs like America’s wilderness, Secrets of stealth camping, Alone in the wilderness, etc. This channel is a perfect replacement for Animal Channel and National Geographic Channel.

The channel also features fishing, hunting, nature, survival training, and they also have a show to Man vs Wild on this channel.


Nowhere TV is one of the oldest Roku private channels which shows its success and attention-grabbing ability of its users. This channel has grown into a rich audio and video podcasts library. Nowhere is a mixed bag of video content but still it’s really fun to use it and it is recommended by many people. There are many types of contents are supplied by ABC, CBS, BBC, NBC, HBO, PBS, and more at the moment.

There is also various content related to NHL, MLB, motorsports, and similar types of content. The important thing to mention is that nowhere TV is 100% legal and uses online available sources of content. It enables user to stream khan academy learning videos, Bloomberg news live, government focused channels like CNN International, BBC, C-SPAN, the pentagon channel, the john green’s crash course, TED talks, NASA TV, white house press, Hubblescast HD, international interviews from al Jazeera (English, Arabic, and American), adult swim shows, and universal sports network.

Users can access all these within a single TV channel and it has additional supporting apps to give a better user experience. These apps include Twitter, news feed, music, and a lot more. All these apps can be accessed by a unique code. These apps are:

Nowhere bullet: it’s a screensaver app which shows user pushbullet notifications.
Nowhere tweet: it’s a twitter reader app and screensaver.
Nowhere vine: this app aids to play vines on user Roku.


This private channel is devoted to iTunes podcasts which is free of cost. This channel does not need an iPhone as it does not need an iTunes account to function. Users can browse various types of podcasts, including top podcasts, favorite podcasts, and they can also search for something specific. This Roku channel servers have both audio and video podcasts.


The Spacetime Free is an amazing and astonishing channel recommended for those who love astronomy. This private Roku channel utilizes publicly available content supplied by space agencies around the globe. Its major content comes from NASA which is known for high-resolution footages Right now, users can find different kinds of content related to astronomy on this channel.

The channel currently features the following categories: solar system, deep sky, historical, astrophysics, and space travel.


Roku Movies is a channel type for public domain movies. It does not require a subscription and totally free. The majority of movies present on the web are public domain movies. Roku Movies is all about that particular type of content and it features public domain movies which are legally free to stream.

There are around 140 titles available right now and users will find various kinds of movie genres including horror, action, science fiction, mystery, comedy, and much more. There is a nice content of silent films as well.


Lode Runner Remake is a channel type of classic video games. No subscription is required to access this channel. Originally released in 1983, Lode Runner Remake is a puzzle-oriented game. Avid gamers also know it as ‘Miner’ or ‘Kong’. Based upon its initial success, the Lode Runner series spans various games for different types of platforms and computer systems. Enhanced game remote for Roku is required for playing this game.

Players can choose from three different modes which are classic, championship, or professional and it features hundreds of levels and various types of complexity.


Nowhere coin is bitcoin tracker (screensaver) type channel. It does not require any subscription. It is entirely free of charge channel. Many people are interested in bitcoins and have invested in the cryptocurrency. There are high fluctuations in the bitcoin’s value on daily bases and there are many sources to track these fluctuations in its price.

Nowhere is one of the arsenals of tools that tracks the fluctuating price of bitcoin. Nowhere coin is a simple Roku channel and this is a screensaver that aids users to turn their TV into a bitcoin price tracker. It may seem simple, but it gets the job done.


Update my channel is a type of auto-update software for Roku channels. It does not require subscription and users may enjoy upgrading their channels manually. However, some would like to automate this process of update and here comes the “update my process” to play.

This is a private Roku channel which is designed to assist users to upgrade other Roku channels, without having to navigate the main screen. Aside from forcing Roku channels to update with ‘update my channels’, this channel plays another role.

This channel can be used to update Roku daily, in the background, so users can always have the freshest content.


This channel provides video and audio backdrop for TV. Subscription is not required and is free of cost. Access code for Relax time is VRQHQ. One can find thousands of YouTube videos that are used as a relaxing background for TV but now another solution is available in the form of Roku Called ‘Relax Time’.

This channel is one of the Roku private channels that serve to bring peace in one’s home. Video in Relax Time has a time duration ranges from 30 min to 8 hours when any video played a nature scene with nature sound appeared and soothes your mind. These videos are filmed by a stationary camera that runs without any interruption.


The access code for this channel is ROLLEM. Silent movie channel is available on-demand; subscription is not required and is free of cost. There are several public domain channels that provide this service but Roku is a better alternative. There are many genres to choose from this channel which offer the best silent movies.

If you are into old movies then silent movie channel is the best option for you. One can get more information on this channel on Facebook. One can stay in touch with developers and it does not require updates all the time.


Bloomberg TV+ has Live TV channel feed and on-demand videos. These videos include business and financial news. This channel does not require any subscription. It is free of cost with access code BTVPLUS. It is one of the most popular TV stations related to business and finance. Bloomberg TV is available on various devices and platforms along with Roku.

One can find any type of content here. It provides a live feed of the channel and individual episodes of network’s shows are also available here.


One of my personal favorite!  This channel offers Live-stream and on-demand sports including adrenaline-packed sports usually. No subscription is required as it is free of cost. Access code for Red Bull TV is REDBULL TV. It brands around adrenaline-filled sports and company’s TV network is an important part of it. Red Bull TV provides the latest events of MBT, rally, esports, high diving, skiing, and motorsports. One can also watch this content without any fee on the web by using various platforms of Roku. Although it is free of cost, a subscription is needed to add it to Red Bull TV channel to Roku account then it is ready to go.


This is a live feed European TV channel. It does not require any subscription and is free of cost. Access code for this channel is DNLMPK. MultiLive is a mixture of European TV channels. One can find TV channels from the Netherlands, France, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Haiti, and Berlin. This might be a niche Roku channel according to us.


Rokucast has Google chrome casting (HTML5 content). Neither Subscription is required nor charges are demanded so it is free of cost. Access code for Rokucast channel is CL9D5D. It helps you to cast HTML5 content from chrome to your Roku player. For such a great system one needs to follow two points. First, you should install the Google Chrome extension from GitHub.

Second, you need to install a private Roku channel that will help you to view the history of recently cast videos. Just with a bit of work, you will be able to have this system and play a large number of videos from any computer that you have with the help of Roku.


It provides a complete weather forecast and it does not require any subscription. Access code for this amazing channel is Radar. It is considered as one of the best and highly recommended private channels on Ruko.

A user can install different apps for weather forecast but only a few of them is trustworthy. So, Weather Radar on Roku is a top channel for users with sizeable features. One can trust the information available on this channel.

Few best Roku private channels are available online and these channels can be installed on your device as an unofficial app with their access codes. They can be used for better streaming. Some of these channels are given below in the table along with their access codes:

Sr. No.


Access code



Redbox Digital Beta








Neon Party Games


$1.99( for not showing adds)


Back from the Grave




Al Jazeera








Hero Talkies




Syntrix Beta




Great Chefs




Ace TV




Roku Movies








Super Stalker




Toonami Aftermath TV




Nowhere TV












Unoffical Twich

Twich TV



m3u Black




The Internet Archive




Maddy Mation










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