In this tutorial, we shall give two tutorials for adding ringtones for android phone.   First, we show you how to add ringtones using Google Play Music.  Then we show you how to add ringtones to Android using free third-party apps.

Method A) Add Ringtones for Android Phone using Free Apps:

  • Zedge: Zedge is a trusted app if you want to personalize your phone, tablet or other android device with free ringtones for android phone, wallpapers, alarms, notification sounds, and app icons. You can find it easily on Google Play store. Zedge includes numerous features allowing your personalize your device completely using wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds present within the app that also include individual contact ringtones.
  • Ringdroid: The Ringdroid app allows you to make personal ringtones for android phone along with notification sounds from the existing audio files and also record new ones. Ringdroid happens to be the sole official distribution of the open-source project of Rindroid.  Although it still does not contain any ads or advertising popups!  Google Play Store shall itself display the right Ringdroid update to install in your Android device.  This app requests access to your contact list, but it is only for the aim of setting the contact-specified ringtones for Android phones. You can also find its source code at

Note 1: Ringdroid 2.7.3 is suitably recommended for Android versions 4.1 (Jelly Bean and higher).

Note 2: For Android versions 3.0 (Honeycomb) till Ice Cream Sandwich), version 2.6 of Ringdroid app is recommended.





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Method B) Add Ringtones for Android Phone with Google Play Music

In order to add music you have bought from Google Play Store as ringtones for android phone, you need to first download the song you want to set as ringtone to the desktop and add to the Ringtones folder of your device.

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Here are the steps you should follow to add ringtones for android phone:

  1. As stated earlier, first download the song/songs to your desktop/
  2. Now visit the address on the computer.
  3. Select the icon on the menu titled My Library. You shall the head Songs on the top of the screen, select it.
  4. Hover your mouse cursor to the song so that the menu icon shows.
  5. Click on the menu icon > Download.

If you are asked to add the Google Play extension, you could add it or rather choose the song to be downloaded directly.

  1. Add the song to Ringtones folder.
  2. Now connect your phone to computer using USB cable.
  3. Mac users shall need to download Android File Transfer to create users on android device.
  4. If your android phones does not connect try transferring the files using USB.
  5. When a popup window appears on the screen, find the Ringtones folder.
  6. As each device is different if you do not see Ringtones folder check Media folder.
  7. Drag the MP3 files you want as ringtones for android phone in the Ringtone folder.
  8. Go to Settings > Sound> Phone Ringtone. You shall see the songs listed in the ringtone options.
  9. Select it and now you can set songs as ringtones for android phone.

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