This brief walk-through answers “How Do You Reset Kodi?” by showing you the step-by-step process.  In Kodi, we use Add-On Installer to install the Fresh Start program for Kodi.  Then we just Run the Fresh Start program in Kodi to restore Kodi to Factory Default Settings, “wipe Kodi”, and “clean Kodi” out completely.

If Method #1 (immediately below) doesn’t work for you, then try four more methods below that!

How Do You Reset Kodi?

  1. Install Add-On Installer app for Kodi (v16 “Jarvis”).   (If you have Kodi 17, then install Kodi 17 Config Wizard instead to get Fresh Start functionality in Kodi Krypton).
  2. Open the Add-On Installer app in Kodi by going to Add-Ons, then Program Add-Ons.  Then select AddOn Installer.
  3. After Add-On Installer is open, go to “Search“.
  4. Search for “Fresh Start
  5. In the search results, select Fresh Start
  6. Then select Install
  7. After Fresh Start has been installed, return to the Kodi homescreen
  8. Then go to PROGRAMS
  9. Now find “Fresh Start” under PROGRAMS and select “Fresh Start”
  10. Proceed with any on-screen prompts to finish the Kodi reset wizard (aka “Fresh Start”)
  11. Now shut down Kodi and then re-launch Kodi to see your just-like-new Kodi installation
  12. Then install Config Wizard or Install Kodi Beast Build to get the most out of your Kodi
  13. Make sure to use a Kodi VPN to hide your Kodi streams from third parties.

4 More Ways to Reset Kodi

  • For Fire TV and FireStick, it’s basically an Android device.  So you have three options:
    • Method #2)  Reset Kodi FireStick by doing a “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” from the Kodi app listing in your Android App Manager (known as the “Application Manager” on FireTV / FireStick)
      • The exact buttons to press for Method #2 (on the Firestick remote) are: HOME, then Settings, then Applications, then Manage Installed Applications, then select Kodi.  Finally select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” – press them twice each to make sure it goes through.  Then re-launch Kodi and it should be a Fresh Start.  If Kodi doesn’t launch properly, then clear the data and the cache one more time and re-launch Kodi again.  If Kodi still won’t launch after that, then re-install Kodi and start over.
    • Method #3)  Or reset your FireStick completely by doing a Fire Stick Factory Reset to Default Settings.  Find this in the “Settings” area of your Fire TV’s menus.
    • Method #1)  You can also do a standard Kodi Fresh Start, which is the process at the top of this page.

    In Android, find the Kodi app in your Android App Manager.  Then select the Kodi app, then press “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.

  • Method #4) For Windows, just uninstall the Kodi app and then re-install it.  Or do a Fresh Start, as mentioned at the top of this page.
  • Method #5) On Mac, it’s the same as Windows: uninstall then re-install Kodi.  Your other option to Reset Kodi Mac is to do a Fresh Start (see top of page for instructions).

Wrap Up

If you have questions, ask us on the K Fire TV YouTube Channel.




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