How to Record Firestick Screen: 2 Bulletproof Methods

Looking to cast or record the screen of your Firestick? Some people (such as myself) need the Firestick screen record function, but they don’t know how to do it.

Look no further! I found 2 bulletproof methods (1 free software solution and 1 not-free hardware solution, below).

I saw someone ask how to cast / record the Firestick screen today on Reddit, so this article is in direct response to this particular Firestick user (and all others who want to record the screen of their Firestick).

Fortunately, we have at least 2 options to accomplish this! We have a (free) software option and a (not free) hardware option.

I’ve used both extensively, so I give you the tips earned from my experience recording Firestick screens further down the page.

Pro Tip: I recommend CASTING your Firestick screen to a PC or Mac, as opposed to RECORDING the Firestick screen using the Firestick itself.

This is for 2 main reasons:

  1. The Firestick isn’t good a recording itself, but it is pretty good at “casting”.
  2. Firestick doesn’t have enough storage space to be efficient at making screen recordings (in comparison to casting Firestick to PC / Mac and then using OBS to record your Firestick screencast).

So without more explanation, here’s the first way to record / cast the screen of your Firestick:

Method 1 (Free): Firestick Mirror App

I’ll start with the free, easy method that will do the trick for most people: the Screen Recording and Mirror app for Firestick

This method is to use an app called Screen Recording and Mirror which allows you to cast AND record the Firestick screen.

Here’s a picture of the app listing in Google Play Store (just so you recognize the icon when you see it):

The image above is what the Mirror app looks like in Google Play Store. But Firestick can’t access Play Store, so use my APK download link (above).

Personally, I use the Screen Recording and Mirror app to CAST Firestick screen to the “Allcast Receiver” Google Chrome app (free). Then I use a screen recorder app (like OBS) on my PC or Mac to record the screencast from the Firestick which is now visible on your computer’s screen via the Allcast Receiver app.

But there’s a catch for the Screen Recording and Mirror app, so keep reading to learn how to use this app properly.

The Mirror app was designed for touchscreen devices (like smartphones), not for TVs. Therefore, you must either use a virtual mouse app or a Bluetooth mouse to operate the Mirror app on your Firestick.

I use CetusPlay on my Android phone to act as a virtual mouse. With the CetusPlay app for Firestick, I use my Android phone’s touchscreen as the virtual mouse with which I press the buttons of the Mirror app.

CetusPlay Fire TV Remote App
CetusPlay Remote App for Firestick

To re-state that, the CetusPlay app lets you use your Android phone as a mouse for your Firestick. This is important for recording your Amazon Fire TV Stick screen. Why? Because the Mirror app does not respond to the Firestick remote, since the Mirror app was designed for phones!

So do these steps to enable yourself to press the buttons in the Mirror app for Firestick (without going out and buying a Bluetooth mouse!):

  1. Download and Install the Screen Recording and Mirror app on your Firestick (see download link above). Then launch the app.
  2. Install the free Cetus Play app on your phone. Just search for CetusPlay in the Google Play Store.
  3. After you install CetusPlay, launch it and connect it to your Firestick.
  4. Then at the bottom of the CetusPlay app, press “Mouse”.
  5. Now use the touchscreen of your phone to operate the Screen Recording and Mirror app you installed on your Firestick. You should now be able to press the “Cast” or “Record” button in the Firestick app using the CetusPlay app on your phone (or using a Bluetooth mouse)!

If Method 1 doesn’t work for you (or you want a better method), use Method 2 below.

Method 2 (not free): Game Capture Device

My PREFERRED way to get a “Firestick screen recorder” running is to use a Video recorder box. These run about $60 to $200 on Amazon.

I bought a used Elgato HD60s Game Capture box on eBay for about $80. It gives me excellent, lag-free, HD 1080P screen recordings from literally *any* device that outputs its signal via HDMI. But you don’t need to spend a fortune

But there is a catch for this method (just like the first method on this page). The Firestick has copy protection enabled on its HDMI output! This means that “straight-up” Firestick screen recording using a game capture device won’t work (like the Elgato capture devices) – unless we use another device to bypass the copy protection.

What’s this “other” device we use to bypass Firestick HDMI copy protection (see “HDCP” on Wikipedia), you say? This little gem is a particular HDMI splitter which removes the High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection from the signal.

Get the OREI HDMI Splitter for $15 on Amazon to bypass Firestick copy protection. Or search Amazon for “hdmi splitter hdcp bypass” and most likely any of the top 5 results should work for you. But if you want to go with something I’ve used successfully hundreds of times with no problems, get this:

  • Product name: 1×2 HDMI Splitter by OREI – 1 Port to 2 HDMI Display Duplicate/Mirror – Powered Splitter Ver 1.3 Certified for Full HD 1080P High Resolution & 3D Support (One Input To Two Outputs) – Adapter Included
  • Cost: $15
  • Where do I get one? Here on Amazon
  • What does it do? Bypasses the HDCP copy protection so you can record your Firestick screen using a game capture device like the Elgato HD60S.

Why do I prefer using a Video recorder box instead of the Mirror app? Lag. The Mirror app has a slight amount of lag (around 1 second, if I remember correctly). It also can’t transmit the screen at a framerate as high as the hardware solution.

Why does the Mirror app have lag and the video decoder box does not?

The Mirror app has lag due to simple physical limitations of the transfer mechanism. The Mirror app uses WiFi to stream your Firestick screen to your PC / Mac. On the other hand, the hardware solution has a cable feeding the Firestick screen directly into your PC. Therefore, the “wired” transfer method will always be faster, less laggy, higher quality, and higher framerate.

So if you’re serious about your videos and you can afford to capture your Firestick screen using a hardware decoder box, then get one. It’s worth the extra cash! No more headaches from dealing with the pesky lag from the Firestick Mirror app.

BONUS: Method 3 (ADB Command?)

Someone in a Reddit thread mentioned that you can record Firestick screen using an ADB (“Android Debug Bridge”) command.

Android app store
ADB Command may capture Firestick screen

If you want to check that out, read that here on Stackoverflow. But I haven’t tried it, so I have no idea if it works or not. I do know that ADB is not as intuitive for most people as Method 1 and Method 2 (above).

What does all this do?

With this setup, you can:

  • Cast from Firestick to any device (ex: cast from Firestick to PC / Mac, Android, iOS, etc)

Final Notes

  • Make sure to use OBS to record your computer’s screen – it’s much better than other options (wish I’d known this sooner lol).
  • And if you’re serious about making good videos, spend at least $50 on a good mic (like the Hyper X Quadcast on Amazon).

Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

I run this website! My purpose here is to help people stream great content to their devices. With over 10 years of IT experience, I strive to educate the people who visit this site with the best, most up-to-date information available. If an article on this site helped you, then help me back by leaving a comment on my YouTube channel. Or subscribe to our mailing list for streaming add-on updates and a 60% off VPN coupon code.

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