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Most long-time Kodi third-party TV addons users will agree that broken streams and buffering issues suck mud. This makes Kodi feel like the wrong tool for the job at times, so holds especially true for live streams. Kodi TV addons often use unlicensed streams, then get more traffic than they can handle. Real Debrid Kodi usage provides an elegant solution to these issues. A Real Debrid subscription essentially gives you access to well over 50 different streaming services. “No links available” and perpetual buffering become things of the past. Real-Debrid makes this possible by giving people access to very high-quality file hosts. Then, they limit the number of streamers by gating access. This tutorial article on how to set up Real Debrid Kodi access makes catching your favorite streams a breeze.

The Real Debrid Kodi Experience

Recently, Kodi users have really started paying attention to the improvements Real Debrid brings to the streaming experience. Real Debrid Kodi media streaming services provide one of the fastest, most consistent solutions available for streaming videos in Kodi. People subscribing to Real Debrid gain access to dozens of reliable, high-speed file hosts. Real Debrid costs less than the gas it takes to drive to the movie theater once per month. You can also use Real Debrid for free, though they limit the free service to what they call “Happy Hours”. These happy hours exist between the hours of 6 am and noon in France, so that makes UTC +1 or +2 depending on daylight savings time.

Real Debrid Kodi Safety Check

Many government agencies consider much of the content provided through Real Debrid service as illegal to access. The legal implications of November’s shut-downs should make all third-party Kodi TV addons users wary. Check the laws in your area before you access the streams Real Debrid gives access to. Then, avoid having your activities monitored and recorded with the best VPN for Kodi users. When accessing the Internet from anywhere, even Ashburn, VA, you really should play it safe by using a VPN.

What is Real Debrid?

Real-Debrid calls itself an unrestricted downloader allowing you to quickly download files hosted on the Internet. When coupled with Kodi, this provides instant-access video streams with little to no buffering. This depends on your connection speed, of course. No service can help you stream Superbowl LII in 4K quality if you only have a 56k dial-up modem. When you select something to watch with Kodi TV addons, Real Debrid provides reliable links. Hence, you’ll cease to experience most content streaming issues. To provide these additional links, Real-Debrid gives you access to 56 high-speed hosting sites. With these specialized file hosting services, you enjoy HD quality videos without the buffering and failed attempts of typical streams. It should feel like you have a private gateway to directly access your chosen streams, as you do.

Kodi with Real Debrid

Are There Issues Using Real Debrid With Kodi?

Even though you gain access to 56 hosts at this time for Real Debrid Kodi streams, very few provide licensed content to users. Licensed service providers Real-Debrid gives access to include DailyMotion, Vimeo, and YouTube. Debrid Kodi streams also include unlicensed content, so remain vigilant. You need to consider all issues associated with the use of Real Debrid, then take precautions. These include remaining within a protective VPN when accessing a majority of the streams provided by Real Debrid. Will it get rid of a majority of your buffering problems? Oh, yeah. Will it enliven streams that seemed dead when accessed from outside their service? You will very likely notice this if you enjoy the latest shows from some of the more popular third-party Kodi TV addons. Real Debrid also provides access to many of your favorite older shows that have fallen from favor with the masses.

Real-Debrid in Kodi

Set Up Real-Debrid Streaming in Kodi

Authorizing your Real-Debrid account in Kodi takes no time at all. The preferences are buried a bit, but once knowing where to look, set up seems easy as peach pie. Before starting, log in to the Real-Debrid website. You can do this on any device, so not necessarily on the device with Kodi installed. This process requires you to access their site, so prepare by logging in beforehand.

  1. Go into Kodi’s Settings.

    Enter Kodi System Settings

    Open the System Menu

  2. Select System settings.

    Real Debrid Kodi TV Addons Authorization - System Settings

    Enter System Settings

  3. Scroll to the bottom, then select Basic.

    Authorize Real Debrid Basic Settings

    Authorize Real Debrid Basic Settings

  4. Click until it shows as Advanced.

    Authorize Real Debrid Advanced Settings

    Authorize Real Debrid Advanced Settings

  5. Then, within Add-ons, choose to Manage Dependencies.

    Real Debrid Manage Dependencies

    Real Debrid Manage Dependencies

  6. Select URL Resolver.

    Manage URLResolver Dependencies

    Manage URLResolver Dependencies

  7. Click on Configure.

    Configure URLResolver

    Configure URLResolver

  8. Go into Universal Resolvers.

    Universal Resolvers URLResolver Settings

    Universal Resolvers URLResolver Settings

  9. Then, scroll down and select Priority under Real-Debrid.

    URLResolver Universal Resolvers Real-Debrid Priority

    URLResolver Universal Resolvers Real-Debrid Priority

  10. I simply change this to 10 using the backspace button, then click Done. The possibilities go up to 100, yet lower numbers have higher priorities.

    Click Done to Accept New Real Debrid Priority

    Click Done to Accept New Real Debrid Priority

  11. Before we authorize Real-Debrid Kodi streaming capabilities, we need to click OK. This ensures Kodi’s recognition of the priority setting when Real Debrid gets authorized.

    Click OK to Save Changed Priority

    Click OK to Save Changed Priority

Authorize Real-Debrid Kodi Streaming

  1. Choose Configure once more

    Configure URLResolver Once More

    Configure URLResolver Again

  2. Then, enter Universal Resolvers.

    Universal Resolvers URLResolver Settings

    Go Into Universal Resolvers URLResolver Settings Again

  3. Scroll down to the Read-Debrid section again, then select (Re)Authorize My Account

    Real-Debrid - Authorize My Account

    Real-Debrid – Authorize My Account

  4. You should receive a popup with a code in it asking you to go to the Real Debrid website

    Real Debrid Authorization - Note Your Code

    Real Debrid Authorization – Note Your Code

  5. Go to, then enter the code and click Continue

    Real Debrid Site - Enter Your Code

    Real Debrid Site – Enter Your Code

  6. You should give URLResolver the ability to remove link restrictions using Real-Debrid.

    Allow URLResolver to Remove Link Restrictions with Real Debrid

    Allow URLResolver to Remove Link Restrictions with Real Debrid

  7. The website now confirms URLResolver authorization. You can close the page and head back to Kodi.

    URLResolver Allowed to use Real Debrid - Close the Page

    URLResolver Allowed to use Real Debrid – Close the Page

  8. URLResolver now has Real-Debrid Kodi authorization.

    Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized

    Real-Debrid Kodi Resolver Authorized

Final Words

Real Debrid Kodi services, while legally somewhat sketchy in areas, bring streams easily and reliably into your home. Kodi users who subscribe to Real Debrid receive a variety of benefits, then enjoy free TV streams with fantastic speeds. However, the service offered by Real Debrid can also make you a victim of copyright violations. Therefore, you should always use Real Debrid, Kodi, and even the internet in general only with a highly secure VPN. Then, you can rest assured your experience remains a pleasant one.

Use Real-Debrid with Kodi and a VPN

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November 28, 2017

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